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Chapter 11: I FORGIVE YE


plitahmus growled. I understood from the tone of his growl that he wasn’t going to retreat to the waters unless I left, or told him the secret code. I wasn’t sure of my plan of action a few moments ago, but with a new found faith in Christ, and in my natural ability to survive, and to gain the spiritual knowledge that I sought so I could spread to the world what it needed, to hear the message of Christ and the Sermon on the Mount.

I was sure I’d come out on top somehow.

So I spoke to the universe. I said one simple thing.

I will survive.

And then I forgot about it.

Fortunately, I knew what I was going to do. I needed that time to gather myself, and to think, and to put everything into perspective. God didn’t put on ye no more than ye could bare, and I was a witness to that. Even as a vampire I handled everything that came my way with intelligence, skill and sometimes my sexual appetite got the best of me. But those days art gone. I vowed to never give my body to any man unless we were married first, and I would wait until after I became one hundred percent human, through Baptism, for that to happen.

If he didn’t love or accept my fraternal twins then nothing was going to suffice, and that was a promise I made to myself, and my unborn children. I wouldn’t go out searching for love, as Alicia, my full vampire self, had done. I didn’t want any of the money I acquired and inherited. Anything I inherited as Alicia Chay I was going to snub from my life forever. I was no longer attached to the world or the material things within it, as much as I wanted to deny it. I loved my expensive jewels and my private jets and my private islands, everything private I had to learn to live without.

I was sure that as time progressed into the obese affair it has become, I could only pray that the seven deadly sins didn’t inhabit my life and change me back to what I was turning away from. '

Back to square one wasn’t an option.

I was going to learn how to make my own money, and how to budget, get a big house and a white picket fence and watch my boys grow into fine young men, men of the Word, if they choose to follow Christ. Those were things I never experienced when I was born Kleopha Achieng. I was barely married and out of my adoptive parents’ hut when I became a vampire. I had to basically go through puberty as a growling, snarling blood sucker of the darkness.

With my kids I would show them the tools to live full, productive lives, something I was attempting to do as well. Give them a positive example to look up to. I couldn’t preach it if I was not living it. I now believed in the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, despite my checkered past.

My dark side I wanted to forget, forever; and the secret of living in Armona’s body would one day be a distant memory. I hoped that my religious efforts positively influenced the wicked to eventually stop worshiping two masters and convert their ways.

I was looking forward to attending church, and becoming a counselor of sorts, and an evangelist, and target those that art about to lose faith in Christ. I hoped that set a good example for my kids, and maybe they, too, would want to be as great as their mother.

Holding onto those affirmations and dreams, I floated up to the rocky cliff, Splitahmus extended five hundred feet upward, the several-miles wide golden paradise atop his head intertwined in his massively constructed crown with a crystal ball dome covering it all. The infrastructure was created from the strongest, most expensive glass that was ever made, glass that wasn’t on any market in the world, glass the world didn’t even know about.

He bared his crooked, yellowish green teeth. He blinked like a fairy on acid a few times, and swooped down to my face, a five thousand foot oval-shaped face in length, and width, and height, a few inches from mine.

The intricate scales of his face, and the beautiful skin tone, didn’t put fear in my heart, though I pretended that it did, and he fed from it.

He grunted. “I know ye fear me, but if ye don’t know the code ye will die before ye can escape,” Splitahmus said. “And thy unborn abominations will die as well.”

I lowered myself to my knees, my hair spiraling from the loose affair it was, the disheveled mess atop my head in a bun, then falling back to frame my angelic face with curls down to my buttocks.

He warmed to his blistering ego. “Yes! Kleopha Achieng! Bow to me! Worship me! Surely that means more than a code! If ye worship me I will give ye splendor over every kingdom, dynasty and private island with its own individual ocean atop my head, just behind the hundred foot walls of my golden crown, a place of fantasy and beauty and endless orgasms, where cars fly from solar power, and continue to fly from the glow of the moon, with invisible highways twisting about well-constructed buildings made of the best concrete and reinforced steel, and a government where they worship the devil. Join us! Be my superior minion!”

I closed my eyes and clasped my hands in prayer mode before my pale face, and he roared with jealousy, hurt, pain, and betrayal.

Impulsively, he yanked his head backward as if a group of nuns slapped him, and his monstrous body rose five hundred feet again, with his lower torso still confined to the ocean it came from. Destructive waves scattered in all directions, sending ninety-foot waves towards parts of Asia that would wipe out seventy-thousand people.

I didn’t focus on that, or the lives that might be lost.

I called out to Christ as I never have before, from my heart, that was replenishing itself, and turning beet red in huge areas, erasing the blackness of it as a whole.

I asked him to guide me and to show me the way; to show me what to do, to try to do His will for once in my life, and for him to protect my unborn babies. They were innocent in all of this. They didn’t ask to be conceived, and their existence proved that they soon would have purpose and a reason for their lives. They would come to understand their existence with age and time. I didn’t want that reason being attached to evil, or the darkness. I wouldn’t let the Devil abuse my children. I’d kill him dead first, or die trying.

The way I prayed was different from the way anyone else prayed. First, I started in Jesus name, because He was the only way to the Father, God. Christ was the messenger and the mediator, and I was sure he relayed it to Him just the way I asked, because I believed with everything in me, every part of me, that He would.

What did I have to lose by giving it all to Christ?

This was the only act of humility, besides protecting the animals and the reptiles and the fowls of the air through an alliance I wrote and executed in the Treaty of Animals that I have ever done. And it felt good to do. I wanted to love and think of others before I thought of myself, but still loved myself enough to take care of self before I took care of anyone else. If I didn’t take care of Kleopha, surely I couldn’t raise productive children or keep them safe guarded inside the ministry of Christ.

If I perished no one would care for my children the way that I would. A mother’s love was priceless and wasn’t for sale or up for debate.

Something came over me and took me by spell. I was enchanted, but I felt safe and secure. I no longer thought of the Beast. I totally erased him from my mind and imagined nothing guarded the waters separating me from talking to the Wolf Tribe.

I knew the feeling wasn’t of evil, because I felt too good and too relaxed for it to be of a demonic nature. A warm glow befell my entire body, and for the first time I felt my unborn children move inside me. Doneshius had muted the seven senses when it came to my pregnancy, and that was why I hadn’t known I was pregnant at all.

I started to weep, and thank Christ as I rubbed my belly and my two boys kicked and moved and I felt their energy and their vibrations all through me. It was the best feeling in the world, and made me want to protect them that much more.

I felt myself letting go, everything.

I whispered, “I forgive ye, Doneshius, Zulu, Chanteuse, Alan Bachmier, Fredo and the men of Opus, and myself, for everything.”

And I meant it.

The Beast yelped like a wounded dog because I wouldn’t get on my knees and bow to him, and huge tears fell from its eyes and slammed into the ocean water below, sending even bigger waves in all directions. The only fear I experienced was fear of God, and being God-fearing. Not Aten-fearing, but Jehovah-fearing, and wanting him to be my King, my ruler, my everything. Vowing it on my life was something I was prepared to do, and the life of my unborn kids.

No longer would I let invisible forces residing in the wealth of darkness convince me that God was a part of my right brain, yet they thought they were the only powerful beings in existence. Phooey.

Why hadn’t I realized that before?

Anything done in the dark must not be good, if the light couldn’t experience it as well.

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