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The after burn

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My first book and it’s based off of a series Im making on YouTube It’s a futuristic theme and it has a lot of action I hope you enjoy the book

Scifi / Action
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The moment it strikes

It was a perfect day nothing was happening the sentinels were doing they’re job the birds were singing people were working and no crimes were happening.
Joshua was getting ready to meet His friends and climb a roof top until it happened…
The ground started vibrating everything in his room fell and his pc cracked joshua layed on the floor so he didn’t fall then when it stopped he got up. He ran out to his balcony and jumped off of it onto the floor cutting the fall with his neo jet pack boots the hover car track was collapsing. He looked around in shock until a glow in the sky caught his attention. He looked up to see a Giant air craft with some blue hatch opening. He looked down to see the sentinel police robots aiming they’re plasma blaster at the craft then a humming sound came from the air craft and the sentinel robots collapsed. They got up and instead of a yellow light it was red they started shooting humans. Then Joshua turned on his Neon boots and ran Then they started shooting at him he flew away and landed at his friends house. Before he landed his neon boots cut out he fell onto his friends grass he looked at his boots and they were out of energy.
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