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DivernmeDivernment | The Dark Bond Series | Book 2

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Isabelle goes back to her hometown, but nothing is like she thought it would be. It seemed everyone had dissapeared. Her whole family was gone and she felt alone. Her group had left her and she was left there to fend for herself. Later on, she finds someone who she thinks, might just be her sister. They work together to try and find out what happened to her parents and everyone who lived there, but in the end they find out a devistating truth. This is a story of love, heartbreak, friendship, battle, happiness, loss, sadness, and upbringing.

Scifi / Romance
Kalah Parker
Age Rating:


. . . .

Remember, the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Lifeʻs cruelest irony.
- Quote by Douglas Coupland

. . . .

They walked along a trail of snow. It was now Winter and they were almost to Linsland.
Isabelle didnʻt know how to feel about seeing her parents. She was unsure of her parents reaction after not seeing her for so many years. She hadnʻt seen them in eight years and she had no idea if they even cared for her anymore. Then again, they may have been looking for her this whole time and been worried sick. All these thoughts kept replaying in her head. She couldnʻt seem to think straight.

Once they were close enough to Linsland, they decided to part ways.
“You okay the rest of the way?” James asked.
“I think so.” she responded.
“Weʻll miss you, Isabelle.” Grace added.
The group nodded.
She smiled.
They all came towards her and gave her a hug.
“Iʻll miss you guys.”, she said with a bittersweet smile.
They smiled.
She waved goodbye to tbem and then parted ways.
She continued along the trail until she met a hill. She walked down the hill to see a house a few miles away; her house. She was home.
She thought she was dreaming for a moment and then she realized - she wasnʻt. She couldnʻt believe it, it didnʻt seem real.
She slowly walked towards her house and once she got there she knocked on the door.
No one answered.
She tried to turn the door knob and it opened right away.
She got confused for a moment.
She went inside slowly.

Once she had scanned every part of the house, thatʻs when she realized they were.. gone.
How is this possible? - she thought.
How can they be gone?
What happened to them?
All of these thoughts kept replaying in her head.
She felt so.. alone.
She didn’t know what to do.

She started to break down, crying.
They couldn’t be dead, could they?
Suddenly her heart dropped.
She slowly turned her head to see a dark figure in front of her.
She quickly got up, holding up her knife.
The vampire held up their hands in surrender.
“I’m not going to hurt you.”, the vampire said.
It was a girl’s voice.
The girl slowly lowered her hood.
The girl looked at her and smiled.
“I’m Savannah.”
She smiled back.
“I’m Isabelle.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“What are you doing here, exactly?”

“This is my home..”
She’s looked at the ground.
“Or.. it was.”
“What do you mean?”, Savannah asked.
“This is where I grew up, but I ran away when I was sixteen.”
“I wanted to find out weither vampire’s were all as bad as my parents said they were.”
She looked at her, confused.
“But.. you’re a vampire.”, “Aren’t you?”
“I am..”
“But that’s only because I, well.. changed.”

“Who turned you into a vampire?”
“When I was with my group, I got bit by a vampire.”, “They came at me while we were walking.”
“Luke tryed to save me..”, “But he couldn’t.”
“Do you.. love him?”
“I do.”, she smiled, looking down at the ground.
“Where is he?”
“He said he would be here.”
“Sometime soon.”
“Do you miss him?”
“Of course.” she said, smiling.

“Well, would you like to come with me to my house?”
“Um.. sure.” she responded.
“Follow me.”
They walked along a path and through the trees of beautiful red leaves.
Once they were out of the woods, they walked a little further until they met a farm house on the other side.
“Come with me.”, Savannah said.
She followed her into the town house.
There were a group of beautiful horses outside, grazing.
Once they got inside, she saw a bunch of tools laying around.
“This room is where all my weapons are.”, “I like to be prepared just in case there is any danger around.”
“There’s normally not very much danger around her, but I just want to be safe.”

Savannah slowly stopped in her tracks.
She turned around, intensly.
Isabelle jumped.
Savannah looked at her with curiousity.
“What is the name of your parents?”, “.. I was just wondering if I might know them.”
“Their names are Mark and Audrey.”
“What’s your last name?”
She gasped.
“Wait..”, “Did you say..”, “Lodgan?”
“Yes..”, Isabelle said, confused.
“That’s my last name.”
“Well it doesnʻt mean weʻre related does it?”, Isabelle said.
“Probably not.”, “But.. we could be..”

Isabelle smiled.
She smiled back.
“Well, do you want to see the rest of the house?”, Savannah asked, trying to change the subject.
“Um..”, “I was thinking maybe you could help me figure this out though.”, “With my family, I mean.”
“Oh..”, “Of course.”, “Do you want to maybe go to sleep though, and we can try and figure this out in the morning?”
“It’s getting late.”, she added.
“Okay.”, Isabelle said, anxiously.
She couldnʻt stop thinking about her parents and all she wanted to do was find them.
She couldnʻt take feeling like she was wasting time when she could be out trying to find them.

. . . .

