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Journeys on Mars and space

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Starr Hope, a female nomad traveler from a 23rd century earth, travels to outer space. Meeting new friends and allies on Mars and space, they roamed the red planet, making it inhabitable for colonists

Scifi / Drama
Simons S. Gordon
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Into space I go

Starr Hope: Journeys on Mars and Space

This is a story about me named Starr Hope, daughter of Meghan Cardinal Reid and Grandmother Amanda Reid, a former protective agent. The year was 2227, in the 23rd century, October 20th. I was ready to leave the earth forever and take residence on the planet Mars from the Moon to catch the space shuttle from there.

With that, I checked my biotech body implants in the medical pod in my hut like home. “Arm and leg implants functioning at 100 percent, organs, and heart are the same” said the automated computer in the pod. I considered the mirror, my shoulder length copper red hair kept well and my bionic sky blue eyes. I look very young, me just being 30 years of age. I can live to 150 years due to life extension which I paid for online.

My orb showed a message that space elevator will be receiving passengers’ tomorrow morning in Ciudad Houston at 11 AM for the moon. So, I went to sleep by 10 pm, ready to leave the outskirts of Serene City for the teleport station in the downtown area.

The next morning, I got up, stepped on a clothing pad, nanotechnology formed my clothing for me which I can adjust using my mind. At the teleport station, the security android screened everyone on a scanner to avoid Nano-terrorism or sabotage. Only up to four people were to be teleported to our destination. We wore special goggles to avoid the radio waves from the teleportation.

I arrived in South America to the Hellenic Space elevator when the passenger I teleported with spoke to me. “What a ride, huh?” said the man to me. “Yes, most exhilarating” I said. He introduced himself to me as Michael. “Nice to meet you Michael. Where you heading?” I asked. “To the moon and the space station Nebula, need a tech specialist up there” he said, the multi racial man, looking like he’s part Asian in facial features.

With my bags and luggage packed, I boarded the space elevator to the moon with 12 other people. Sitting securely with my seat belt fastened and proper shoulder restraints, the shuttle tilted upwards to the sky. Going at a speed of 100 kilometers an hour, we past the Earth atmosphere into space reaching the moon in 3 hours. The shuttle tilted towards the moon’s surface. We got off the shuttle, went through interplanetary customs.

The space flight attendant asked if anyone going on the connecting shuttle to other space stations or planets like Mars. “Mars here” I said. The attendant looked at her electric notepad and saw me on there. “Yes, Starr Hope. You have to wait 3 hours for your shuttle to Mars, because of refueling the ship” the attendant said.

“Well, see you Starr, have to go Theseus the city on the moon here, have a home there, need to meet my pals there” said Michael and he left. Three hours later, my bionic eye implants stated the Mars shuttle is ready for boarding and headed to the launching window.

“This is the space shuttle to the red planet Mars, everyone aboard” the automated message said. I boarded it and was off, my journey and residency on the red planet begins.

The next day, I arrived on Mars, now known as Green Mars from the result of terraforming by 95 percent. 5 percent is left terraformed encased in a dome. That’s where people from the Reds Preserver group stayed imprisoned, some of them. The planet’s population is at 2.2 million inhabitants living in the second earth like paradise, the former Greens creator group. Both groups have descended from the early Mars colonists from the 2030’s in the 21st century that came to explore the planet and live there forever.

Led by the Mars project in 2027 by Alexander Karlovac, an astronaut and scientist, who sent robotic drones to survey the planet years ago, and found that it had lost resources like crystallized water pebbles noting that it once had water. With that he and his wife Irina, an astronaut as well, promoted space travel to Mars from the launch area of Houston, Texas, USA. People from all over the world signed up for it online and in person. But only 100 had to travel, leaving behind their loved ones, family, friends and career behind.

With that, the 100 were selected, representing every nationality, creed, and lifestyle. They suited up and boarded two space shuttles named Apollo and Thesis. The space journey took 6 months to take, and the crew was fed 3D printed food, making it taste like the real thing. By November of that year, they arrived on Mars. Everyone was warned to wear exoskeletons and a helmet to protect the deep chill of the planet of -70 Celsius.

