The Mars Diaries

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This was a lot of fun to work out as already I had the foundation for the story way back in high school. In grade 10 English class we had to read the Martian Chronicles and write a book review of it. I did not want to do the usual dry book report everyone else did, so I chose instead to write is as a first person diary from the perspective of the lead character. In no way is this book about the Martian Chronicles, it is about using the diary format to tell a sci-fi story Firstly, I had to reconcile the Mars calendar to exclude any influence from Earth or NASA to be precise, that was exciting. One of the other factors is the atmosphere of Mars, so I challenge issues like is there any noise on the surface or do dead things smell bad. Water is always a big issue where life is concerned, so where is all the water on Mars? The story takes place 2,500 years into the future and there isn’t any flashy, super technology where everyone is teleporting all over the place. Without money or the influences of it, how does technology play into the future of Mars? There are two main characters, Margus and Tanis and through the journals kept by Margus, the reader gets to experience a possible future of Mars without any involvement from Earth.

Douglas Jack
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The Mars Diaries

A novel by

Douglas Jack


Far in the future, Mars has been colonized by a race of genetically modified humans. It has been over twenty five hundred years since the people of earth sent those beings to Mars to save earth, only it was too late. Earth was devastated by climate failure, political wars and toxic technology, the population of the early 20th century was no more. The first colony was sent up in 2022, by the year 2030 the world population crashed and without the former knowledge of simple gardening hunting or self-reliance, less than .01% of a 9 billion world population survived.

Meanwhile on Mars, the people there grew and flourished within the limits of their environment. The original genetically modified settlers made sure that none of earth’s history of greed and corruption over the entire planet’s addiction to technology, was ever made known. All information regarding the Martian’s true origins, were sealed up in a vault and guarded by an elite group of Marines. For many years these former marines sworn to protect instead became reclusive, militant and eventually attacked any who ventured too close. No one really knew what was in the massive subterranean chamber known only as Eden and the location of the vault. As anyone who got inside never made it back out to say for sure and eventually it was destroyed in a great war.

The language of the future Martians is Roman Latin; English along with all other languages were banned shortly after the first colonies became established. Banned along with the languages were internet, money, religion and anything related to military or politics. Technology did persist but only as a primary utility and without money or profit it did not change much over time. Technology is only used for supplying and distributing water, power, health care, housing and waste, the list goes on but I am sure you get the point. There are no cell phones, laptops or PlayStations as most technology was too reliant on unlimited energy; earth was destroyed trying to produce enough power to keep Artificial Intelligence alive and running everything. When the newly created A.I. crashed from grid failure, it took earth’s entire primary infrastructure with it; no food, fuel, medical aid or transportation. The first winter after the world electrical grid crashed in 2028, hundreds of millions died from lack of heat and shelter alone. The new colonies on Mars would have none of it. Not to mention the heat generated by A.I. technology used worldwide caused earth’s climate to destabilize and the planet went into an ice age by 2035.

As you will discover through the events recorded by the future author of these diaries, after all those millennia man does make it back to Mars. However after a few thousand years have passed, the people of earth did not eliminate money or the greed and corruption that stems from money; instead they perfected it. The events recorded by the future author are the only evidence of what happens to the people on Mars, when the new people of earth make their presence known. It is through these diaries that you will see how events unfold, that lead to the history of earth repeating itself on Mars and the devastation it brings there. The future population of Mars will experience what early natives did in earth’s history, when encountering the new Europeans. Let’s hope our future counterparts survive better than the early natives did.

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