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Mad Santa

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On a routine christmas eve trip, Santa Claus is shot down only to wake up on a strange hostile world. The natives who ruined his christmas trip will learn the hard way that the jolly fat man is not so jolly after all

Scifi / Fantasy
Stryker Writes ZW
Age Rating:


: Insane, crazy, mentally deranged.
: (chiefly) Angry, annoyed.

: (of animals) abnormally ferocious or furious.

He came to, dizzied and confused, laying on the cold hard ground. This place was cold with body numbing temperatures. He stayed there for a while, motionless, staring up at the sky. He lived in the North Pole so the cold wasn’t new to him. His body had acclimated to the Arctic’s low temperatures. This was the Fat man, dark of skin. His face was bruised and his long white beard partially painted red with blood made him look old. A smile formed on his face as he chuckled.

The Fat man descended into a labored hysterical laugh as he coughed, “I must be losing my mind", he thought.

He was donning a red jump suit, torn and shredded mostly in the upper body section, it was. His body was bruised and bloodied. He was in pain as he struggled to raise his right hand upwards.

"Rings, I see rings, they’re beautiful", he pointed, "yes I’m losing my mind" he continued laughing hysterically.

He was wrong, he wasn't losing his mind, and there were indeed pale blue planetary rings visible in the sky. Beyond the rings was a large peculiar moon with its own rings. Rather large for a moon, it was a fragmented planet! Uneven in size with large chunks of its shattered surface adrift and debris forming the planet’s primary ring. Where ever this was, this was not Earth!

On the cold hard ground, he lay, pointing, laughing at what he saw in the sky. He felt a warm sensation trickling down his arm. He homed in on the sensation. A broken bone had torn through the muscle and artery, all the way up to the skin. His pupils dilated and his heartbeat exploded as a surge of shock impulse raced across his body, numbing it. His mind went adrift.

In the void, we were, a glimmer of light and there he was, Svat. A little boy, white of hair and dark of skin, no older than six he was. Chapped lips and a face rife with strife, the cold winds had taken a toll on his tender skin. He stood alone, atop a snow covered hill top within the void. His eyes tightened and fixated on something in the distance. An apparition, within it a group of children all in the same age range as Svat emerged.

One notable difference, all the other children were light of skin and blond of hair. They were playing in the snow. Svat hesitantly stretched out his hand towards them, reaching out but the gap was too vast. His eyes were filled with sadness and his tiny hand recoiled. Tightened his fist and took off as a trail of snow materialized in front of him, guiding him.

Svatʻs pace came to a slow gradual halt. His breathing was labored, he was exhausted. Arched down to catch a breath, that's when he noticed something peculiar in the white snow. Spots of crimson. It was blood, a trail of it. Curiosity got the best of him as he followed the blood trail. With each step, there was more blood.

He came to an opening and in that moment, a sudden chilling sensation raced up his spine and he felt his gut sinking. His muscles tightened and eyes widened, curiosity and innocence had been wiped away from his face. The Fat man felt himself sink into the cold hard ground as the strange world caved in around him.


His heart rate skyrocketed and his vision blurred out, he was choking. A few desperate gasps for air and all was black, he had passed out again
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