Space bases were created for the crew underground from the ultra violet rays of the sun and houses with 3D printing with tinted windows. Migration to Mars really began in the 2030’s with people from Earth buying one way ticket to the red planet selling their business to afford the trip. The first baby born on Mars was in 2039, a boy, son of Alexander and Irina Karlovac. “Here he is, our boy” said Alexander. Wondering what to name him, they both decided on Noah. So, Noah was his name which his descendant will be named.

The crew built a city named Unitrin, a domed place, creating its own food, plant and heating facilities, hoping to heat the planet up with pollution and gases. By 2070, the city grew to 15,000 inhabitants, due to environmental disasters on Earth with drought, extreme heat, flooding and deadly hurricanes wreaking havoc on coastlines. Overpopulation is another issue. In 2079, when Noah was 40, married to another Martian named Jennifer Lima Karlovac, an brunette. Both visited Earth several times by wearing exoskeletons because Earth’s air pressure is greater than Mars, and the pressure will pull them downwards.

“Unitrin city is growing at a high pace, now at 50,000” said Jennifer. “Yeah, I know that Jen. People from Earth migrating here, having kids, 3 per couple, escaping the environmental disasters of that former planet” said Noah. “Mars is a red planet, not going to be terraformed anytime soon, maybe in the next century” said Jennifer.

“Perhaps you’re right Jen. In the 22nd century, Mars will change. We need to build giant orbital mirrors to harness and reflect the sun’s rays on the planet warming it up revealing this planet’s water sources” said Noah. His parents passed away in the 2080’s due to heart attack, dying on Mars, fulfilling their dreams of populating the red planet with permanent human inhabitants. So, cyborgs were created to deal with the harsh climate of Mars. Both Noah and Jennifer had a child named Stephanie Lisbon Karlovac. Her middle name is after a Portuguese capital.

The 22nd century of the planet brought many great things. People are vacationing on the Moon and the solar system over the overpopulated Earth.

Terraforming of Mars with hurdles

A new second Martian city was named Gather, basically a tent city with 100,000 inhabitants. The city mayor was Don Bouchard, who see his citizens get treated fairly. By 2120, Stephanie, being in her 40’s, looking like in her 20’s more due to anti aging process and life extension to 150 years, was talking about terraforming the planet making it earth like with trees, rivers, lakes and grass with plant life with Peter Combs, a scientist.

“Good idea here. Mankind being able to walk on Mars with no protective gear like exo suits and helmets from this planet’s harsh environment” said Peter. The southern polar cap mountains of Mars are a good place to start by placing black coal on top the mountain peaks so the orbital mirrors can shine on them melting the peaks forming the water sources. Also, the heat factories generating the greenhouse gases that can be injected in the earth, warming the planet up as well. But there will be those that oppose Mars from changing, forming the Reds Preserver Group (R.P.G.) or Reds for short.

2157- 12th of April: Stephanie and Peter team of cyborgs and non biological people with bionic robotic body implants giving them extreme strength built and constructed giant orbital mirrors of 8-10 feet wide width by 13 inches tall. They’re remote controlled, going up with a flick of a switch in their lab facility. Hundreds of heat factories across the planet are busy warming the Martian soil for terraforming.

4:07 pm: It was for the news for the terraforming process in Unitrin city. “Citizens of Unitrin. It’s my pleasure to say it is a new day in Martian history” said Peter. “My father Noah Karlovac was the first person born on the red planet and I’m following in his legacy of making this planet earth like with lakes, rivers, ponds, trees and grass” he said of his late father now deceased. “And now meet our Trans human team that will help protect the terraforming equipment from the wrong hands” said Stephanie.

The non biological team were, Jake Mulroney, Eric Yamamoto, Diane Wurzbach, Nick (Shadow) Desmond, and Ashleigh (Peace-flower) Curry.

