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Lycan and Hound

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The first thing the young man noticed upon regaining consciousness was that he felt... fine.

Why did that fact alarm him so much? His muddied mind wouldn’t recall the information that led him here, so he had no choice but to open his eyes and assess the situation.

Doing so rewarded him with a light in his face. A lightbulb…? Just where was he?

Sitting up and looking around, he found he was in some kind of run-down storage area, replete with rusted tools and worn cubbies filled with various odds and ends strewn about. The area, oddly enough, was rather free of dust for what it was…

He merely had to look down at himself to realize that he was in a completely unfamiliar set of clothes. Apparently, someone named Frank happened to be around his size…

These disturbing realities, to say the least, didn’t sit well with the boy. He was a few seconds from leaping over the edge when the familiar feeling alone triggered his recent memories. Everything from him getting lost in that storm, to being held at gunpoint, to that giant creature…

The memories mobbed his psyche as if they were dead set on pushing him over the edge...and, at least for a time, succeeded.

All rationality left the young man at this moment and rushed not out but through the door of the closet. The incredible feat of strength was pretty lost on him, as he was too busy screaming mentally and possibly physically to care.

# # #

Barely registering that he'd actually ran through the wood door of the room, he darted through a factory-like area, complete with conveyor belts and long-abandoned tool boxes, and headed for a hallway, looking for a way out.

Not knowing his surroundings, he picked the biggest door he saw and took a chance. Behind it was the very nightmare he'd been fleeing from.

Standing at the door, towering over him, was a tall and muscular, yet feminine gray werewolf. Compared to her powerful frame, he looked no different than a circus freak. Vicious-looking claws held the door frame open.

"I was wondering when you would wake up..." The hungry look the boy might have expected was replaced by something resembling irritation. "Did you just smash through my door?"

The boy's response was only to scream and run as fast as he could in the direction he came from.

# # #

He didn't stop until he got back to the relative safety of the room he woke up in. Seeing the mess he made, he knew that that creature would probably be more inclined to make a meal out of him...

What could be possibly do in this situation?

The boy didn't get time to ponder this, however, as the beast was hot on his trail, apparently ambling towards its prey, planning to savor the moment...

As he stared up at the predator from his fetal position on the ground, one pitiful petition came to mind...

"I-if you're gonna eat me, just make it quick, Monster Lady!"

Instead of launching at him, the taller werewolf just wrinkled her snout as if he'd told her to eat raw sewage.

"Eat you? That's disgusting! By the way, I have an actual name..."

She paused to look the boy up and down before continuing, helping him up.

"Come with me. We need to talk."
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