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It’s been 15 years since the Great War, and America is still in ruins. After the war, a Military General named Theodore Blackhawk stepped up and decided that he would rule over the remaining survivors to bring control. But boy was he wrong. Instead for the last 15 years Blackhawk has become a ruthless, cold-blooded king that punishes his citizens for the smallest crimes. In the meantime, Miguel Sanchez, our main character, and his group of rebels had enough and want to take down this horrible king. But does Miguel doesn’t want to just over throw him; he wants to end him.

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Since democracy fell five years ago, and America is still left in ruin. It has become an unrecognizable, depressing wasteland filled with broken cities and broken people. After the war, the remaining survivors came together and created a new country; the Blackhawk Empire. This Empire is led by the ruthless Theodore Blackhawk and his army of Red Sparrows.

Since the war, Blackhawk has increased security in hopes to regain control over the people. His main message is that America was too free, and people need to be kept in check so another war doesn’t start. But is ransacking homes, inflicting high taxes, and torturing people really creating peace? This new America is not at all an improvement. It is worse. America has become a nation filled with tyranny, fear, poverty, and sadness; but don’t worry, ever since the war, a group of rebels began to rally to overthrow the king, and hopefully...they will succeed.

"Let's GO! We don't have all day!" A Red Sparrow officer shouts.

Slowly a man and a woman begin to emerge from a filthy, miserable holding cell. As the officer pushes and shoves them out to the town square, the two prisoners see a familiar young face that wish would run away so he wouldn’t have to experience this much pain.

"Stay down!" The officer shouts again as the two prisoners try to fight.

As the prisoners continue to struggle but they suddenly stop as they meet the eyes of their soon to be murder. As on cue, emerging from a large tent the color of blood was Theodore Blackhawk. He lifts up the curtain, and walked out. He was wearing a worn black suit that contrasts with his confident exterior; his sleek, charcoal color hair glistened in the hot sun; and he was wearing his infamous smirk that would cause shivers to erupt down your spine. Even though he is only 20-years-old, he looks like he’s aged 10 years with his mysterious and guarded eyes. Finally, to finish off his appearance, he was twirling a silver dagger with a distinct maroon handle with his name engraved on the right side, ready to kill.

“Now, what have we here? Members of the Rebellion?” Blackhawk smugly exclaimed walking up to the prisoners.

As Blackhawk can closer to look down at the prisoners, the male rebel scowled, and immediately spat at Blackhawk’s face shocking him for a moment, but swiftly regained his composure. After a few moments of staring, Blackhawk then proceeded to wipe the spit off.

“I sure hope you know that this will make your execution more enjoyable for me.” Blackhawk exclaimed in a low serious tone.

“Did you really think your little rebellion would be able to stop me?”

“Tsk, Tsk” he shakes his head in disproval.

“I am your leader now. You people chose me, so live with it,” He added as he kneeled down to grab the male prisoner’s chin to meet his gaze.

Even though Blackhawk is literally the scum of the Earth, you can’t deny that he’s pretty good-looking. The way he presents himself oozes confidence and his cold, ice-like eyes will always seem to capture your attention. What makes it worse is he knows he’s beautiful, adding to his egotistical nature.

So Blackhawk then rose up, and proceeded to look around at all of the people gathered to witness the daily execution, capturing their attention.

"Do any of you want to challenge my authority? Do you really want to go to war again? Come on now, does any of you want to try?" Blackhawk questioned humorously as his guards begin to laugh.

No one answered. Not a single soul. There was no hope left, and in its place, fear.

“That's what I thought.” He stated as he looked back to the prisoners.

“You will now die knowing that the rebellion will never succeed. With your death, all hope will be lost,” Blackhawk whispers venomously to the female prisoner.

“Look around, this is how a rebellion dies,” Blackhawk finally states as he lifts up his dagger.

Without any hesitation he plunges the silver dagger straight through the male prisoner's heart. As he takes his last breath he meets the little boys eyes for one last time, and smiles as he sees the beautiful forest green eyes his wife has. Breaking the sweet moment, Blackhawk immediately drove his ruthless blade into the woman's chest without a single thought of remorse. He then drops the dagger, discarding it like it was yesterday's trash, and walks back to his tent.

After a few moments of silence out of respect, everyone began to scatter and go about their everyday lives, but one. That same little boy, now with tears running down his face, slowly walked up to the place of murder and picks up the merciless dagger, looking at his deceased parents. He then runs away into the woods so he doesn’t get noticed, he was supposed to be dead. As he ran deeper into the woods, he swore he would seek revenge.

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