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The cursed Hill

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4 Friends went to a Jungle trip but found some mysterious adventure that they didn't want to have. Will they be able to overcome the tremendous turmoil of the jungle and know the unknown secret of the cursed hill?

Scifi / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Albert was walking in the jungle, sometimes feeling the air like collapsing heart..and sometimes looking at his friends who were drinking cock and celebrating joy.

Robert..Robert Steven.. the only but adapted child of the great scientist Dewk Steven was the best friend of Albert. He was enjoying the cock with Breuni and Hechd. The 4 friends were walking as their car had left no fuel. But suddenly they saw a girl. The girl was all alone in the jungle.

They wanted to talk to the girl as the weather was upset. The girl, in a red dress was looking so cool. Her hair was long, maybe trying to hide the unconventional reality of her life.
Albert was trying to understand why she was here... But couldn't find any answer . They all went to the girl. She was plucking flowers and playing with the butterflies. She was looking like an angle . Robert asked her.. "hello, I'm Robert. It's so sudden but great to meet you. What is your name?"

"Hi, this is Angelina. "
Albert didn't understand why he felt something that is not okay...the words of the girl was hitting his ears. Hechd came forward,shaked hand with that girl and said,"hi, it's Hechd. Nice to meet you preety girl". Breuni putt of headphone and greeted the girl. The girl picked some Roseberry from her bag and gave them to eat. Hechd ,Breuni,Robert and Albert.. didn't know what's going to happen with them. They just took the fruits and started to eat. Albert gave some to the girl too,but, she said,"I don't eat what you eat". A whispering air touched Albert's hair...
They keep walking.. The girl told them to look at the hill. They saw there's a hill, though they didn't know how the hill was there all on a sudden,in the mid of the jungle,they loved the sight of the hill. The greyish green hill was shining in their eyes.

After a few time......
"Robert,open your eyes. Robert,Robert".
"Hechd,my friend, Open your eyes".
"Breuni,can you hear me?
Can you guys hear me? Open your eyes..

None of them Know..what is waiting for them.

"Good morning Albert. Welcome to the cursed hill",said Angelina.
"The cursed hill?!"
"Yes, this is my home. This is my world and here is my life"
" I'm not getting anything. What happened to my friends? Why they aren't listening to me? And now from where comes this cursed hill?"
Hechd opened his eyes. "Oh...such a beautiful sleep. Hey, Albert. Good morning"
Robert and Breuni also woke up and they didn't know how they were here.
The girl girl said, " Good morning everyone. Welcome to the cursed hill".
Breuni caught Robert's hand. They all were shocked. Robert said,"can you tell us why are we here?"

Angelina said,"Yes,this is my home.This is my world and here is my life".
Robert asked the question again. But th girl answered the only two sentences again.
Albert could smell something, not sweet,not sour, not bitter.... Couldn't understand what.
Albert came forward and tried to hold the girl's hand. As he did so, he missed her hand. He tried again but missed again. He could see he reached her hands but her hands was like.. visible but not touchable. All of them were trembling to see that. How can that happen, they didn't understand..

Breuni asked her,"Can you tell us what's happening here? And why can't we touch you? We shaked our hands yesterday. Then why can't today?"

Angelina said,"Today I didn't get any thumb to eat. So I'm short of my powers. My boss promised me I will get it soon. So, I got you here. "
"What?" , 4 friends screamed together.
Angelina,"can you please give me your thumbs?"
They couldn't believe what they heard. They couldn't believe what they saw. It felt like some nightmare, something unpredictable and something they never wanted to experience.

Angelina again said," please give me your thumb. I'm very hungry and until you give me your thumb, I will not take you to the next level"

Breuni whispered,"I think she is a ghost. Or maybe..a alien"
Albert couldn't understand what to do now. Hechd came forward and said,"Are you pranking with us? Please stop jocking. We need to go home. Please let us go"
Angelina said,"You can't go home right now. At first you have to pass all the levels and only then you will be able to go out"
Robert screamed," Do you think we are in a funny mood? Stop making fun of us. Tell us the way we can go home. "

"Little baby don't cry,
Angelina smile smile.
Boss will give you a hundred thumbs
Little baby don't cry.."
Angelina started to recite these lines again and again. Albert came forward and asked her,"Dear Angelina, can you tell us who is your boss? What are the levels and why you have brought us here?"
They were all quiet. Maybe preparing themselves to listen something they can't imagine or don't want to .. imagine..

Angelina started to said,
" My boss. He is a great scientist. He made a invisible wall around the jungle. He made a invisible hill in the mid of the jungle. Those who comes to mid of the jungle,they get the curse. I bring them here. I get thums from them. And then, they are ready for the next level. This hill is cursed. This greyish green color is the symbol of my boss's hard work, his Time. "

"How many levels? What is the next level? Why are you here? And why are the levels?"

Angelina uttered,"I'm hungry. I can't tell you that right now. But if you give me your thumbs, I will surely take you to the next level."

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