D-INJECT: Second Birthday

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Chapter 6: A Lone Wolf Enters the Fray

The city was wet. The flames of the burning Center City Gardens still raged on into the night. Genesis stood in silent solidarity. Ahead of him stood a man wrapped in a luxurious suit. Genesis had a faint grin stretching along his face. Sparks fluttered between the locked gazes of these two human titans. While the battle between me and Nina had only just begun to bud, the battle between these two had already blossomed into a fervid black rose. A black rose stained by the blood of all those who had fallen behind them. Their battle was one that had been going on for many long tormenting years. You could see it in the way the two looked at each other. The memories that were playing in the reflections of their eyes.

“I missed you in New York.” spoke the man in the suit.”

“I know.” responded Genesis.

“It’s been a long time, Genesis.”

“Yeah. It’s good to see you again Wolf.”

A lone wolf had entered the fray. He raised his silver head towards the wet and waning moonlight and howled a cry of war to the heavens. A cry of satisfaction and relief that at last his old enemy had been found. Wolf held the gun in his hands tightly and with conviction. The barrel was lined up directly with the soft flesh of Genesis’ head. Wolf was ready to pull the trigger. But something stopped him from carrying out the murderous act.

“I believe you and I both know that a bullet isn’t enough to kill you. Besides, neither one of us wants to see the other die easy. Our battle is far from finished.”

He returned his gun to its hidden holster and turned his attention to his metal case. With a single motion the rifle case was opened and from it came a rectangular blade. Red couplings bolted the blade to the handle that paralleled the blade. Wolf gripped the strange rectangular weapon and gave it a hard swing to the side. From the looks of it, the force of the swing extended the grip, turning the bizarre sword into a long polearm.

Not a word was said between the two titans as rain crashed down on flesh and cloth. Tension rose to insurmountable levels before finally shattering like glass as those colossal heroes charged forward towards each other. Indistinguishable purpose built the very foundation upon which each surging foot step was taken. One wished to protect the world from that which humanity could not understand. The other wished to protect the secrets that could turn those fearful humans into monsters. Thirty seconds to impact. This was the battle that would define the scale of the path I would walk. And it had already begun before I had a chance to witness it.

Wolf and Genesis exchanged blows only to block as swiftly as they stuck out. The sound of clashing metal echoed throughout the empty road as Genesis and Wolf fought tooth and nail. Their ferocity was unparalleled as they attempted killing blow after killing blow. Sparks flew from the grinding metal as the two warriors pressed the attack. Neither one of them was going to give in. Neither one of them had it in them, the ability to admit defeat.

Genesis backed off his assault allowing Wolf to push forward. He swung his glaive down onto Genesis who dodged to the side, gliding his blade into Wolf’s flesh as he did so. Wolf leapt back with clenched teeth as blood dripped from his wound. Genesis looked at him with a deadpan expression.

“Your weapon has immense reach, but its size means you must fight for control. Attacking leaves you with a massive blind spot. A blind spot I can easily exploit.”

Wolf grunted in rage and rushed at Genesis. He used his body to carry the weight of the glaive as he let his whole being guide his strikes. Genesis parried as best as he could as the glaive attempted to reach his body and bite at his flesh. Genesis waited for his moment once more as Wolf continued to strike. Finally Genesis managed to maneuver around Wolf’s slash. Genesis raised his blade to strike Wolf from behind. A loud clash of metal rang out into the rainy sky as Wolf swiftly turned to block the sneaky strike. Genesis’ eyes went wide only for a moment as he leapt back and motioned for Wolf to come forward. Wolf charged forward and prepared to pounce.

The wolf is a proud animal. An animal that prides itself with its pack, its family. But to be a lone wolf means to shun the pack, to forge a trail of your own making. You survive on your own and become as ruthless as Nature herself. I always believed a lone wolf was a unique breed of creature and I’m sure Nature did when she created it. Genesis faced one of those wolves now. One of the many wolves who learned to value their lives above the rest, but sometimes put that life on the line for others. This Agent was that kind of beast. For some unknown reason he harbored a strange relationship with Genesis. From what I remember, Wolf fears him because his power could threaten the world. But Wolf respects Genesis for his courage and fighting prowess. When these two faced each other after all those years it wasn’t out of hatred for the other. It was merely a battle of rivals. It was a battle of two humans who differed in ideals and only one could survive.

