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Almost Parallel

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Paige lives your ordinary life. She has a small group of friends and she loves her English class. The night Paige's friend Mimi dares her to break into the McKrae mansion everything changes. Paige wakes up in a world that is hers but isn't. Her mom is different and so is her life. A job babysitting that she never signed up for. Her friends are not her friends. Nothing is as it was the night before. Follow Paige as she tries to figure out what happened that night and more importantly how to turn everything back to normal.

Scifi / Romance
Olivia Grace
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Paige Warren - Olivia Holt
Sara Warren - Mia Talerico
Tia Warren - Blake Lively
Matthew Warren - Ryan Reynolds
Mimi Paxton - Halston Sage
Lacy Greene - Hailee Steinfeld
Paloma Moore- Makenzie Vega
Johnathan Grey - Ansel Elgort
Adrian Smith - Alex Pettyfer

"Her Vision of the world Under the water represented a beautiful stillness, a version of heaven. It was the lost city of Lena, her alternate universe, the life she yearned for but didn't get to have." ~ Ann Brashares

Life isn't simple, that's what I've found. When my dad and mom were going through their issues life around the house was tense. Sara was only 8 at the time, I was starting high school at 14. Now Sara is 12 and I'm 17. Mom and Dad have move passed their problems and life is back to normal.

I brush out my boring long blonde hair rolling my eyes at my brown eyes in the mirror. I go with leggings and a sweater sliding my Ugg's and a beanie for the bitter fall air. I check my appearance before sighing and leaving the room. "Sara let's go" I smack her door and hear a faint "I'm coming".

"Good morning love" my mom kisses my forehead as I grab a bagel from the toaster.

"Ow hot. Remember I have the Bonfire tonight so you'll have to pick Sara up from dance" I juggle it in my hands calling Sara again.

"It's stored and locked up here" my mom taps her temple.

"I'm right here jeez calm down" she says. Sara and I got our moms hair but I got my dads brown eyes while Sara got my moms bright green ones. I toss her a granola bar.

"Make sure you have your dance bag" I remind her and she nods picking it up.

I get into my Volkswagen Passat and drive to Sara's school.

"Okay I will be here at 3:30 to pick you up for Dance. Then mom is going to pick you up because I have the bonfire tonight" I say.

"I don't know why you even go to that, you hate it" she opens the door turning to me.

I sigh "Yeah well Mimi wants me to go".

"I don't know why you hang out with her either, she's mean and I know you secretly don't like her either. I mean she calls me pest" Sara sighs looking at me. "You need better friends Paige. You deserve better".

I give her a soft smile "Get outta my car brat" she gets out but not before turning and sticking her tongue out at me and walking off. I drive to school pulling in the parking lot shortly.

"Bitch you are so going to be late" Mimi says with a smile John Mimi's boyfriend has his arm around her casually as he gives me a sincere smile and a little wave. "The Blonde Super Duo can not be late". I smiled and raised an eyebrow. Mimi is a blonde with perfectly sculpted eyebrows and hazel eyes. She has the body of a model and the face of a goddess.

"Blonde Super Duo?"

"The name is a work in progress" she shrugged with a smile.

The thing about Mimi, she can always make you feel like the most important person in the room. Unless you had pissed her off that day and you suddenly felt like a spec on the side of the road. Mimi has the money and glamour to make anyone feel lucky. But I knew her before she became this, her mom remarried and suddenly she became spoiled and mean.

Her step-dad spoiled her with whatever she wanted and she became vain. She was only 9 when her parents separated and by 12 her mom was remarried. We all go our separate ways for classes and regroup for lunch.

"God I'm starving" Paloma says. Her hair is a dark brown color matching her eyes, her skin is a dark caramel. She smiles at me a wide smile. Paloma is Columbian and she's a fiery spirit.

"Me too" I say getting up to grab pizza. Mimi and I met Lacy first. Lacy Greene was the daughter Emmet Greene. She also happened to be an heiress. Lacy was nice she just wasn't all...there sometimes.

"Oh my god" Mimi says crossing her arms leaning back in her seat. Immediately spotting Sunflower Jones I sit up.

"Mimi, don't" I warn and she gives me a reprimanding look.

"God Daisy what are you wearing a thrift shop dress? Did your mom get it at a garage sale?".

"It's a sundress" the small girl whispered back. I looked towards John and he looked away and I scoff.

