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42, A Monster of rage. it was made for missions, assassinations, and experiments, that's all she was to them, a killing machine to be tossed around. this is 42s introduction and not the fully story. the full story will be published of a different account that ill later link once we finish the story :)

Scifi / Action
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42 wasn't allowed to go out of its cell, ever. the only time 42 was let out was to be experimented on, but then thrown back in its cell.

so there 42 was, alone and thoughtless in her cell. her mind contained static and growls, nothing interesting. 42 stood there lifelessly staring at the wall when a sudden, "he-hello" alerted her attention. "krrcrtreier" 42 spat out random grumbles and hums trying to communicate with the strange clown-like ghost the sat in the corner of her cell. "i-i can-t understand y-you m-miss" stuttered the ghost. the ghost mumbled in what sounded like fear as it regretted coming to the reality bender department. 42 growled and let out static like sounds trying to understand the ghost "kerrrttatter." 42 was confused, she had never seen another person before, not knowing how to react, she got closer to the ghost. the metal frame that sat snug around the eye like creature clanged together as it approached the scared, small ghost. "M-MY NAME IS SORROW- S-SORROW! or-or EX.951.. thats what they c-call me!" shouted the ghost, "PLE-please don't hurt me-me" sorrow pleaded.

42 was scared, so she began to back up. 42 was bad with emotions considering she had never felt any, we'll at least not the way others felt them. "Fufuerrta" 42 growled in a welcome tone, or she at least tried to.

"i-i need to leave, i-im sorry for-for coming here!" the ghost choked out while tears globed down her face.

and that's the last time 42 saw anyone in a long time.
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