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An agent is tasked with the most crucial mission of all, save the world from utter destruction. The mission is simple. Go back in time, complete the objective and come back home. Nothing could go wrong, right? ** If he was to fight to the death, he would do it because he didn't want anything to happen to any one of them. He entered his pod and hit the eject button which immediately sent him spiraling into space. He looked at the spaceship, too many memories were on it but some memories were meant to be forgotten. **

Scifi / Thriller
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Unknown Location

Year : 4983

Travelling at the speed of light, the Time box finally got to its destination, planet KR-027, sometimes called Earth. It landed in the desert and the door opened, releasing trapped air into the atmosphere.

A figure walked out, it’s entire frame was robotic and the only thing that appeared to be living in the robotic frame was its head. It scanned the environment for a second then returned to the Time box, flicked some switches and immediately, the Time box was camouflaged against the desert sand.

They were the last resistance. Their extravagant and magnificent cities, burnt down and destroyed. Even the military of the world’s leading tech giants couldn’t do anything. They were in one word, helpless. Even against the odds they pushed on and conquered, but at what cost?

Destruction was rearing its head and it was only a matter of time before it overtook them.

A pair of doctors are attending to a patient clinging on to life.

‘What did we do to warrant this?’ A doctor dressed in military equipment asked his colleague.

The patient’s condition was worsening, she might not be able to make it. Tired of the struggle, she surrendered to the infinite darkness.

‘Another one loses her life.’ The doctor muttered in sadness.

‘The fate of the whole world rests on his shoulders now, I pray he succeeds.’ The doctor’s colleague responded, taking off his glasses and wiping it with a clean handkerchief.

‘I hope so.’

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