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On the first day of the new school year, twenty five fifth grade pupils of the Trafford Elementary school mysteriously disappeared and their class teacher found dead. Meanwhile, there had been signs of an impending alien invasion in town, but no one took it serious. Now, it is a race to rescue the kids from the aliens who intend using them as guinea pigs for a very advanced experiment.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was a cold winter’s evening in the little town of Trafford; close to the western coast of continental Europe. It was Christmas eve; AD 2013, everyone was indoors, sitting and warming themselves in front of the fire. Normally, at this time of the year, there was usually a lot of fun activities going on; like caroling, carnivals and so on. Unfortunately, events of the last two years have made any form of activity that could draw attention to one’s self a suicidal act. The people of Trafford have been sighting UFOs nearly everyday. The space crafts were not the traditional saucer shaped things that we’re all familiar with. These were shaped like pyramids and the great speeds at which they flew almost makes the viewer think that he or she was hallucinating, as such, for a considerable length of time no one could say for certain that what they had been seeing were not illusions but rather signs of an impending attack until twenty-five fifth grade pupils of the Trafford Elementary School mysteriously disappeared.

16th September, 2013 began just like every other day. It was 7am and the kids were already on their way to school. Since Trafford was basically a residential area, there were no offices there. Those who worked in offices had their workplaces situated in the city of Holstom; about ten kilometers away from Trafford. The rest of the adult population was mostly made up of farmers and small business owners who were already at their various duty posts. In general, the daily activities associated with small towns like Trafford were already in progress.

While everyone was busy with their daily tasks, a large albeit invisible spacecraft hovered above the town. Even though the couldn’t see it, some people sensed its presence while others felt like they were being watched. Although as mentioned earlier, most of them simply assumed that they were imagining things.

Miss Michelle Brantford; the fifth grade teacher at Trafford Elementary School walked into the classroom at exactly 8.am. It was the first day of the new school year and everyone was in High spirits.

“Good morning to you all and welcome to the fifth grade. I am Miss Michelle Brantford and I will be your class teacher.”

“Good morning Miss Michelle,” echoed the class.

“Now, first things first. I will like each of you to come forward and introduce yourselves after which we shall have a pop quiz so that I can have an idea of what I’ll be working with this year,” said miss Michelle.

There were sixteen boys and nine girls in the class and the introductions took about an hour of their time. It was already five minutes past nine when the last child; Collins Shepherd introduced himself to the class. Immediately Collins got back to his seat, miss Michelle stood up from hers and said, “Alright children, now pack your books and get ready for the quiz.” And then it happened.

At first the lights flickered before going out and then there was a strange and extremely high pitched sound from an unknown source which caused miss Michelle to go mad with pain. She felt a terrible headache and her ears began to bleed. Still, she could hear the children screaming and she passed out, never to regain consciousness.

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