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Feeling damaged and broken he downloads an anonymous texting app wanting to let out how he's feeling to a stranger judgement free. Becoming quite fond of the stranger what will his reaction be when he finds out the one he has so openly talked to and has come to view as a friend, turns out to be one of the reasons he's struggling to stay on the good side. BxB This story was inspired by a song I heard on tik tok by @justlowkey about a dream/nightmare.

Scifi / Romance
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"We need camera crews there I want it to be filmed!" Barks out a woman with dark brown hair peppered with gray streaks in a blue pant suit looking down at a clipboard.
"Why does it need to be filmed?" A deep raspy voice ask from behind the woman.
Turning around the woman's face lights up seeing Cruz behind her. "Ah Cruz just who I was looking for." She says looking down at her clipboard again.
He frowns running a hand through his dark tousled hair sighing softly. "Beck why do you need several camera crews, hell why does something like this have to be filmed" he ask frustrated crossing his arms.

Walking around him she ignores the question still looking down at the clipboard. "I need you on site as soon as possible but just blend in for now." She says finally looking up at him seeing him scowl, sighing she folds her arms slightly rolling her eyes.
"There is nothing to worry about Cruz just ignore them. Now get going this is happening soon I just got word." Without waiting for his response she turns leaving the room.

~ • ~

Down town in a small cafe that sits between two tall sky scrapers, the bell jingles as a man with long wavy brown hair tied in a loose bun, wearing a white button up shirt his sleeves folded to his elbows. His black suit pants taut against his muscled thighs as he walks in taking a seat at a booth on the far left.
Sitting down he looks at the newspaper he has in hand smirking as it hides the phone laying on the table the numbers slowly ticking down. "Almost time my little butterfly's" he whispers to him self not noticing another man walk in taking a seat two tables down from him.
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