The Last oft the Brave : Divided We Fall

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“I need a favor. A big one.” With the Admiral’s words, the Commodore knew he would either get on a ship or destroy his career with an outlandish proposition. “I don’t have long, and I know we need a ship to replace the Calypso from the fleet which is being directed to the second fleet to replace the Columbia.

“What favor?” Commodore Forest asked as he twiddled his thumbs in anticipation of the bomb he was about to drop. He watched as the Admiral reach into his pocket and remove a small data storage device. Dropping it onto the table a small bar appeared as it downloaded the contents into the rooms database. Gesturing his hand, the tables holographic display flickered to life.

“This favor,” said Admiral Hoshino. Forests eyes went wide as he looked at the old derelict ship sitting in front of him.

“No, no way.” Looking over at the old man as if he had gone mad, all he got from Forest was a absolute dead-pan look.

“I am not joking.” Returning his glaze over to the image displayed over the holographic display, the oldest vessel sitting in mothball was floating there in vivid detail. “We need her, now more than ever.” Commodore Forest and virtually ever person in the fleet knew the name of the Spirit of Endurance, she was one of the first and finest vessels ever constructed solely for military engagements during the Inner Colony Aggressions. It was the first vessel that was not designed with both a military and scientific purpose in mind. She was pure firepower. However by most standards she would ancient.

“Admiral…” Rubbing his forehead he looked over at the old man as he sat there in the seat. “You are asking me, as a Naval Registrar to get permission from my bosses.” Trailing off for a moment the Admiral nodded gently. “To reactivate a ship that hasn’t been able to move under its own power since you left her Command sixty years ago.” Forest looked at the image of the ship, it was tethered to a station serving as a defense battery in orbit of Eridanus II. “I mean, she is an absolute rust bucket, it would take billions to get her up to date. She is out-speced in speed, firepower, and maneuverability – literally every vessel minus the shit Kronos Class vessels can outperform her.”

“I am aware, but she is a fine vessel, she’s not far off of from what he Columbia was when she was first launched twenty years ago.” Said the Admrial, obviously having done his research.” Forest did not want to tell the man that she had been sitting on the registers for decades, with her scheduled to be scrapped in the upcoming months for parts. Hell, her newer sister ship the Buran which had been a revision on her original design has been retired for ten serving as a naval training vessel for thirty, only to be turned into a waste transfer barge for the Merchant Marines.

“Admiral, we don’t have the resources to bring her back, you know that right?”

“I do.” Said the Admiral. “She needs a new or refurbished jump drive, all new hull platting considering they were fitted onto the Excalibur and well, pretty much all here weapons minus her main battery cannons. I believe most of her weapons are sitting in a supply depot on Constantinople, correct?” Nodding, Commodore Forest sat back at his seat before nodding. “Thing is, what we need is a ship that is tested and true and can still make a dent in the enemies. Plus, we can pull her armor from the Buran it does supply runs in the Mid Colonies. That said, I don’t think we have the supplies to build a new ship. We are losing this war, and we need firepower. I am sure she can supplement some. Plus, if military intelligence has anything to say, is that the Insurrectionists are planning something huge, and we need to be ready.”

“Look, I get it. I know you want your old ship back in action. I just don’t think we can do it.” Admiral Forest looked at him with a fully distinctive look. “The Endurance is planned to be scrapped for parts; they will be used to repair the fleet.”

“I see.” Said the Admiral as he frowned. “We don’t have the resources to even rebuild our existing fleet.”

“No.” Commodore Forest shook his head. “But I have a meeting down at Headquarters in a few hours. If we work out a plan, they might just approve it. If there is something this fleet can use, its hope.”

“Then I suppose we might just be able to resurrect the ship. Just like Lazarus.” The Commodore said dryly referring to an old religious book from centuries ago.

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