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A Single Lifetime | Novella

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"Where do you think all this time goes?" For centuries, women of the Husani bloodline have been using their powers to bend time to their will. It has kept them young and one step ahead of everybody else. In a changing world, the Husani women felt isolated and indifferent. They decided to split up so they wouldn't risk exposure and Zareen ended up in Asali. A small town was perfect for starting a family. Zareen sets out to search for more people like them and continue her scientific research, leaving behind a 22 year-old daughter who has become flamboyant with her ability. But when Fajr Husani becomes too dependent on her powers, she must be stopped from making an erratic decision.

Scifi / Other
Mariam Shakaib
5.0 2 reviews
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It would be just Fajr and the time of a thousand lifetimes. She’d be walking down the street and everything would slow down around her, because she wanted to revel in the moment. For others that moment would be seconds or minutes, at most. For her, it could be hours or days, if she wanted them to be. She felt in control when she used her powers. Nothing could go wrong.

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