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In the year of 2001 there was a horrific terrorist attack that shook the United States population and caused a huge panic within the mid-Manhattan area. Government officials were quick to look towards a new solution for our current and future confrontations. Luckily for them there has been live reports of a new military technology recruitment center called IMT

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1

YEAR 2001
In the year of 2001 there was a horrific terrorist attack that shook the United States population and caused a huge panic within the mid-Manhattan area. Government officials were quick to look towards a new solution for our current and future confrontations. Luckily for them there has been live reports of a new military technology recruitment center called IMT(internal military technology), which recruits male infants with the DNA to survive and successfully combine with their immense technical gadgets. For Recruitment certification recruits also are required to be born in the month of August because future operations intend on making a past leap to September 11th 2001 and the recruits (which have been born a month before the month of the tragic 9/11 event) will be able to be contacted with their birth recruiters in their prime and lead through their past journey. Currently IMT has been working with the United States Officials to initiate the process of making this past leap for 20 years; and one special recruit, doesn't even know he's the one to stop it all yet.
On the date of August 28th 2001 there was one recruiter doing his August recruitment for the SO9 (stopping of 9/11) event by the name of Franklin Fiasco. He had gotten a accurate tip from an acquaintance of his that work for Manhattan hospital, that there is currently a active birth of a compatible host for IMT's military technology in plants. Franklin had went to that hospital that day but, he didn't leave wit a recruit, he left with a self sufficient mission that he himself has to see through. He left the compatible recruit infant with it's family due to him having a change of heart about IMT's recruitment methods and how their officials treat staff.
Furthermore the future soldier gets to live life with his family as normal, or so everybody thought. Franklin secretly implanted tiny Nano specimens (nanits/nano bots) within the infant host without raising suspicion of his existence or checking in with his higher-up officials at IMT. Only letting the infants parents know of his plans before he acted, and they agreed with his cause. Now this boy has to live his childhood, teenage and adult life with finesse or else IMT will find him and carve him into A wrathful killer soldier.
Super soldier number 28 was only a mere boy when he discovered he had special abilities. It was the year 2006 and young Soldier 28 was attending school SP46 that year. It was a cold but sunny day out, but it was still about 18 degrees outside. Soldier 28 was always outside in the jungle gym playing, even when his friends deemed it too cold and icy to play outside. 28 never wore gloves but his hands never seemed to hurt or turn red like the other kid's hands and faces. So 28 continued to utilize the jungle gym as his own personal amusement park. Then after a few confidant back flip spins 28, viciously plants on his right arm from about 7 feet up. He closes his eyes, he grinds his teeth, he holds his tears, just waiting for the rush of pain to come crashing in from his broken arm, but it never does. He quickly grabs his arm in suspicion, but he doesn't feel anything that feels like an arm at all. Its cold, sturdy and smooth kinda like a car hood. 28 opens his teary eyes for the first time since he fell, and what he sees will change his life forever. 28 loudly screams, he couldn't believe his eyes. His right arm is all smooth metal and what he had thought was his skin at first, is now laying on the ground beside his arm. When 28 lifts his arm from the ground, the first thing he notices is the giant arm sized imprint in the concrete that he knows wasn't there before he fell. At that moment 28 panics. He covers his arm as his teachers and peers started sprinting in to assist him, all asking are you ok. This 5 year old boy just discovered his body is made up of metal, so he skips out of school during the rest of the lunch period and went home to explain to his parents everything that just happened to him today, and show them his augmented arm. But as hes telling his parents, they look at each other with this worried look. They hold hands, look at their son and begins to tell him that when he was a baby a man who goes by the name of Franklin Fiasco augmented him. He was originally sent from the company IMT to receive 28 by any means necessary, due to his compatible DNA. Franklin believed that IMT's methods was wrong even if it's for a cause like the SO9 event. They continued to state that Franklin believed 28 was the main key to stopping IMT and all it wraith. They also admitted that they allowed him to augment 28 because they also believed in his cause. They believed that if a company was really trying to initiate the SO9 event, then why kid nap baby's for it, or anyone for that matter. They stated that Franklin warned them of this and also stated that Franklin's IMT Nano specimens react quickly to extreme stress or injury by creating a Nano layer around 28's entire body, while also allowing him to unlock and use amazing abilities that can only be seen in comic books. They ended with telling 28 that Franklin wanted them to allow 28 to contact him for questions and guidance through his journey, so 28 got excited. Finally someone would know what the hell is going on with him and his augmented body. But what his parents was late to tell him was that Franklin Fiasco had died at the age of 50 due to body complications about a year ago and now no one but IMT head officials knows what's going on with 28. So being only 5 years of age, 2006 was the year soldier 28's military training begun. He now has a set target in his sights, the only ones who can tell him everything about everything, IMT.
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