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Kenzie has a normal life with her best friend Mabel. Everything has always been the same since the death of her father when she was only six. But nothing is what it looks like.everything changes when the dull piece of jewellery starts glowing then the headaches and then the the shocking discovery of her identity.

Scifi / Action
Sandra Nkomo
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Chapter 1


I couldn't bring myself to accept what dad was telling me right now. I tried talking some sense into him, to show him this didn't have to be the end. But he wouldn't budge. My face was now wet with tears which I couldn't stop. The thought of never seeing dad again was enough to create a wound in my heart . "Hey don't worry dear I'll always be with you,no matter what. Please understand". Was he even listening to himself! This was not a matter of understanding or if it was,he would not go on and do it.

OK fine. He was in ICU, battling for his life. He had actually just woken up from a three months comma and I was hopping he'd come home one day. I wiped tears from my face and took a deep breath. So you mean you are going to recover and come home to us?"

He smiled a little, "in the mean time, take care of your mom for me, will you?" I nod. " I'm sorry but I can't hold up any longer, o can feel it".

"Dad please don't say that.I know you can, in fact you are the strongeame person I've ever known and mom believs in you too".

But there's nothing I can do", he closes his eyes tightly and groans in pain, making me understand his point of view. He streched out his hand to me, "Here, take this. I made it for you and was hopping to give it on your wedding day", he forced a smile through the pain. "I did say I'll never leave you my chilled. Guard that bracelet with your life and do me a favor and keep it to the very end. I love you, ok". I took the bracelet and put it on immediately. It it was some sort of charm bracelet or something like that with a star, a heart and a half heart. "Thanks dad but what's with the broken heart?". He didn't answer coz my tym was up.

Mom was sobbing when I got out. From the look of things, none of us was going to be able to comfort the other. I looked at his room once more and walked behind my mom outside.


I was running late for school so I borrowed my brother's bike and rode to school. This bike was going to get me in trouble coz it was Craig's most valuable posetion. I arrived just in time and took my seat. Mabel, my best friend was not yet there, she's always late. The chemistry teacher walks in and great! I didn't do my homework. I just hope he is not going to ask for it .

Well I was in the science class and we were expected to be the most serious class. Yes it was only expectations because we happened to be the opposite. I look around and find that I'm not the only one without her work. As I take the statistics Mabel sneaks in while Mr Finn wrote something on the board. To my surprise...and disappointment, she wrote the homework!

This friend of mine never took things seriously, especially school work but very intelligent. Sometimes I feel like if I become more like her my grades can go high,like hers but that's only being stupid right. "Right. Good morning class",Mr Finn says putting a marker into a pocket of the lab coat. Something about this particular teacher, he never went about without his lab coat. I'm sure if I meet him elsewhere I won't be able to recognize him.

On what must be half the board, fun is written multiple times in Mr Finn's sloppy handwriting. He believs chemistry is a game, a mystery or adventure and most importantly,fun. He was not very strict but had his ways with kids which is pretty much why I can not predict my future after I fail to hand in my work. Although chemistry was never my thing I was starting to get the hang of it.

"So today we're going to have fun". Like hello that's exactly how all practical lessons begin. I'm not ready for it at all. We all file out of class to the lab. I tell Mabel that I wasnt going to attend the lesson. "And that's because?"

"I just don't feel like it today".

'C'mon do you want me to be lonely in there? You will sit and watch me learn then. Come.' She was pushing me from behind so I had to give in. We went to our permanent working stations and took our seats while waiting for our teacher.

It was an interesting experiment on reactivity of different elements, metals mostly. I did it.

I can't believe what I'm seeing at the moment. It's dismissal time and people are moving in all directions with most of them heading for the gate. Mabel pulls my cardigan and I can tell from the tension that we are looking at the same thing. I take a deep breath and look at her. She has that look on her face that she always gets when she sees him. You see...Mabel kinda has a crush on Craig. But what is he looking for at my school! He never picks me up. I don't need him to pick me up. We walk closer to where he is, luckily he has his back turned from us so he can't see us approach.

Oops. I spoke too soon. He turns around and I flinch. The guilt having the best of me. Mabel had a weird smile and didn't seem to notice there was a problem. 'You're drooling,' I said in her ear and she snapped back to reality. She wasn't really drooling,I only wanted her to get back to normal. Craig had this cold face, showing no emotions at all. Trouble. That's exactly what I was in. My brother and I are very close, in fact its like I'm the only one who understands him at home. He is some kind of wicked goth or whatever but yeah you get the point ryt. So its difficult to tell happy from sad to angry but at that moment I was sure he was angry. I grinned at him, 'wassup bro'. I punched him in the bicep. 'Just get on the bike let's go home already '.

'Did you bring an extra helmet?'

'Yeah but is it for her?'he pointed towards Mabel who had been quiet all along.

'Yes I can't go without her'.

'Then she's coming with me'. He gave her the helmet and got onto the bike he had brought with him. 'Hop on.' She grinned at me and got on the bike. I had expected my brother to shout at me but he didn't. His silence was hurting me.

When we got home I took Mabel to my room where we talked a bit and she helped me with chemistry homework. Then she left.

Why did Craig even come to my school? Oh my gosh why am I thinking of such stuff, I should be getting ready with a story.

