What if...

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What if,... Thousands of people are living out their past lives,... again. No one know why this is happening. Governor Karen Elizabeth Haught is desperately fighting to find out. It's more than just remembering it's interfering with their present lives.

Scifi / Romance
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What if,... Chapter 1

What If,...


There I was, working to build a bridge for the Roman Empire. The enemy were frantically shooting arrows at us. We just kept on working, protected by the wooden shield. We knew our army was depending on us to finish in less than 2 days.

Hold on Mike, you said you were a Centurion. Yes Dr. Smith I did but that was later in my life in Rome. So you went from engineer to centurion? That’s right. It took many years and many bloody battles but I made it.

Dr. Howard Smith had been Mike Grossy’s psychiatrist for about 4 years now. His dream life has really interfered with his present life. His wife of 8 years filed for divorce. His friends have distanced themselves from him over the years. To top it all off, he’s on the verge of losing his job.

Dr. Smith has seen several past-life regression patients who begin to have this condition. For 18 years Dr. Smith has been aiding people in his home office and now his clinic. Using Hypnotherapy and counseling he and his team have really made a difference.

At first it was an unfounded fear of being burnt or drowning. His patients have recovered from everything imaginable. Mostly from a fear of flying and more so a fear of clowns.

Today’s patients are so different. They truly start to live out their past lives. Doctors quitting their practice’s to open an art or yoga studio, attend welding school or work in a restaurant. He just took on an automotive mechanic as a new client. She believes she should be a brick mason.

Howard’s first job is to convince these people not to abandon their present lives. For at least 2 years they must try to continue in their healthy relationships. Of course if the marriage is failing or the relationship is toxic then let it end. That’s true with employment and school. No major life changes until they’ve had time to work it out.

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