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Western Legend

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In the year 2092, the futuristic old west was born. A U.S. Marshall who goes by the name of Seth Gunderson tried for years to capture the most wanted and possibly the most dangerous criminal John Edwards Vault A.K.A. Black Diamond. This spaghetti western inspired tale mixed with sci-fi, is an adventure unlike any other.

Scifi / Action
The Dragon Tamer
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Chapter I

After World War III occurred back in 2032, everything was obliterated in the blasts. What caused World War III to happen is still unknown. However, only a handful of survivors were safe from the nuclear blasts. The people had no homes left. They decided to explore and find new land they can call home. They migrated to the west in Armadillo country. There they would rebuild their settlements just like their ancient ancestors did in years long past. Homes and saloons were rebuilt from scratch. Materials were found buried underneath the sands and made for transportation. And from that moment on, a new settlement had been born.

60 Years Later, 2092

A US martial named Seth Gunderson, was the best. His arch nemesis, Black Diamond, was into witch-craft. He successfully resurrected his dead girlfriend. This time, Black Diamond was performing some other ritual for who knows what. And now it’s up to Seth to stop him. Little did Seth know but Black Diamond had hired someone to stop him, a hunter that no one had ever lived to tell about. The only way the people knew he had been there was that he left behind an Ace of Hearts with a bullet hole through it. Everyone just called him, ‘The Heartless Hunter.’ The Heartless Hunter had some back-up as well. Strange other-worldly creatures that Diamond had summoned to help The Heartless Hunter slow Gunderson down. As Seth rode his chopper through the hot sands, he back-flipped off of it and his chopper crashed into a wave of creatures. While in the air, Seth pulled out two revolvers and shot rounds at The Heartless Hunter. But the hunter was too fast for the bullets to hit him.

The Hunter glared as he jumped in the air pulling out a fifty caliber revolver, and a forty-five Magnum automatic pistol. Shooting at the creatures themselves, he grunted in anger, he didn’t need any back-up what pissed him off the most was he was forced to have the back-up. The Hunter thought to himself; “These things would just get in the way.” Now the Heartless Hunter can have his fun with Seth. Seth was hiding behind one of the rocks as he was planning out his tactics. The Hunter laughed.

“Ha ha ha! What’s the matter Gunderson? Too scared to face me?” Seth came out of hiding. As Seth was running the Hunter was shooting off rounds as Seth was firing back, but missed each other horribly. As Seth dove behind another rock, the Hunter shot his hat off his head. Seth looked at the bullet hole in his hat.

“He ruined my good hat. Now I’m pissed.” The Heartless Hunter claimed he was the best gun slinger, but he was not able to hit Seth Gunderson. As the Hunter drew closer to where Seth was hiding, Seth was readying his revolvers. As the Hunter pointed his gun behind the rock, Seth was gone. All was left was his hat.

“That hat cost me good money you bastard.” he said as he pounded the Hunter with the back of his gun. The hunter fell to the ground and Seth shot him down. Seth put his hat back on.

“I’ve got to stop Diamond.” he said to himself. Seth got on his chopper and rode off to find Black Diamond. At an abandon building, Black Diamond was just about to complete his ritual. He was a middle-aged man who wore all black. He had a black diamond in his eye socket instead of an eye patch. His girlfriend he brought back from the dead stood beside him.

“The ritual is nearing completion my dear. Soon, the very gates of Hell will finally be opened. And you and I will rule it as king and queen, Algalina.” She smiled.

“But what of Gunderson?”

“Seth Gunderson? The Heartless Hunter would’ve killed him by now.” Seth kicked the door opened to the abandon building. As Seth was racing up the stairs, something grabbed him from behind and threw him back down. It was some sort of strange creature with a red thing over its head. It also had a type of blade attached to its arm. Seth did not know what to make of this creature. As it walked up to Seth, Seth ran behind it and pounded the creature down. Seth quickly ran up the stairs but the creature followed. As Seth was about to kick the door opened, the creature got on Seth’s back. As the creature was about to impale his neck, Seth thought quickly and grabbed its arm and threw the creature over his shoulder. As the creature laid there, Seth unloaded two rounds into it. Black Diamond heard the gun shots from the other side of the door. Seth kicked the door opened and pointed both guns at Black Diamond.

“FREEZE! Its over Diamond, hands in the air!”

“So, the hunter could not get the job done. How very disappointing. But I’m afraid its too late Mr. Gunderson. The gates to Hell are already opening.” There, candles lit on the floor. Seth shot at the candles and the ritual was over. Seth walked up to Diamond as Black Diamond gave Seth the evil grin.

“You think putting out the candles will stop it now?” Seth closed the book he was reading the ritual from.

“Turn around Diamond.” He did as he was told as Seth bonded Diamonds hands in a pair of steel handcuffs.

“You’re under arrest Diamond for disturbing the peace, murder, and the practice of Witch-craft. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law.” Black Diamond said nothing. He just gave Seth the evil grin again as Seth punched him in the face.

“Now move!” He said as Algalina snuck up behind Seth with a knife in an attempt to stab him. But Seth was too smart to fall for that trickery. He grabbed her arm from behind and spun around her as he bounded her hands in steel handcuffs.

“And you’re coming with us too. Move it!” Seth left with Black Diamond and Algalina. A type of buggy was waiting for them. A buggy pulled by mechanical horses. As Black Diamond and Algalina stepped in the buggy, Seth closed the bared door tight and locked it. As Seth climbed onto the buggy, the mechanical horses walked and pulled the buggy with Black Diamond and Algalina inside. But back inside the building where the ritual was performed, an arm came up from the floor and pulled itself up from the ritual circle that was drawn on the floor.

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