Binary Shadows

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Long ago, a war was fought between two civilizations. It ended with billions of losses and a shattered pride. Now, one of these races is planning on bringing back its once lost soldiers and show the universe their power. Eight very different people's lives will change forever as they travel the galaxy, trying to save a universe from annihilation caused by causal anomalies and a dictatorial civilization. What will happen when their rescue mission turns out to bring new friends and unravel untold secrets, not only about themselves but also others? They are the only ones who can stop the anomalies, but who knows what awaits them beyond the event horizon.

Scifi / Adventure
vlad rares
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Data File #1

Crew Members

Vincent Ivy

Role: Captain

Age: 27

Birthday: November 17th 4526

Home Planet: Earth

Blood Type: AB+

Favorite Color: Gray & Green


William Enderson

Role: Frigate Pilot

Age: 23

Birthday: July 2nd 4530

Home Planet: Ameon

Blood Type: A+

Favorite Color: Pink & Turqoise


Richard Senrad

Role: Data and Scanning Officer

Age: 25

Birthday: December 8th 4528

Home Planet: Ephamus

Blood Type: B+

Favorite Color: White & Blue


Patricia Salinger

Role: Fighter Pilot/Squadron Leader

Age: 22

Birthday: December 2nd 4531

Home Planet: Xolvyria

Blood Type: A+

Favorite Color: Purple & Black

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