Devil Knight The Lonely Iron Maiden

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The Expedition has finally reached land near the Advance Robotic City Known as Sagrada made by the Great Ariaian Scholar Logan where a Lonely Android Named 266 also known as Ann who protects her master city, Crono then finds himself helping Ann when a slumber foe awakens from its prison.

Scifi / Fantasy
Sinister Evil
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In what looks like a futuristic city in the middle of nowhere it has been eons since this city has been left away multiple moss and vegetation has started growing on the buildings. This city is known as Sagrada made by the great Ariaian Scholar Logan The Technological it was created to bring Aria into the future but the city was abandoned by humans before the Great Separation of Aria but it has held now Robotic works keeping the city from falling apart these robots have been solely been obeying there a duty for the last millions of years showing how advance they are. Logan has also created Androids which were model after females these Androids were called The Heavenly Daughters of Sagrada there were only four hundred made of this three-hundred-ninety-eight are still locked away safely one has defected and one is still Active.

In the city, a woman who had silver hair pale skin and blue eyes dress in a nun outfit created herself it was dark blue with a short skirt to her knees white stockings with black shoes. She wore white long gloves to the top of her arms she wore a brown belt at her waist and wore a cross. She has also carried a big scythe on her shoulder. She was walking through the alley of Sagrada. She looked around to see who are things are going on.

She then thinks, “my name is 266 or by the number keypad Ann I am the current leader of Sagrada I am android created after my master Logan I was the first to be activated of the four hundred series it my job is to protected the city of Sagrada created by my master, he was the only human I ever meet even this day when I tried to remember my master I always wonder was he ever lonely after the great separation as he was only human here why he would want to die in this lonely city alone these questions where still with me for the eons but I must carry on my duty until I unable to continue.”

Ann finds a little street cleaning robot brushing the alley. Ann then says, “how are your duties this morning.” The robot then beeps at her. Ann then says, “understood please continue good work.” Ann then continues to walk till she reaches the only entrance to Sagrada the whole city is surrounded by giant stone walls. Ann stands there all day guarding it she does every day her job is to make sure no one enters the city so the city doesn’t get harmed by wrongdoers she has been doing this for eons no she does this till around five in the afternoon when a sentry bot takeover.

Ann walks home to the giant glass tower in the center of Sagrada this was the home of Logan. This place was her home as well she walks into a living room and puts her Scythe near the door. Ann then puts on the record player she has to play music on and sits on a single couch chair and reads a book. Ann thinks, “I have read this book over ten thousand times by now but I never get tired of it because it was one of your books master.” she then sits there all night and thinks, “if I was human I would be tired but doe being a robot only thing I have to do is to make sure I’m oiled properly.” the morning comes and Ann would repeat this day in and day out.

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