Isabelle got out of bed to go meet Savannah outside.
Once she got outside, she saw Savannah was feeding the horses.
Isabelle went over to her to try and offer her some help.
“Hey Savannah, do you need any help?”, she asked.
“Sure!”, Savannah said, smiling.
Isabelle smiled back.
Savannah opened the fence for her so she could get in.
Isabelle went over and picked up some buckets of hay on the ground and then went over to the horses.

. . . .

A little while later, Isabelle and Savannah went out to go and find some clues about what may have happened to her parents.
They went back to her childhood home where she was the day before.
They both went inside and looked for any clues they could find.
Isabelle walked around a found an envelope on the floor of the house.
She slowly picked it up and opened it.
Once she had opened it, she took the letter out of the envelope and read -

Dear Isabelle,

We hope you will one day find this letter.
By the time you do, we will no longer be here.
There are dangerous creatures who are out on the loose, and the creatures have killed almost everyone in our village.
We are keeping the doors locked and windows shut the tightest we could make them, but I know they wonʻt keep them out for long.
So, please, once you find this letter.
Just know we love you.
You left us when you were sixteen and we have tried to find you ever since.
We have missed you dearly, my daughter.
Just know that even if we are not here, we will always be in your heart, and we will always be keeping you safe, even if we are not with you. Also, we didnʻt ever tell you, but you have an older sister, Savannah.
We were afraid to tell you about her, but now you know.
We gave her up for adoption as a baby, but she lives around this village.
We told her parents to not tell her about us.
All we allowed them to tell her was her last name and that she was adopted.
We did that so one day, maybe you both would find each other.
I hope one day you do.
Just know we will always love you, no matter what, and that even if we are not there, you are never alone.

Mom and Dad

Isabelle dropped to the ground, crying.
How can this be real? - she thought.
Is all of this true?
Is Savannah my sister?
And are they.. dead.
The word rang through her head.
She couldnʻt seem to escape her thoughts.
It felt like her thoughts had taken over her.
She felt so overwhelmed.
She tried to stop her thoughts, but she just couldnʻt.

. . . .

Savannah slowly walked over to her.
“Isabelle..”, “Are you okay?”
She wouldnʻt seem to respond.
She slowly placed her hand on Isabelleʻs shoulder.
Suddenly, Isabelle grabbed her and hugged her tightly.
She felt a bit uncomfortable, but didnʻt hesitate.
As she hugged her, she noticed a letter on the ground.
She slowly pulled out of the hug and picked it up.
“What is this?”, she asked.
Isabelle didnʻt respond.
She seemed paralyzed.
Savannah opened the letter and read it.

“Wait..”, “This canʻt be..”, “Are you really my sister?”, “And..”
“Are my parents dead?!?”
She fell to down and hugged Isabelle tightly.
She cried for what seemed like forever.

. . . .

Luke knew he had to go to Isabelle, but he was worried that his family would be in danger.
He couldnʻt stand the thought of losing them, but he also couldnʻt stand the thought of never seeing Isabelle again.
He knew he had to make up his mind, and he knew he had to keep that promise he made to Isabelle.

“Luke?”, his mother called over.
Luke was sitting down on a couch in their living room.
“Are you doing okay?”
“Yeah.”, “I just..”
“What is it?”, his mother asked, sincerely.
“I promised Isabelle I would come back to her.”
His mother sighed.
“You should go to her.”, “We will be safe here, I promise.”
“Sheʻs right.”, his father intervened.
His father had just came into the room and had overheard their conversation.
“If you love someone, never let them go.”, “Thatʻs one thing Iʻve learned over the years.”
“Thatʻs how your mother and I stayed together.”, “We never gave up on each other.”
“Never give up on her, okay?”
He nodded.

He looked at the ground.
“Iʻm just scared you will be in danger.” he said.
“We wonʻt be.” his father responded.
“How do you know that?”
“Because we do,” his mother assured him. “I promise you.”
“You donʻt know that.” he said, feeling tears slowly roll down his face.
His mother pulled him in and gave him a warm hug.
“We will be fine.” she reassured him.

“Okay.” he said, trying to pluck up his courage.
He knew he had to to do this, no matter what, even though a part of him really didnʻt want to.
He knew if he loved Isabelle, he had to do this for her. He had to keep his promise. He just hoped his family would be safe without him there and that everything would be fine.

. . . .

Luke walked along a trail leading to a steep hill up ahead.
He continued walking for a few hours until he had to stop and hunt.
Then, he continued to walk further North.
Without warning, a vampire came running towards him, as fast as a lightning bolt.
He sprang backwards, almost hitting his head.
He opened his eyes to see a young little girl standing in front of him.
She looked around ten and was looking at him, looking horrified.
He didnʻt understand why the girl was looking at him like that.

“Are you okay sir?”, the girl said in cute voice.
“I didnʻt mean to knock you over.”
He got up slowly.
“Yes, I am fine.”, he said with a smile.
“Where are your parents?” he asked, curiously.
“I donʻt know.”
“What do you mean?”
“I woke up and they were gone.”
“When did you last see them?”
“Yesterday.” she answered.

“Do you need help finding them?” he asked.
The girl started to cry.
He got confused but went over to her and hugged her gently.
“Would you like to come with me?” he asked her.
She nodded.
She held onto his arm and they walked along the rest of the path.

