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Story of universe

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This is story about God and aliens. And how normal boy became super hero .

Scifi / Adventure
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Story of universe part 1 English

In 2000 .there is a boy born name satyam his childhood was perfect. But after his childhood when he enters in teenagehood .situation becoming tense. Kids start making fun of him when he was in 7th .in 8th situation goes more complicated when his teacher punish him hard .but after 10th. He'll is waiting for him. Yes this is the story of boy name sundarum. In 11th he became numb and emotion less .his parents scold him for poor marks and in school he has no friends. In 12th he failed . Than he decided to leave study once and for all. But his thinking about that 'this is my worst nightmare ' will be wrong . After school over for him .he spend all his time in home no friends no social life . He is just waiting for right time .but for him right time never comes for him. Slowly slowly year passes and he get more depressed and anxious. He has only one hobby . Play video games .he always play games atlest half an hour daily . But after some years in one room of house . Video games become rarely fun for him now. 2 years has passed .now he is hallucinating like he is thinking that there is spider in his ears. He thinking he has insect in his eyes. His family think he is normal . But only sundarum knows what he is suffering from. He now getting panick attack. ....after sometime his body became like stick. He is fighting for long now against depression. Now he decided to end his life . He try to commit suicide but .... his elder brother save him. Now his family take notice that sundarum is not well .they decided to take satyam to phycatrisht . Phycatrisht give medicine to him. Now it's 4 years has passed since sundarum left school. Slowly slowly there neighbors knowing that he is depressed. Now many people doing sidelong when sundarum walk close by them . Some neighbors laugh slowly when they see him. Yes this is our human society for you. Sundarum is not quitter .he is just strong long enough.but now he is broken . He has no female friends in his life . Every girl who live in his neighborhood hate him .because he is useless and he is ugly. No one sees him driving a motorbike or car. Yes he don't know how to drive to. There is 99 percent chance he will do nothing in his life.but still he has 1 percent. That is enough for God to change his life. Sundarum is well known what society thinks about him. AND MANY MAKE FUN OF HIM. In 2013 scientists discover God particle by hydro collider machine. But God particle vanished like magic.before scientists do there research. 2021 it is now 9 years sundarum left school. And now he is well to . Now he goes for walk daily . There is a railway station near his uncle house. One day he is going to his uncle house. Then he stumble and fall on railwaytrack. Train is coming getting closer to him second by second .but he has enough time to get out from track. But suddenly he thinks about his past and he knows about his future that he had no future .so he take deep breath and smile .and sit on the track. And split of second train cut sundarum in 3 pieces and his body fall in gutter which is in side by track. After 3,4 hours when Sundarum not comeback . His family start looking for him. But after 2,3 days of searching by police and family they unable to find him. Now it's 6 days .and sundarum body is on gutter. But 7th night god particle which is discover by scientists in 2013 is enter in sundarum body and its resurrection of sadist . And about sundarum he is dead 7 day ago...... 13 billion years ago when there is nothingness god created everything . infinite universes including our universe. Slowly slowly time passes and life spread in the out universe and others. Than few millions years after big bang first civilization devlop in this universe. Name inkarus. inkarus motive is to find God. And achieve immortality. But there motive is not easy to achieve. Becouse god created three undefeatable soldiers to maintain peace in our universe. But after creating three soldiers god vanished out of nowhere. And after that no one see God in this universe. After some thousand years inkarus king creat galactic federation to maintain peace in this universe till . But after some time second strongest civilization preparing to back stap inkarus civilization to rule this universe. For that .oonum which is second strongest civilization in this universe hire 29 strongest creature and assassin's to fight war against inkarus army. Inkarus king has no idea what is oonum king is thinking. Because there goal is to achieve immortality and maintain peace in this universe is first priority for inkarus king. There is shield which protect inkarus king space ship. But shild has one weakness which is .shild stoped working for 6 hour in a day .inkarus planet 1 day has 51 hours . When inkarus king shild stopped working than strong inkarus soldiers take command of inkarus king. Onnum king is ready for war and 37 civilization is ready to support them . After 8 days of inkarus planet. Onnum army declare war against inkarus civilization with the help of 29 strongest creatures and assassin's. Including 37 civilization which is supporting them . There is 15 civilization who control galactic federation. And inkarus king is big boss of galactic federation. He is strong as he'll and he fight against oonum army with his soldiers. Unfortunately oonum king has 29 assassin's and strongest creatures who fought against inkarus king . In the end of war inkarus defeated. Inkarus king kill 17 assassin's but rest of assassin's manage to kill inkarus king and his army. In present sadist is born . He goes on earth atmosphere and absorb Chinese virus in his body . And after few hours sadist became headlines of every news in the world . Sadist body smell like gutter. He wear hood ,jeans,shoes . And his blood is like black water of gutter......in past 3 warriors which r created by God himself. R now young and ready to begin there adventure. Jintakuts which is first warrior name decided to find out where is go's right now . Who created them .but after there creation he vanished. There is only few creatures in this universe who know his answer. And loctic is one of them . Loctic is in the list of few creatures who survived black hole gravity and escape from it alive . Now where he is no one knows. But jintakuts accept this chalange start his journey. Present sadist and other super heroes try to change there world .but for that they have to work together as team . Enlightment is leader of his super hero team . He is from Norway. Nova(female) is from Poland .kaynat(male) is from Phelistien. Enlightment first motive is to find sadist. And try to talk to him . In meanwhile sadist digging darkest place of earth .not colmine. It's a dark web .dark web is the place of internet where psychopath, murderer, rapist do there experiment and no government in this world can stop them . Even for sadist it is a chalange . Because he has super strength, speed. That it .it's difficult for him to find red room in world map . Where this crime happens. Dark web is created by anonymous group. Anonymous group job is to exposed nations government but anonymous has dark side as well to. Some say illuminati is created of anonymous. Past jintakuts start his journey in his first objective to find loctic is the planet where loctic born. Loctic birth planet is like living heaven where everyone lives happy like there is no tomorrow. No racism, no war,no crime. There civilization is not advanced but there society is like positive world. Jintakuts start roaming in loctic planet sky . He sees forest,river fall and kind people who r seeing him with their shoking eyes. Jintakuts don't want to find loctic home .he just want to find a guy who knows loctic behavior well so he can tell where loctic might be right now. Present every superheroes has there power like enlightment has super strength as well telekinesis,.nova has power to get back dead people to living world .but one condition. Nova only can bring people back to live who r dead 4 minutes ago. Enlightment team and sadist has big challenges to face . Sadist need one guy who can help him to find red rooms of dark web and locate crime which r happening right now .....2021 7 December . There is a home in Switzerland forest .where one red room was active . 5 psychopath r torchering one boy in dark room in that house. No one can hear his voice . He cry and pray to God for help .but no one is listening becaus that house is miles away from living society or small town.....will be continue
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