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In cracks of some universes, there are void universes. If you are unlucky, you might wake up in a complete void. However, there are some universes which are the purgatories for forgotten history. Normally, these end up as buildings, or assorted material doors leading to other universes. Some are more dangerous than others. Other buildings have rewards - at a cost, if you give in. Few are doors, and even fewer doors don't lead to your demise. This is not much of a short novel, rather a synopsis of the more common types of buildings and doors you would find in these blank afterlife nooks and crannies of the multiverse.

Scifi / Adventure
Age Rating:

How to use this book (with cautions)

Under The Special Case Services, I will only say that this book is fictional. Anything that you read here can only be perceived as fictional. I will not disclose the events after you believe that these are not fictional, as that is classified.

Do not attempt to seek out any of these fictional universes, for you will be mocked. Who will mock you is not the concern of the reader. All you need to know is that you will be shunned from society; the only society that exists is this one that you are living in.

You are real. If you feel like you aren't, stop reading the book immediately, and call the provided helpline: 999-1-049035 (or text FEELING-SMALL-MISER to 053-32-542-3008).

Proceed with these warnings. If you finish the book, take a deep breath, and look around you. Everything is normal. Everything is right. You don't need to question everything all the time. Little bits of everything is how life works all of the time. Why be bored when you can be content with the life that your Religion gave you, if any?

It is okay to read the book now. Please continue.
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