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As my nerves tingled with frowns of retrospection, remembering the deception, and Doneshius's betrayal, my eyes remained widened with awe, studying the aerial Kingdom atop the head of the Boa Constrictor.

Ruby red eyes blinked.

The crown atop its head glittered in ways unknown to the consciousness of mankind.

Truly gorgeous!

I was sold!

The strange Beast of the watered passageway to the land before my eyes couldn’t be of Doneshius’s creation, or formed from his thoughts. He wasn’t as immaculate.

The colors truly blended into one another, without limitations, or restrictions, or policies governing the system of it all. The Guardian of the waters leading to the entrance of a glittering world beyond the aerial kingdom atop the Beast’s head drew me to it.

It radiated behind the Beast.

By nine hundred feet at the Gate of the entrance, six feet before it, constructed on a six foot foundation of black Persian granite, was a forty foot statue of black, Oriental porcelain.

I was in awe once more.

My eyes pulled the image closer and I took my time studying the details, and the hidden messages all over it in hieroglyphic form.

The Beast pursed its lips and I emotionally stretched out my hands and tilted my head to the right, slightly, my hair hanging at an angle…

My eyes locked on the Beast, and we stared into each other’s eyes. With a jolt I saw myself chained in hell, to burn, and to rot, and I quickly snatched my hands back, shuddering.

What was I doing?

I couldn’t worship false idols.

The Beast placed an enchantment spell of me, and bouts of confusion plagued my brain.

Hello, I’m Chanteuse!

And I’m very much alive!

Now I was hearing things, and thinking I was of a dead bitch, and wondering how many mortals I was going to kill, and how many rich men I was going to marry and kill them and inherit their dynasties and…

For a moment I forgot who I was.

The Boa Constrictor bobbed and weaved like a cobra from an open woven basket to the melody of the flute

The Beast blinked a few times, the aerial Kingdom atop his head dazzling, intertwined into the glittery affair of his crown, with six diamond pedestals of sorts holding six humongous diamonds above the earth, shaped like rubies.

I covered my mouth because in the blink of an eye the Beast wore a different crown, with different kingdoms and dynasties and mini mansions. The diamonds were the most expensive, well-polished. Everything about the Gargantuan Beast spelled Wealth, and the Beast reached the highest of forms of life, and of the Elite.

From the scent of the ocean he extended. He has been alive even longer than I!


That couldn’t be true, yet it was.

The truth of the atmosphere never lies, it was always on key, and on point, and devastatingly accurate, at all times.

Why do ye think Time was so fond of it, the atmosphere, and the air contained within, and the oxygen levels along with it, and the number of folks breathing it, depending on it, and dependent of it, and independent of it?

Was the air itself a natural resource?

Judging from the activity in the kingdoms atop his head (formed into his crown, the crown itself extended ninety feet into the air, protecting the civilizations within it), yes, air was a natural resource.

Smoke flared from the Beast’s nostrils, followed by twelve feet flames, circling into his lips when he cracked a smile. It was a pleasant smile, but oh my gosh! Those blackened teeth were quite disturbing!


For such a beautiful Beast, his hygiene left little to be desired. Was this the way something with trillions of dollars in unspoken and unclaimed money supposed to look, his mouth in particular?

I stopped breathing as hard because I didn’t want to get a whiff of what that thing has been feeding on. Greenish fumes escaped his mouth as well, and the smell I could definitely live without. The Beast was getting very impatient with me. He started to weaken a tad, and his eyes quickly glanced down at the ocean water before, and I was like a microscope.

I was searching for a security breach.

Obviously there was one!

There had to be!

He was as strong and erect as an ox, but he was faltering, the color of his eyes changing into a darker version of themselves.

The Beast dipped its monstrous head into the ocean water below, five hundred feet of body entered the ravenous waters as if it was just a split’s second, and was revitalized, standing even stronger than ever.

Hence his name, Splitahmus.

He moved in a split’s second, and not a second more, or a second less.

I thought to myself, without showing it on my face, because those creatures were getting sharper by the second. And if he traveled by the second surely I could run laps around him like Ringling Brothers and leave Barnum and Bailey Circus across his lips while I slashed its throat like I caught a grouper and gutted it for the hell of it. I would send chunks of meat to the fish below.