Average people that had chosen to have bionic body implants to survive the cold harsh elements of Mars walking with no space suits on the outside and future long space travels. They’re aided by the super computer Isis named after the Egyptian goddess in ancient mythology meaning health, marriage and wisdom. The holographic appearance of Isis is mostly a female in ancient Egyptian wear appearing in her 20’s.

I sense a destruction of one heat factory in the southern region by a group of rebels wearing red armor suits” said Isis. Those rebels are the Red preservers, wanting Mars to remain a red desert, having a spiritual connection to it. They’re leaded by Nate Leeds that heard news from a spy drone or seeing it actually from a CCTV camera. His group destroyed one heat factory by shooting it down with a missile. Traveling by hover gilder over the Martian soil, they headed close to Unitrin to deliver a message to the domed city.

A live feed message popped on the TV screen which access was granted. “Great citizens of Unitrin. This is Nate Leeds, leader of the Red preservers’ organization” he said in his British accent. “I heard your scientists are planning to terraforming this planet for earth like conditions. Leave as it is” he said. “But Nate, don’t you want future Martian generations to walk on Mars and another planets in the solar system with earth like conditions unaided by protective gear?” asked Stephanie.

He didn’t want to hear the B.S. from them, just warned them not to alter the planet, even though some lakes appear on Mars. “You think they will listen to you?” asked the elderly black man named Sherwin Lawrence III, Nate’s right hand man. “No, I don’t. But if they have terraforming equipment in that city or warehouses on the outside we destroy it” he said. “Good idea, forget that terraforming shit” said a female voice on the glider named Lay Martinez with many tattoos on her body when her protective gear comes off.

In the Unitrin labs, Peter and Stephanie gathered the Trans humans together for a meeting. “We would expect opposition from a group people that don’t want change to this red planet” said Peter. “From now on, we’re known as Green Creators or Greens for short group” he added. They like the name representing the trees and greenery. “1, 2, 3, Green Creators!” they all said, knowing the Reds will stand in the way of their team. So the story of Mars terraforming rebirth begins now.

With the newly formed Green creator group established, they employed a lot of cyborg androids to protect the terraforming equipment from attack by the Reds in the warehouse. Androids were outside the warehouse 24/7, with weapons in their arms, needing no sleep, food and water to survive like a regular human or animal would for survival. At the Unitrin HQ, mega surveillance cameras were everywhere in their heat factories.

At the base of the Reds, large domes like structure in the southern region surrounded by mountains ruby red colour like the planet itself. Also, their base is underground, their living quarters. “Red preservers, I knew the day will come when those who don’t want Mars to be the same like intact.” Nate said. Then one man suggested something. “I can spy on them” the man named Shade said. A Red henchman having nanotech in his suit to disappear or appear invisible to the naked eye.

“Ok Shade, you can do that” said Nate, giving him permission to go. That’s when there was news of a meteor shower coming into Martian orbit tonight from the Athena space station. Knowing the Green Creators will use this opportunity to redirect the meteors into the planet and crashing into it causing the planet to warm up to terraforming it, they set out to stop Peter’s team by an old space rover.

At Unitrin, the Greens heard about the meteor shower from the Athena space station. “A meteor shower is happening tonight at 20:00 hours or 8pm in simpler terms” said Stephanie. “Point taken. Let’s get the trans humans together on this mission” said Peter. Together they got the non-biological together. “Oh yes, our first mission to terraforming our home planet” said Jake. They were instructed to guide the meteors safely into Martian earth and releasing on impact, warming the earth.

“But the Reds will stop us in doing so” said Diane. “Don’t worry about it. Me being Asian (Japanese-American) I know some karate like my ancestors” said Eric. “OK, honourable sensei, let’s go” said Nick, the smooth talker. They had IA (intelligent assistant) on them which were Isis to direct them. Only Ashleigh remained behind because she wasn’t capable yet for a tough mission like this. Off they went on the space rovers to the northern region of the planet where the meteor shower will be at. That’s if the Reds don’t beat them there first in which both groups will be armed.