"Mimi" I call her with a stern voice and everyone looks to me. "Drop it and leave the girl alone" I snapped and I could see the anger on Mimis face but instead of lashing out at me she sighs giving me a smile. Everyone at our table breathes out a sigh of relief grateful that Mimi didn't have another tantrum.

Sunflower gives me a grateful look and Mimi snaps at her "Just cause she saved your ass this time doesn't mean you can stick around here. Get outta my face you thrift shop whore".

"Mimi" I chastise "Let. It. Go" I glare at her hard. I am the only person able to keep her in check. We've been friends for a very long time and in Mimi's mind I'm one of the only ones who haven't left her. She's not a bad person, she's just lost her way.

The bell rings and Mimi stands up giving me a venomous look "Just because we've been friends forever doesn't give you the right to be a bitch. It was just a little fun, you need to lighten up" she says with a shrug grabbing Johns hand. "Now let's move on" she moves around the table and hooks her arm through mine. It doesn't take long for her to forget.

"I heard Adrian Smith is into you" she whispers.

"Not gonna happen" I whisper back and she giggles.

"So the bonfire, you're still going right?" she asks giving me a smile. I sigh, "No no come on you promised" she whines and I look at her before giving in and nodding. "YAY" she claps "Meet here after school and we'll go. You and Paloma in one car and John and I will drive Lacy" She smiles at me wiggling her eyebrows.

"Okay okay" I smile heading to my last class. She smiles back before walking to her class with John.

Shuffling into class and getting hit with a backpack makes me grumble. "Sorry" a deep voice says and I look up.

Adrian's blonde hair is the first thing I see. His green eyes scream out at me as he smiles softly. "Nice to see you Paige".

I nod stiffly remembering what Mimi said 'I heard Adrian Smith is into you' "You too Adrian".

"Class please look at the chart next to the board to see you lab partner and your seat for this year" she announces. I look at the board Paige Warren seat 34B with...ugh no.

"Looks like we are seated together...partner" Adrian jokes with a wink.

"Right" I give him a half smile before turning around and sitting in my seat. Adrian follows giving me another wink and I roll my eyes to myself. This will be such a long class.


The bell rung out and I gathered my things rushing to go meet Mimi and Paloma up in front of the school.

"Jeez did you get lost? damn" Mimi rolls her eyes heading to her car and I turn to Paloma shaking my head.

"You ready?" I ask and she nods.

I slide into my car and she follows and I start heading to the clearing where the bonfire takes place. A little ways down the road Paloma's voice snaps me out of my day dreaming.

"She's planning to get back at you with a dare" I look at her out of the corner of my eye. I sigh shaking my head.

"I figured" I mumble.

"Why are you still going then?"

"I made a promise and while Mimi can be a bitch we've been friends for a long time" I reason watching the road.

"Why have you been friends with her for so long?" Paloma asks.

I signal turning left turning my blinker on. I look at Paloma for a moment and sigh again. "Because before she became who she is now Mimi was an amazing person. Kind, thoughtful, funny and sincere. She was so innocent and tender hearted. Once she saw a girl on a play ground getting bullied and she screamed at the bully to leave her alone. And the bully ran off".

"What happened then?"

I paused for a moment, "her dad left, and then her mom remarried and that man had a son. I guess when her dad walked out a part of her changed. When her stepdad entered the picture he spoiled her with whatever she wanted. And she became vain and mean. The girl you know today, But I guess I've been friends with her so long because I'm hoping that some of who she used to be is still inside her". She nods softly not saying anything.

We pull into the parking lot and I park next to John's Range Rover. "You ready to go?".

"On wards into the jaws of death" Paloma states and I giggle.

"Yeah" I say getting out of the car, the sun is starting to set as Paloma and I get out of the car. I hear laughter and low music, silhouettes of people moving and the shadows from the fire. It gets louder as we approach and I look to Paloma. She shrugs and it's not long before a loud and very drunk Lacy meet our eyes.

"Oh em gee, Paige you are so pretty like I wish I could find a device that would make me look as pretty as you".

"There's always plastic surgery" Paloma says and I giggle.

"I would never" she boasts.

Paloma rolls her eyes and Mimi makes her presence known as she grabs my hand leading me towards the logs around the campfire. This little clearing was a couple miles away from the McKrae mansion. Every family who lived in that house died in one way or another. Last man who lived there was Alister McKrae He was the last of the McKrae family. God, I hate that house it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

"Alright dicks and sluts" Mimi beckons everyone as she sits on Johns lap. "Let's play truth or dare" staring into Mimis eyes something shifts in the air and I'm not gonna lie, I'm scared.
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