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Herois | The Dark Bond Series | Book 1

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A 16 year old girl, named Isabelle, was always curious about vampires. Her parents always said they were bad, but she never believed that, so one day she ventured out to find out the truth. This is a story of adventure, love, hope, heartbreak, friendship, betrayal, horror, jealousy, revenge and new beginnings. *I hope you like the book! If you do, make sure to review it! Also, comment and let me know how I can improve on anything. I would really like to hear what you all have to say!

Scifi / Romance
Kalah Parker
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A New Adventure

Isabelle, a 16-year-old human living in Linsland was always curious about vampires. Her whole life, her parents would always tell her to never get near them and that they all were dangerous, blood-sucking animals, who you could never trust. She never believed that, though. She thought, maybe there were good vampires out there.
One day, Isabelle decided to leave her home and go and venture out in the wilderness to try and find the answer to the question she has wanted to know the answer to, all her life - ‘Are there good vampires, or are they all bad?’

. . . .

Isabelle started down the dirt path unsure of what would come. She felt a gentle breeze on her neck - that’s when she realized.. there was a vampire behind her. She started to walk fast, but he kept following her - she kept her head down and tried to act like she didn’t see him. She was afraid, but at the same time.. she wasn't. She thought for a moment - what if he's not all that bad - what if he's just trying to talk to me and maybe see if I need help? She slowed her pace. She looked behind for just a glance, and he was looking straight at her with blazing eyes. She thought again - maybe not. Before she knew it - she was running as fast as she possibly could to find somewhere to hide.

Suddenly, another vampire was hurling at him, and then went over to her. She was nervous at first, but then he took her hand and took her somewhere safe. She let him take her - even though she didn't fully trust him. Once they got to a place where they were safe, he talked with her.

"What are you doing here?" he said with a grim expression on his face.
"I left home to come and venture out in the wilderness - I wanted to know whether vampires were really all that people say you are, and I wanted to know whether there were good vampires out there..."
"Which, it seems there is" she said with a smirk on her face.
"Where are you from?"
"Lisland. It's near Showatacon village."
"What?!?" he said; shocked.
“You shouldn’t have gone so far!”, “What am I supposed to do with you?!?!” He started to think, trying to think of where she could stay, that’s when it came to him - “What if I brought you home with me?” he said.
“Are your parents good.. like you?”
“Yes. They have always liked humans, so hopefully, they will say yes.”

. . . .

When they got to his home, she asked, “What is your name, by the way? I don’t think I asked you.”
“I’m Luke. Yours?”
“Isabelle,” she said with a smile. “My name is Isabelle.”
They just sat there for a moment smiling at each other.
Isabelle could feel her heart beating faster, and she wondered, if that was what love felt like.

They went inside and she met his parents. At first, they were skeptical about having a human live with them - but then, they agreed.
“Would you like to sleep on the floor in my room or.. somewhere..?” Luke asked, looking unsure.
“Anywhere is fine.”
“Ok, I’ll get a few blankets that you can sleep on, and then we can go to bed.”

. . . .

“Wake up.”
Isabelle opened her eyes to see Lukeʻs pale, yet warm face.
As she stood up, he helped her pick the blankets up off of the floor.
When they finished with that, they went outside and Luke showed her how to hunt.
After a few days of learning, she finally got the hang of it.

. . . .

Not too long after, they were closer than ever. What she had once thought of as a love of friendship, turned into something more, something deeper. She knew she had feelings for him, but she was scared to tell him anything because she was worried, he didn’t feel the same way.
She started to have feelings for him not too long ago. She tried to block all of them out, because she thought, "how could I ever be with a vampire".
That question kept racing through her mind and she couldn't stop thinking about it, no matter how hard she tried.
She loved him so much, and all she wanted to do was be honest with him - but it was just so hard for her.

. . . .

Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how much you love, and care about them, because when they’re gone, no matter how loud you and cry, they won't hear you anymore.
- Quote by Dave Hedges

. . . .

One day, Luke had an idea. Since he and Isabelle were old enough to live on their own, he thought that they should go on an adventure together.
After Luke asked Isabelle about it, she was so excited and was very psyched about doing it.

As they were leaving, they brought some food with them. Luke was used to drinking blood from animals, so he was fine with it. The bad vampires would only drink human blood, but the good ones only drank the blood of animals, unless the human was dead and/or a human wanted them to - as a sign of love. It was very rare, though, for a human to want them to drink their blood, since there werenʻt very many human-vampire relationships.

Once Luke and Isabelle found a place to stay for the night, they put down the blankets and slept on the ground. In the morning, they had breakfast. Once they were done, Luke helped Isabelle pick fruit, but as he helped Isabelle reach an apple from a tree, she fell.
Suddenly, their eyes met. Isabelle’s heart was racing, and she could feel his was too. She knew - right then, that he loved her too.
He looked at her and then gently, they kissed.
She had never felt as close to him before - it felt so.. bittersweet.

. . . .

Isabelle’s long, dark blonde hair flowed down her back as she got up from the ground - still nervous about what happened earlier with Luke. She tried not to wake Luke. They had both fell asleep after everything that happened that afternoon - it was all just.. overwhelming. They both didn’t know how to do a relationship yet, so it was hard to feel like they both could be fully comfortable and be able to solely tell each other how they feel.

. . . .

All vampires normally had natural, white or black hair, but Luke’s was different. Luke’s hair was naturally, an unnatural color - it was blue. It still was a more black color, but it had blue streaks in it - but it was a lot. Luke liked the color, but.. he felt different. Isabelle loved his blue hair though, she always thought it was cool even though it was so rare and unnatural.

. . . .

Luke woke up and saw Isabelle - his heart burned - he had never felt so nervous to talk to anyone in his life.
He stood up, and then walked towards her. He could see she felt overwhelmed. He walked slowly so he wouldn’t overwhelm her too much.

“Is....” he said hesitantly.
“Is this a thing now?”
“I guess so..” she said with a nervous laugh.
They both just stood there staring at each other - they just couldn’t look away.
Suddenly, he came closer and gave her a hug.
She felt so warm, and safe in his arms. She knew, no matter what - the one person she wanted to be with for the rest of her life was him.

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