The bigger they art the more to eat.

Was it the salt of the water, or the water itself, or the combination of the salt and the water, together, in ocean water form that rejuvenated him?

I needed to know those things so I could devise a plan to defeat Splitahmus, and go on with my journey.

Exiting the Grand Forest I hadn’t known I was going to meet a cock blocker.

It was then that it hit me.

He couldn’t survive for very long outside of the ocean. He needed to dip his head in the water to it cool and moist. He was too gigantic to survive on land, and was under a curse to guard The Gateway for the rest of his life.

Well…things art about to change.

Oh my God!

That’s it!

The Kingdom atop his head was a part of an Underwater World, and Underwater Tribe! He served two purposes, had to perform two duties. To protect the Entrance glittering nine hundred miles behind him, and serve as transport to the outside world, a world outside the bottom of the sea, where the supernatural elite, the richest people on earth, perform earthly desires and drink blood of sharks for a midnight snack.


Were they supernatural beings of the seas and the rivers and the damns and the canals as well, in different bodily forms, even of the animals?

Has evolution shown its natural ass?

What a way to evolve!

Matter and evolution was a deadly combination if it fell into the wrong hands.The Beast himself was a Boa Constrictor, of monstrous size, extending as much as one thousand feet from the ninety mile wide ocean…

Tinkling mist from my eyes beamed down into the waters, traveling so fast I was done partially scoping the entire twelve thousand acre empire below the blue of the deep, and was staring into the Beast’s eyes before his eyes opened from blinking.

The Underworld Kingdom had ninety gravity fields protecting it, maintaining the balance of the people confined to it!


Focusing back on the Beast, it had a crystal ball decked out in hour glasses, and provided a five hundred foot shield around the Kingdom, to protect it from the waters, and to protect it from the speed The Beast traveled, bound by the Laws of gravity, and the Law of Time.

The base of the crystal ball perfectly fit into the grooves behind six diamonds atop pedestals, locked in place by red rubies with spells on them, so they never cracked or broke from friction, or other ailing modes of destruction threatening to tear the kingdom apart each and every day.

It served, also, as a dazzling dome protecting paradise, yet the people of the Kingdom hadn’t a clue a serpent was the ruler of it, so I was sure there was some form of chaos deep within the kingdom itself.


But it made me even angrier!

The Beast growled persistently to break my train of thought, and the caboose tagging along behind it as well, and then scowled. “Do not take a step forward,” the Beast warned me and I took three steps forward, and began to hoover above the rocky cliff.

My garments and hair danced from an unspeakable breeze, the air itself careful to touch me, and only touching my hair and garments, but not my porcelain skin. “Why shouldn’t I? Look at everything I’ve been through leading to this point. And what art ye, ye Beast?”

With pride, and total power as one of the Rulers of the earth, the Beast Spoke. “We art Splitahmus Kingship, the…”

Curtly interrupting the Beast, I sounded out his name with perfect precision, and pronunciation. This wasn’t going to be a very pleasant meeting.

Bracing myself, I frowned. “Splitahmus?”

Splitahmus said nothing.

He extended so far into the air above what he was protecting behind him, and the kingdoms, estates, dynasties and concentration camps within the Crystal Ball Domed aerial Kingdom that I felt dizzy looking up at him.

I brought myself back down to my feet and enhanced my eyes, adding pixels to the array of color, and the dizzy spell left my body entirely.

After a long moment of silence, Splitahmus said, “Only because of thy unborn children do we not fight, but we will guard and protect the Area of the Watery Gateway. Ye art not permitted here."

“I am here now, so what must I do to be permitted? Tell me what I must do!”

Splitahmus laughed at me, a deep growl hidden behind it. “Surely ye know better, whatever ye art.”

I was appalled! I was the Alicia Chay! Vagabond!

“Sadistic Queen of Torture!” I found myself saying aloud.

“Everyone, and everything, and everything of the supernatural realm knows my name, and my history!”

“Well, we don’t, arrogant one. Conceited one. Tell me what is it that ye seek?” the Beast said, its voice deep and dark, yet eloquent.

“I seek the entrance to the Wolf Tribe!”

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