The battle waged on. Wolf’s strikes grew more and more controlled as he began to use his glaive to create distance between himself and Genesis. Genesis himself was holding his own, but finding and opening and Wolf’s stalwart defense was proving tricky. He knew from the beginning that Wolf was an excellent defensive fighter. Wolf’s glaive had great reach allowing for him to keep enemies at a distance. But he was only one man. While Wolf’s defense may be great it still is only a frontal defense. While his sides occasionally opened up with each swing, his back was completely exposed. Genesis finally saw a break in the defenses and took his chance. But it seemed the lone wolf was prepared for this. The glaive swung into Genesis’ arm and dug into the flesh. Not a single scream came from Genesis, but instead it was a simple smile. Genesis gripped the pole of Wolf’s weapon and used his strength to rip it from his body and pull Wolf towards him. Wolf tried his best to resist the force of Genesis’ pull, but it was useless. Wolf quickly released his grip on his weapon and reached for his gun. Three shots were fired only for Genesis to block the bullets in a split second. Wolf’s eyes widened with fear as he witnessed three bullets fall to the earth as a loud metal ring echoed in his ear with the gun shots.

“That wouldn’t have happened eight years ago. Eight years ago you would have taken those shots, maybe even died then and there.” Wolf spoke with slight confusion.

Genesis simply looked at Wolf with the same deadpan look.

“It happened in New York. My powers had finally manifested. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay human and keep our fight fair.”

Wolf clenched his teeth in frustration as he gripped his gun even tighter. Genesis looked straight into the eyes of Wolf with a ferocious glare. Tension was building again.

Terra and I had reached the lobby of the Center City Gardens. The fires were spreading fast. I could barely see where I was going. I was forced to rely on the “other me” as he guided me through the burning building. But at last we emerged into the rainy dark. The cold stormy air welcomed us. Nature openly embraced us like her own children as we exited the Gardens. That was when I first saw him. Agent Wolf. The man who would become one of my greatest enemies.

Agent Wolf and Genesis both turned to see me with Terra leaning on my shoulder as we limped down the stone staircase. Genesis sighed is dissatisfaction as he turned to face Wolf.

“I’m sorry I have to do this. But I must end this quickly.”

I watched in amazement as I witnessed something unexplainable. I witnessed a fraction of Genesis’ power. These two disc like objects seemed to just appear from nowhere. They tore open reality itself and revealed pieces of a landscape, much different than our own, peering into our world. Genesis slightly shifted his eyes towards me.

“Pay attention kid. These are Mind Gates and someday you may be able to use their power.”

Genesis then turned back to his enemy one last time before speaking an sort of incantation.

“Come forth. Swan and Serpent.”

From each Mind Gate came a blade. One was a thick and heavy broadsword. Its blade was white but sparkled with gold while the hilt and guard were shaped in an elegant bird’s wing. The other blade was black and curved and had slight red accents to it. It was if the blade itself was pearlescent. Its guard was smaller and more jagged. While the white sword was meant for fighting head on, the curved shortsword was used for stealthy blows to catch the enemy off guard. Swan and Serpent. Genesis’ prized blades.

“These blades were born within my own mind. Each one is unique and represents a certain fraction of myself. Take a long look at them Wolf. These are the weapons that will kill you.”

Wolf’s anger was paramount. I could see his eyes as they reflected that feral state of mind of a cornered old forest dog. Genesis sighed and dashed towards Wolf with blinding speed. Wolf attempted to shoot Genesis but he only felt the cold steel of Swan as it dug into his gut. Wolf stumbled back as he stared at Genesis and then looked at his wound. Panic overtook his mind as the realization of failure became all too apparent for the Agent. He fell to his knees and looked up at his enemy in an almost hysterical state of mind. His eyes wild with complete lack of understanding. The word “why” was spelt out perfectly in his gaze.

“How in the world is this possible!? You were never this strong in New York!” Wolf screamed at Genesis in a rage.

Genesis looked at Wolf with a stare. Swan and Serpent simply returned to their place inside the mind of Genesis as looked down at the broken Agent.

“Never underestimate the strength of someone who has lost everything.”

Those were the last words Genesis spoke to Wolf that night. The three of us left him to bleed into the streets. His blood would pour into the rain water that ran along the roads and fell into the sewer drains. The fire crews would more than likely find his body. Dead or alive, we weren’t sure, it didn’t really matter to us. At the end of it all, we survived and that was what had mattered. Survival. It was still hard to believe that I had chosen to keep living this life, even if was just to see Nina die by my hands.

Only a few blocks away, a rooftop held unknown spectators to the fight between Genesis and Wolf. The mysterious figures watched the fight thoroughly and lost interest as we began to leave. The ghostly silhouette’s fiery red hair clung to her wet body as the rain began to pour down on the world. It was like a choir of angels were shedding all their tears for this abomination Nature and Science had created. Nina stood watching our fight and now relished the tears of the angels that followed as she looked at the street with a grin. A young woman approached Nina from behind as she observed that which was beneath her.

“Are you starting fights again?” spoke the young girl.

“He got away from me twice. Why was he able to escape?” replied Nina with a rather condescending tone.

“I think you’re becoming obsessed.” retorted the girl out of concern.

“Maybe I am. Either way, I think I am going to have fun with this boy.”

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