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Two Eagles

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ongoing story in the Ghosts Universe with the quadratic Equation as its numerical designation

Scifi / Humor
David Estrada?
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Chapter 1

Two Eagles:
Did the Brown Eagle invite the Bald Eagle to share the Snake Nopales?

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, events, or locations are coincidental.

1 The Boogeyman’s on the rebound…
Daniel Sanzio sits in his white ‘A-Team-esque’ van. He has a five-inch portable television plugged into the cigarette lighter. He has another television in his garage hooked up to a hidden VCR for his hidden collection of Mumbles Conlodedos porn. In the living room, he has another VCR hooked to the family television for his daughters and wife to watch movies they enjoy. The garage is his domain and when he is in the garage, he is often organizing things or working on home improvements or artwork. This helps him organize his thoughts and plan each special project he is asked to do.
When Five Vulture wasn’t on official Ghost business, he would come back to Lincoln City and play the part of the mysterious groundskeeper. But by the time Benedict Habban was in high school, the trail had gone cold because Daniel Sanzio and his family moved to Texas. His contacts in local government and organized crime suggested his talents would be better suited as a Border Patrol Agent.
This was the year a great wildfire swept across the western United States of America. This was 1992. These fires were arson. The Arsonists were firefighters and national park rangers. This was a test. When Adrian Woodhouse took the guise of George W. Bush and overthrew the American government…these wildfires stretched the American infrastructure, so that those who might respond to wildfires, disasters, and terror attacks could not handle the load and Atlas dropped the sky…
That was 2001.
Now today we are in Louisiana, Gonzales, Louisiana…2020.
Dan Sanzio is one of the people (if you can call someone a human who buys teenage girls as sex slaves, human) sitting or pacing in the small home in Louisiana waiting with cash money in hand to pay for what the Immigration and Customs officers have stolen from their place of business. Mr. Sanzio’s wife passed away several years ago. His daughters married…he retired in Arizona from his job working for the Border Patrol. His special skills had come in handy and he had helped establish the network of like-minded individuals who skimmed some cocaine or other illicit drugs to be trafficked into the US off the top to help pay for their retirement. Mr. Sanzio took things to a new level by making a few young girls disappear into the hands of American organized crime or unaffiliated people seeking to take their sexual perversion to the next level. Dan was owed a little something-something…if you divine my parlance…
Mr. Sanzio lived inside the Zombie Protected Zone.
Not being one for chit chat Mr. Sanzio left as soon as he was given what he was promised. This was 2020 and he had a new ″A-Team’-esque’ van, a more technologically advanced ‘War Wagon’. But he could not pass unnoticed through the barrier created by the Zombie Gravity generator technology. Daniel Sanzio is polylingual. He assured the girl of his intentions…
He intended to treat her better than she might have been treated by the Mexican Drug Cartels. But she was still enslaved or she would change her attitude to being his bride. She thought at this man’s age he might just want someone to cook and clean…and sex might never become an issue.
She didn’t know about the barrier into the ‘Z’…
Dan thought he could take the chance to bring her into the ‘Z’ and maybe his honesty might allow him to continue with his ‘douchebaggery’. Soledad relented and began to pray the Holy Rosary on her right hand…
The introduction of the Sign of the Cross, Apostles’ Creed, Our Father, and three Hail Marys is from memory.
With her left index finger on her right thumb, she continued…
“Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos Santificado sea tu Nombre Venga tu reino Hágase tu voluntad…”
Dan began to pray along with Soledad…to pray for his soul and all the people he had murdered.
Each digit of her fingers was a Hail Mary. “Dios te salve, Maria. Llena eres de gracia: El Señor es contigo. Bendita tú eres entre todas las mujeres.
Y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre: Jesús. Santa María, Madre de Dios…”
Four fingers of the human hand have twelve digits the remaining two digits are used for the ‘Glory be’ and the ‘Fatima’ prayers and so Soledad continued… “Oh mi Jesus, perdónanos nuestros pecados, líbranos del fuego del infierno, lleva todas las almas al cielo, especialmente las más necesitadas de tu misericordia. Amen.”
She prayed the five decades of the Holy Rosary this way. She ended with Hail Holy Queen and a strange final prayer of the Prayer to St Michael the Archangel…
In Texas, they came to the Barrier of the ‘Zone’. Praying the Holy Rosary had changed something in Dan’s heart and he instructed Soledad to be honest when they were questioned by the Zombie Authorities. Although Dan Sanzio admitted to the Zed authority that he had purchased Soledad as a wife…they laughed stating that he brought her here to the ‘Zone’.
“You do know that bringing into the ‘Zone’ she is free to stay with you, sent home, or given a home of her choosing…” the Zed Border Guard tapped his temple… “she agreed to stay with you and you will be monitored by the ‘Zed’ authority.”
Their car was placed on a train’s large boxcar. They bordered a train with other humans crossing into the ‘Zombie Protected Zone’. Unlike your faithful author who cannot get comfortable on an Amtrak as to fall asleep, all the non-Zed Humans fell into sleep powerlessly. The engineer guided the train for the two miles through the field created by their gravity generators and after some time the passengers on the train woke up and got off the train. Their cars or motorcycles were unloaded from the boxcars. Many went to a nearby hotel where they slept until the next day as the effects from the ‘sleep field’, created by the Gravity Generators, is said to linger for a day or two. These hotels were nearly free for non-Zed humans living in the ‘ZPZ’. Swimming pools…buffets…and spa-like treatment is what many non-zed humans looked forward to when returning from a business trip outside the ‘Zone’.
Soledad and Dan shared a meal and some drinks in their shared hotel room. Although they shared a bed nothing happened. The Zed authority had surmised the influx of migrant children along the Southern border of the United States of America had become a problem that President Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III needed to address. There was no official name for the portion of the American Government which created the Zed, or the Aztec Ghosts or their symbiote monsters, Venom (Eddie Brock) and Karnage (the child monster Kassidy Filles)…but after some time they would become known as Monsters. Fittingly so because of the Zombies who photosynthesize, Rosary Praying Aztec Ghosts who consume living beings especially humans so that they can travel through Space/Time, and, literally, monsters who consume living beings in the same way but never evolved enough to travel through Space/Time. What was next, the Howling Commandos?
As Dan and Soledad shared some food and conversation Dan thought that the Zeds never asked the right question. They never asked about his involvement with the western wildfires and the Terror Attacks that helped Adrian Woodhouse overthrow the American Government. Only recently did President Biden, whose father narrowly escaped the purge of government officials when Adrian Woodhouse using the guise of George W Bush overthrew the American Government. Being Rosemary Woodhouse and Satan’s son Adrian could shapeshift. He used this talent and a computer-generated George to convince a certain segment of the earth’s population to assist with this creation of the only fascist state or the Establishment of the only (short-lived) monarchy in the United States of America i.e., Kingdom America. Space/Time traveling Aztec Ghosts posing as Secret Service agents escorted the First Family onto a Patlani bound for the mysterious planet with the mysterious Door in orbit around one of the stars in the constellation of Lyra.
Upon arrival the legitimate President of the United States of America in exile was given a group of small villas near a red sand beach, there was a closet of board shorts, flip flops, tee shirts, short-sleeved non-floral print ‘Hawaiian’ shirts, and undergarments. Laura Bush’s closet was similar. There was a refrigerator filled with Corona beer. There were beach chairs near the water.
Laura joined him after putting on something more fitting to living in exile in paradise. Barbara and Jenna too, relentingly join their parents on the beach.
Joe Biden also avoided the effects of the McGill device some years later when Mesi Ali and some of the Zeds toppled Kingdom America.

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