Thinking of the devil, he let himself in. He didn't knock because he knew I wasn't going to shout at him as usual. I was practically afraid of him. I sat up on the bed and grabbed my bag. 'You are here for your keys ryt', i said stretching my hand to give him. 'I'm not taking them',he said. Was he that mad at me? I quickly apologized for what I'd done earlier. 'Just don't beat me up please', I said.

'But why would I do that?'

Huh? Isn't he supposed to be angry or something. 'Aren't you angry with me for borrowing your most priced posetion?'

'Well I'm not happy either but...', he had that mischievous smile and I could sense trouble. 'Beat me in a race and I'll forgive you'.

'Just that?'

'Yeah. Change let's go'.

' like now?'

He narrowed his eyes at me then said he will be waiting for me in the garage. 'Ha I'll beat you for sure'.

'Then you must wear that lucky charm thingy of yours, you will need it you know'.

'It's not a lucky charm!' I yelled back at him.

Craig was the only one who knew about my bracelet. I didn't tell mom about it and was hoping to keep it a secret but found it. I still do not know how he did it, but he did. My dad had said I should not take it off but I had felt it was all the same even if I kept it somewhere so I stopped wearing it when I started high school. I opened my chest and took it out. Wearing the silver bracelet wasn't going to hurt was it.

Chapter 2

'Haa! you wore it.'

'You didn't give me much of a choice anyway. Let's go.'

Craig was teasing me as usual. He explained the route to me and we started. Man, hands up for that guy. He made sure I was never ahead of him, he kept going in my way. Aaaargh! So we raced...the route turned out to be longer than I had imagined it. Darkness was slowly falling on us, that was trouble. Yes yes yes yeses. I can see the finishing point. I speed up,determined and I'm in second place. 'Hm, not bad,' he said taking a look at his stopwatch. Wait. He brought a stop watch! Who does that?

'Just eleven seconds behind me, impressive'. He complimented me, still without a hint of emotion on his face.

'So how else can I make it up to you?, i ask

'No don't worry about it. Mom is going to scold you for being out this late and I'll have a good laugh so yeah you are very forgiven,'he said that getting back on his bike. Unbelievable! I mean I should have expected it from Craig. I only roll my eyes and follow him home.

'Hey is that thing supposed to glow like that?'he asks. I look at my bracelet and it's glowing emerald green. Everything on it is glowing except for the half or should I call it a broken heart. 'Ummm i don't know. This has never happened before.' Yeah it's the truth. I've had this bracelet for years and it never glowed. Strange isn't it.

It is already Past dinner when we get home. I am so in for it. I hand over the keys and Craig only stares at me with hands in the pockets.

'Dude I'm tired of suspending my hands just get these already'.

'Nah keep it'. He turns around and walks to the back door.

Well, I'm seated at my study table, going through what happened when we entered. Nothing much actually. Mom didn't say anything, in fact she was relieved I was with Craig. Speaking of which, that wicked bro gave me his bike! Can you imagine. It sounded like a joke at first but I saw he was serious. I was so overwhelmed i hugged him. That was a mistake never to be repeated. To be honest, Craig is a lot quiet among people than he is with me. I bet some of his team mates don't know his voice. The way he manages to keep calm and cool is even refreshing.

So this bracelet was glowing, I thought as I held it in my palm. I switched off the light, just to make sure. It didn't glow this time. So...what had made it glow back then. I quickly change into my nightwear and slide under the covers.

I park my bike, feeling very important to own such a beauty. People around here don't care much about things that are none of their business. I walk down the silent hallway, it's usually noisy so I take a look at my watch. I'm a bit too early. Riding made me early today

Mabel see's my bike after school and she gasps. 'Did he come again?',

'No silly why would he?'

'He showed up yesterday and maybe he can't resist being around me', she says flipping her hair. This girl.

'Allow me to clarify a few things',I say. Mabel bows, 'permission granted'.

'Good. Firstly this is not Craig's, its mine. And secondly, as much as I know my brother, he doesn't look like he feels that way about you. I don't even know if he has the ability to feel at all'.

'But I thought all humans were supposed to have feelings, ryt?'

'Dude are you human?'

She stutters, ' aah yes. I mean what else would I be if not human', she was scratching her head and being weird. 'C'mom, hope on. I'll drop you off at your place', I say, giving her a helmet.

'I'm sorry Kenzie, you can't come to my house.' She looks worried serious.

'Why,' i ask

'I umm... Actually my parents said visitors are not welcome sooo.....I'm sorry'.

'No its fine I'm not visiting, I'll only drop you'.

We ride in total silence. I couldn't help but notice that there's something troubling my friend. Even at school, she wasn't really herself. Something kept driving her mind away from whatever was happening such that she constantly lost concentration. 'We're here girl'.

'Oh yeah thanks'. She removes the helmet.' 'Thanks man'.

'Wait! What's wrong Mabel?, I hold her hand, exposing my bracelet in the process. 'No there's nothing, I'm good. What's that?' Her face suddenly lights up. She's referring to my bracelet. Second person to see it, no need to hide it from her now. ' its only a bracelet', I tell her. 'Can i take a look at it?' Well I'm not sure if I should but she's my friend so why not. I take it off and pass it to her. 'Wow it's so cu.... Is it supposed to be glow like this?'. Its glowing again! 'Emerald? And they are many', Mabel says shocked. She touches her chest and I noticed a glow. It's something like red or is it orange, its not clear. She gives me back my bracelet, looks at me and says bye. I wave back and go home.

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