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Chapter 2

YEAR 2016

For years now IMT has been sending out handfuls of their highly trained workers to seek out gifted infants with the compatibility to sync with IMT's amazed nanotechnology. The only thing is IMT seeks out by any means necessary, hence if the infants parents/relatives at their birth cause a threat they're to be eliminated and all recruitment missions the recruiter takes the recruit to IMT'S PRIVATE TRAINING FACILITY outside the united states. The Soldiers(the stolen infant recruits) are kept, raised and trained under harsh conditions there until they hit 16 years of age, where they are expected to make the quantum leap. IMT officials portrayed that they wanted recruits because of a event called SO9. In the year 2016 IMT officials initiated the SO9 event for the first time in history in secret. A contract, stone cold, cold hearted, time jumping killer was IMT's iron patriot. Super soldier 24 had over 12 years of training experience, 142 active battles and over 8,000 confirmed KIA's(kills) all while staying completely off the grid and while being only 16. Soldier 24 manned the first jump back to 9/11 by himself. The jump landed him on the first plane before it was getting ready to take off. 24 opens his eyes, he's still in a fog of blurry bright haze. Men with masks and guns storm the plane and start shouting, pushing and screaming at people. 24 hears and snaps out of it. He stands up and says everything is going to be ok now. The first guy with the mask looks and open fire on 24, empty ammunition shells popping out his rifle like toast in the toaster. One by one bullets pierce 24's clothes and skin then crushing once hit by his nano specimens. When the clips was empty all that stood before them was a half human half robot faced creature, easy to mistake it for the terminator once in the nanits defensive form. 24 raises his arm and uses his nano tech to sync to the united states satellite to be able to pin point the exact areas of contact where the current threat dies. He finds these pressure point areas and executed every terriost threat that was on that plane and the surrounding area, so there's no plane 2. Soldier 24 single handedly stopped 9/11 from every happening in the first place. He stopped everything that happened that day from unfolding, all by himself. Soldier 24 felt proud and knew what he had done had changed the lives of everyone in the united states. He activated the launch drive and had begun to experience the bright fuzzy haze from his first jump. But instead of jumping back to 2016 (where 24 originally jumped from) his launch drive tech malfunctioned and dropped him in the same spot, no plane, 30,000 feet in the air, in the year 2014. Soldier 24 dropped and was now free falling to his certain death. Then he hears something weird, but he thought he was just hearing things because the air wisping by his ear is so fast and loud. Soldier 24 hears it louder, and it kinda sounds like a military jet ripping through the sound barrier. 24 gets about 19,000 feet before he notices what the sound was and why it was so loud. It's a person, and 24 undoubtedly didn't know that the sound that he was finding annoying and weird was coming from the same thing that is trying to catch him. 24 reaches out his arm and the flying person dives in and catches soldier 24 with finesse. 24 realizes something very odd about this guy who just caught him about 16,000 feet in the sky, there's fire coming out of this guys calves like the fire from a jet engine. 24 trys to run every possible scenario that may or may not happen when they hit the ground depending on who this guy is. He obviously strong enough to catch 24, fast enough in flight to catch a speed projectile falling down and smart enough to even know where 24 was. 24 questions this guys help the whole way down. When the mysterious flying man let 24 down, 24 upped his arm at him and stated if you don't tell me who you are right now your dead. The mysterious guy looked at 24 and smiled and said and if you do that who the hell is going to take my spot as Soldier 28. 24 froze in shock, barley being able to fit any words out his mouth. He came to the realization that he had landed in the year 2014 and was saved by a younger soldier of the same corp he's apart of in 2016 and that can fly. Soldier 24 was 16 when he met Soldier 28, 28 was only a mere 14. Now technically speaking they are the same age but since 24 was the one that jumped back to 14 year old soldier 28's time, 24 is now 2 years older in that time. Soldier 24 and 28 converse about 24ths journey to the SO9 event. 28 looks in confusion, he explained that 9/11 still happened but in the UK instead and the SO9 event doesn't start up for another 2 years and how 28 had the same journey set out to him but his recruiter passed away before he had the chance to learn more about it. 28 explained how he has been training to take down the company IMT since he was 5 and he feels that he come out successful at that age. 24 explains that the IMT of his time sent him on his journey but he quickly realizes that what they sent him for can't be changed or a Mandela effect will occur. He also lately realizes that they had left him strained in 2014 and that no one from 2016 was coming to get him
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