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Chapter 6

* * *

Lieutenant Murphy had overseen the transport of the alien to the military warehouse. They met with no resistance, just passive compliance. Now the alien was sat in a chair in the middle of the room and was not restrained - they felt they didn’t need to do so with the lack of violence, despite the fact that this alien looked like he was capable of great violence. His languid demeanour actually gave off a different vibe to them. Morbid curiosity they thought, that must be it.

As soon as the building was secure and the men in position, armed to the teeth - the lieutenant felt safe enough to flip a chair backwards and straddle it a few feet from the insect-like visage of this wondrous visitor.

“Who are you?”

“What’s your reason for visiting us?”

“Or was that a crash landing….. I certainly wouldn’t pick that godforsaken hole as a base.”

The silence creeped throughout the room.

“Maybe he’s planning an invasion?” One soldier suggested.

“Nah”, another one offered, “He’s a tourist, intergalactic tourist, checking out the local highlights”

“He’s lost”.

“Looking for a human wife”.

“Looking for directions”.

“Lookin’ to breed”

The suggestions started to make a cacophony in the cavernous room.

“Silence!” Shouted Lieutenant Murphy. “You haven’t a fucking clue”.

He looked the beast up and down.

“None of us have”.

* * *

Conor and Nora were back at home. The initial story had made it on to the news, but it was lacking in detail and only had second-hand accounts of the incident. Nora wasn’t sure who had provided these accounts. She watched the News in a disjointed trance, as if it happened to someone else.

“What’s that you have there?” she asked her son.

“I gotta picture of yer man on my phone, I’m sending it to my friends”

“Oh right, eh, what are they saying?”

“They think he’s cool, like. They’re fierce jealous”

“I see…”

“Yeah, one fella said he’s like a new type of superhero. A kind of insect-gorilla-man thing. I’ll bet he has some cool powers or something.”

Nora looked at her son with bemusement, as he jabbered on about this new object of fascination, oblivious to any potential danger he might present. Her eyes glazed over as he went on.

She jerked out of her reverie. ‘Something is not right’ she thought to herself, I can’t put my finger on it. She found herself fascinated by the alien and situation they had found themselves in, it was true what she said to Sgt. Moroney, nothing ever happened around here. Now she was presented with something irresistible and dangerous. She couldn’t let it go, she had to find out who this alien was, where he came from. How would she get access to him now? Now, that he was sequestered with the military…

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