. . . .

Isabelle and Savannah started to leave the house when they suddenly heard a noize coming from outside.
They both went outside to see what the noize was coming from.
Isabelle gasped.
She could feel a mass of emotion run through her.
“Luke!”, she called out.
She ran to him and fast as she could and hugged him.
She missed feeling so secure and safe.

She had forgotten how good it felt to be in his arms, and she had forgotten how much she missed him.
He slowly pulled her head up and their lips met.
She put her arms around his neck and pulled him in closer.

She hadnʻt felt this happy in a long time.
She tried to stay in the moment for as long as she could.
She couldnʻt stand the thought of losing him again.
She knew she couldnʻt bear him being gone again and all she wanted was to be with him for the rest of her life.

. . . .

I didnʻt mean to fall in love with you like this, but Iʻm glad I did.
I didnʻt mean to feel what I do, but I just do.
Nothing can stray from the fact that I will always love, and care for you.
You mean more to me than you could ever know, and no matter what, you will always be a part of who I am.
You will always be the one I count on most, and I want you to know that. - Isabelle wrote.

. . . .

Elizabeth still didnʻt know how to feel about the kiss with Hunter a few months ago.
She was afraid that to talk to him about it because she didn’t want to make it awkward or anything.
She knew she had to talk to him about sooner or later, but she just couldn’t seem to build up enough courage.

“Are you okay?”
She jumped up and saw it was Hunter.
“Um..”, “Yeah.”
“Are you sure?”
She looked at him feeling an overwhelming surge of emotion.
“I just..”
She paused for a moment.
“I mean.. I..”
Hunter looked at her with a crooked brow.
Then, he realized.
He slowly came in closer to her and she slowly closed her eyes.
Slowly and gently, their lips met.
She slowly pulled away.
“Iʻm sorry.”, “I just..”
“What is it?”
“We never really talked about..”
She looked into his eyes.
“This.” she continued.

“Youʻre right..”, he said, looking at the ground.
“Iʻve felt..”, “akward..”, he said, looking embarrassed.
“Iʻve felt the same way.”
He looked up at her and grinned.
“You have?”
She smiled.
“Yes, actually.”
He crooked his head to the side and smiled.
“Maybe we are more alike than I thought.”, he teased.
She laughed.
She smiled.

“So..”, “Are we a “thing” now, or something?”, she said, smiling.
He laughed.
“I guess so.”
He smiled back at her.
“I love you.” she said, almost choking on her words.
She couldn’t believe she had just said that.
“I love you too.” he responded.
Her heart dropped as she looked up.
She could feel tears filling up her eyes, but not sad ones this time.
She got up and hugged him.
“I love you so much.” she said, continuing to cry.
He held her tighter.
She had never felt so happy in her entire life.
She didn’t ever want to let him go.
All she wanted was for this moment to last forever.

. . . .

Isabelle woke up to see Luke right next to her.
She smiled.
“Good morning.” Luke said, smiling back at her.
She slowly got up out of bed.
“Ow!” she yelled.
“What’s wrong?!?”

Luke quickly got up and tried to comfort her.
She could feel a sharp pain throughout her entire body.
She didnʻt know what was wrong with her.
She felt very nauseous and didnʻt know what to do.
“Do you need help.”
“I..” she stuttered.
Luke quickly grabbed her something to throw up in.
She hadnʻt felt this way before and she didnʻt know what was going on with her.
“Do you think we should get help?!?”, he asked with a very concerned face.
She nodded.

He picked her up and he carried her to Savannah to see if she could maybe help.
Isabelle felt drained and lightheaded and before she knew it, she had fainted.
Luke look down at her a noticed.
“Isabelle!” he yelled.
He quickly ran to Savannah as fast as he could.
Savannah was organizing her weapons.
Savannah saw Luke and quickly turned her head.
She slowly looked down to see Isabelle.
“What happened?!?” she asked in a urgent voice.
“I donʻt know.”, he responded.
“Give her to me.”
Savannah quickly took her out of his arms and took her into the living room and then lyed her down.
She felt her head to see if she had any fever and also checked her pulse.
“Is she going to be okay?!?” Luke asked, anxiously.
“Iʻm not sure yet.”
She continued to check her pulse to see if it was abnormal.

“I..” Savannah stuttered. “I think sheʻs..”
“Sheʻs what?!?”
“Tell me!” he yelled.
She could see how worried he looked, and she knew she had to tell him.
“I think..”
“I um..”
“What is it?!?” he urged.
“I think..” she stuttered. “I think sheʻs pregnant.”
“Wait, what?!?”, “How?!?”
“Either you got her pregnant a few months ago, or..”
They looked at each other, horrified.
“It canʻt be..”
“Maybe it could.”
He nodded his head.
He refused to believe it.
It could be true, could it?

So many thoughts kept running through his mind.
They all kept jumbling up in his head.
He couldnʻt seem to think straight and he didnʻt know what to do.
He felt like breaking down.
He couldnʻt take the thought of it.
He just hoped it wasnʻt true.
All he could do at the moment was hope.

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