Notorious Eve

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In the future, humans have been given a new outlook on death. A giant tech company called Marco Vital Force Corporation provides many services, but what they're famously known for are the robots known as Ringers. Hundreds of years ago, Marco Vital discovered a technology that allows those who have passed away to be resurrected. They don't come back in human bodies, they come back as realistic robot versions of themselves. Cassidy Monty is the walking result of this Ringer phenomenon. As far as Cassidy is concerned, becoming a Ringer was nothing more than just another day. When she isn't spending her time at a job that she finds lackluster, she's at home browsing social media as a stale form of entertainment. Like every regular citizen on planet Saturn, she likes to glimpse online into the lives of those who are idolized. One particular story that many follow, is the elusive life of Notorious Eve. According to the stories and gossip, Notorious Eve is a rebel soul who lives a life of dangerous chaos. The biggest catch is, nobody even knows if she really exists. Is she a human? A Ringer? Maybe even a ghost since she's so quick on her feet. Soon, an opportunity falls in Cassidy's lap leading her down a road to the answers everyone craves. Her inadvertent collision into the life of Notorious Eve will reveal a new world of both amazing and dark secrets.

Scifi / Fantasy
Sharina L Martin
Age Rating:

Dictionary Guide

Dictionary Guide, Year 3412.

Marco Vital Force Corporation – The company that created both the Ringers and the FP World along with many other Marco Vital electronics, applications, and gadgets to assist and be a part of your daily life. Ringer bot's are also activated at a Marco Vital force building, and are observed closely for defectiveness.

SOS Chip - A Sense Of Self chip collects everything in a human brain that makes your personality traits and who you are. After death, the SOS chips are put into a Ringer bot prolonging your life. The SOS chip functions in a Ringer as a replacement for the human brain. Its important to have a SOS chip removed from a human brain within the hour of death, or the SOS chip will become futile.

Ringer Bots- also known as Ringers are replica human look alike robots created and built to look just like those who have passed away. People who wish to have their SOS chip put into their look alike Ringer, can live on for several more years. Ringer bodies resemble humans so efficiently that its hard to tell the difference between a Ringer bot and a human. Only a few tells, give a Ringer bot away.

Watchman Facility- Ringers live a maximum of seven months at a Watchman Facility after spending two weeks at a Marco Vital Force building. At Watchman, they are watched and observed by an assigned counselor. These facilities and counselors help Ringers learn to cope with their new lives in their new robotic bodies. After seven months of no complications, Ringers graduate into society.

Hoppers- Humans and Ringers who do the same tech jobs as Marco Vital Force employees but illegally. They are usually found in low-income neighborhoods; some even work under more successful Hoppers called Head Hoppers.

Reo- Reo's are what have replaced cellular phones. For humans, dime sized disk are inserted in one of the wrist and behind the ear. They project out small screens and can be commanded by voice. Reo's also do miscellaneous things such as video chat, opening doors, and starting cars. For Ringers, Reo's function within their Ringer eyes without needing projections.

Sky Access Vehicles- Sky Access vehicles are given access to fly in the sky or in space. Most times, only the upper class or rich can afford these personal vehicles. Vehicles used by the general population on the other hand can only hover at least thirty inches above ground. Tires are no longer necessary or needed, so vehicles are built without them. The general population can book tickets for sky access bus's or ships to travel with dozens or hundreds of strangers for a cheap price.

Fictional Paradise World Data Base- Also known as FP World is a digital world to load your SOS chip into once you pass away. You can live out the rest of eternity in fictional paradise with others who have made the same decision. This story will not be focused on this aspect, but it is a different option that humans may choose if they do not wish to be put into a Ringer.

Regals Electrics- A competitor tech corporation of Marco Vital Force. Regals Electrics focus on electronics meant for humans more so than Ringers.

Death Plan- A death plan is a contract made that explains what you wish to do once you pass away. Ringer, FP World, or a traditional burial.
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