Inside their laboratory, Peter and Stephanie had automatically raised the large orbital mirror over the sky and the cyborgs were guiding it along the western region close the city of Berea where a fresh water source is needed. Both are watching things on the monitor inside. “How amazing those giant orbital mirrors are harnessing the sun’s rays and using it to warm the Martian surface” said Ashleigh.

Just then the mayor of Berea came on the screen using AI. “You’ve done great work, Karlovac” said Simon Bradshaw. He said the citizens of that city have a fresh water source for many uses. “So our investments the Trans humans, cyborgs, and terraforming equipment for this planet are on schedule?” the elderly man named Larry Danforth said, a business man who had aided in Peter’s dream of making Mars earth like for future generations.

“Yes Sir. The western region which our fourth city Berea is in has now has fresh water sources” said Stephanie. Things were going according to plan. In the northern region, the Trans humans make their way. “So Diane, after all this, I can buy you a round?” Nick flirted at the blonde. “Let’s think of the mission at hand first” she replied. Her bionic green eyes saw something up ahead.

“I think we’re not alone” Diane said. Their way was blocked by the Reds. “This is where your trip ends” said the female voice Lay said “So it you Reds, huh?” Jake said. “Yes, we are. I’m Lay Martinez and this is Chaotic” she introduced him. “We’re keeping Mars forever red” Chaotic, real name Bill said. “OK Shade, come out and play” said Lay. Shade appeared out of nowhere using his invisibility suit and had a missile launcher weapon in his right arm, ready to fire.

“Ready, aim, fire!” said Shade, as he fired the missile at the land rover wheeler which Nick and Diane are in. “Jump for it!” said Nick, as he and Diane jumped out and the four of them dashed far away as the vehicle exploded with the equipment for terraforming. “Our terraforming equipment is destroyed!” said Eric. “You miserable bitch!” said Diane to Lay. Both groups opened fire on each other. “We can’t let these guys stop us from the meteor shower” Jake said. The Greens darted forward and Diane delivered one kick to Lay, knocking her off the cycle.

“So you’re Shade huh?” Nick said to him. “Ya, I am, but if you can see me” Shade said as he disappeared with his cloaking. “Cloaking invisibility huh?” Nick said. All four of the Trans humans have bionic super sight, so they see a good distant. “Shade’s on top of that hill” Nick said, and fired a laser blast at him, revealing him and he fell down, his suit damaged partially.

“You Greens will pay for this!” said Chaotic as he charged at them. But Paul and Eric dashed at him, him tipping over. All three of them were rounded up and tied. “There. Those three will not bother us anymore” said Jake. Towards the western region at Mount Tuareg, the meteor shower was in view. “OK, everyone, wish me luck in guiding the meteorite” said Jake.

He boarded the hover glider towards the meteorite, but Nick followed him too. Both guided the meteor safely towards the Martian surface surrounded in a net. They both released it and it crashed on the ground. Everyone steered clear of it as it disintegrated into smaller pieces and hit the surface. “Here comes the good part” said Eric. The hidden waters were revealed under the surface, also trees and grass sprouted out.

“We did it!” said Diane. Then one elderly man appeared from nowhere. “Aye, you four travellers are doing great things for Mars, changing it for the better” said man in a Scottish accent. “So you’re a fan of terraforming sir?” said Jake. “Close to it, Laddie. Right now, they are those who oppose what your group is doing to better this planet and humanity” said the man. “In time you Green creators will win and gain the respect of those who oppose you” said the man named Larry.

He went away from them on his way. “That was strange conversation” said Nick. In time, all will understand what the man was saying to them. They all went back to Unitrin in their land rover and anti gravity hover craft. On the way there, they went to one rest stop named Rum, with the owner bearing the same name. The people look at them strangely. “Hello strangers. What can get ya?” the owner asked them.

“Why not the Martian vodka?” suggested Eric. The Martian vodka is a mixture of strawberries, cherries, other berries and vodka all shaken up over ice. The robot server prepared and served them. That’s until one man make a move on Diane. “Hey sweet stuff, you free tonight?” he asked her. “Look sir, not interested if that doesn’t compute in your pea sized brain” she insulted him saying.

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