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Daracova X

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Today is my fourteenth aging-day, the same day we take our test. Not the best present, but it has been a law for the past 28 years, since the invasion. It killed most of our race and they still come back for more, to finish us once and for all. We call them the Aliens, but no one knows what they are. The only people that ever got close enough to see them were either killed or driven mad. However, just 63 years back, we realized that we couldn’t defeat them alone, so our founders came together and drove them back, just long enough to decide what to do. We had lost many men and did not have enough soldiers to fight them again, so they looked to us, the kids, the next generation.

They created schools that would train us only what we needed to know to defeat the Aliens. They also created a test, one to decide what our greatest strength is. We are not told what the different categories are so we can’t train for them. Today I find out what my category is by taking the test.

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