Eternal happiness of a depressed mind

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A short story based on the title: Eternal happiness of a depressed mind. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1

“Close your eyes and tell me what you feel” he said. Doctor B was one of the best in his area of expertise. Making terminally depressed people have a second chance.

The year is 2028. Science has seen huge improvements in the last 2 years thanks to a breakthrough of nano-AI which made it possible to explore the subconsciousness and the dreams of a person.
“I am not sure i want to do this....what if this time i dont come back” he said reluctantly . Ped was one of the few to volunteer for a cure in the test program of Doctor B. Because you see exploring the subconsciousness and the dream world of a person can end up killing them. Only a few volunteered and sadly Ped was the only one that fits the criteria for the program. Be terminally depressed with no feelings of happiness ever.
“Don’t worry P i will be here for you if things go wrong i ll plug in and save you. You can trust me on this one. You know you have to”

Flashing lights. Smell of chocolate in the air. People laughing. And then absolute nothingness.

“We are live! Keep track of him as he moves through the simulation” said doctor B with an enthusiastic tone in his voice.

“We got this , he got this! This time it will work”

2032,Luxury room of the top floor of the 6* hotel Eternal in NY.
“I did it. I am happy. I am complete.”

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