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I shuddered as I continued to pray, laying it all out there...All of my sins, every last one of them, even the murders I committed in the past, even the hundreds of thousands of humans I killed because hey harmed precious animal life. I robbed them of life, their blood, so I could survive.

A great relief befell me and it was unlike anything I have ever felt, that relief and the basis behind it felt better than any orgasms I experienced.

I was amazed!

The way my toes curled matched the pulse of my fingers. Great knowledge filled my brain like pressure through an airplane twenty thousand feet above the earth once the door was blown off. The left and right hemisphere of my brain was rejuvenated. I was filled with energy and optimism, and so were my unborn kids.

They happily stirred the way into my heart.

I was seventy-five percent human again, instead of the half human I thought I was.

I understand now.

The more I believed in Christ, the more I focused on changing myself for the better, the more human I became. I knew well enough that I wouldn’t be one hundred percent human until I confessed with my lips that Christ died for me and my kids, that He was everything, and all things, and that I was a sinner and always would be one.

No one was good.

No one.

When I decide to get baptized, reborn, my past would be a thing of retrospection and all my sins would be washed away. It would all come into effect, and come to pass.

I would no longer be a vampire, or Alicia Chay, or Kleopha Achieng! I would be a human again! I would have a different name. Kleopha Achieng would be no more!

Now I had a choice to make! In the presence of danger and evil I had to denounce demonic things, the way many denounce Christ and Jehovah for fame and glory, for money and wealth.

In the presence of the Beast, the Serpent if ye will, a Boa Constrictor, wearing a golden crown, but it was too elaborate a crown, so I knew his weakness now...

I must say “Go away, Satan!” He may have sensed I was in fear, but he didn’t know or understand my fear. He knew that I knew he fed from my fear, and I no longer feared the serpent.

In fact I felt sorry for his ultimate, inevitable fate. He was already losing the spiritual war. He has already failed. He promised God that he would turn all of Adam’s descendants against Him, and he failed miserably.

What about Abraham, Moses, Mary and the disciples? Surely the serpent, the Devil, failed at turning them against Jehovah. So no matter how many souls he claimed, he has still lost the war. And he was losing me, and my unborn children as well.

Splitahmus was more focused on winning over my soul, so he could add it to the hour glasses of his crown, for safe keeping until he took us to hell with him when it was all over. Worshiping the Devil was only a pit stop in thy life; worshiping the Father through Christ was eternal, and forever.

Splitahmus focused on material things. He was of the world, bound to the earth. He cared about preserving the beauty of the empires, kingdoms and dynasties atop his head (behind the golden walls of his metal crown).

Not of the art of war itself.

I said, “Amen,” making sure Splitahmus heard it, and he had, and he wasn’t happy about it.

That’s right, Splitahmus!


So be it!

In fact he appeared in even more demonic form. It still didn’t scare me.

I slowly rose to my feet, holding my womb, my hair gorgeous and resilient. There wasn’t a speck of dust or dirt or grime on me. I wore a loose-fitting, gorgeous white dress of silk and lace, falling to the start of my ankles. Tiny specs of gold and diamonds dazzled from every inch of my body.

I looked up at the burst of light from the Heavens, opening up before me, keeping the pressure of monstrous black clouds on the horizon.

I gazed into Splitahmus charming emerald cut sapphire eyes.

I said, “I wish to speak to the Leader of the Wolf Tribe, and this is the last time I will ask ye politely.”

He chuckled again. “Does the peasant bitch threaten me? The whore! The slut that every man of Opus ran through like ocean water rummaging a man-made damn!”

“Thy insults don’t get under my skin anymore!”

He scowled bitterly. “Aren’t ye the slut Zulu married? Wasn’t marriage banned in the Village of Opus? A concentration camp designed to destroy ye all. Restricted ye within its hellish activity? Making ye slaves of rich white men in Africa? Weren’t ye in love with Chanteuse, ye slutty lesbian! Ye art disgusting! And ye belong with me, thy true ruler, the real ruler of the earth! I love the way ye think!”

I knew that he was throwing my past in my face to weaken me, but it didn’t work.

It was my turn to score a few points. “Aren’t ye the fake god Jehovah cast from Heaven, because of thy insubordination and thy refusal to do what ye were told? Aren’t ye incarcerated in a land that ye use magic and deceit to show a people who’s boss, but fail to remind them ye art a has-been god that will go to hell when it all said and done, and the angels ye turned against Jehovah as well, demons, will go there with ye.

“Ye show thy power to a powerless people and use social media and broadcasting systems, that ye control through thy all-seeing eye, to sway their decisions, to provoke them with untrue stories, to turn them against themselves. Those born as mortals ye toy with, like baby dolls.

“Aren’t ye too big to braid the hair of dolls?

“You’re nothing outside of Heaven!” I continued, letting him have it. When God was for you the Devil could do you no harm. “Ye sleep with men, ye sleep with women, ye sleep with animals, ye freak yourself, ye control the minds of the wealthy in Hollywood and they do the same things, and ye rule every kingdom on earth with thy demons living inside politicians as ye continue to raise taxes, and get rid of Medicare, and kill millions in blood baths of war overseas, in Rwanda, Iraq, Africa and in other countries around the world; ye unleash the HIV virus on an unsuspecting society and millions of people have died from lack of food and treatment...

“Ye art killing off God’s chosen people. You tried the same thing with the introduction of crack, designing it to kill off as many blacks as ye could, but never did ye think Caucasians will love it as much as the colored race…

“So, yes, Splitahmus, it backfired and blew up in thy face.

“Ye helped set up pharmaceutical companies. They all had investments in those man-made diseases before they were unleashed on the earth, for profit! I know evil exist in those pill bottles. If I have to pay thousands for treatment, just to live, then I’d rather die with dignity! if I need insurance just to get seen by a doctor, or they turn me away after half examining me, then what does that truly say about the government and humanity, when the Boston Tea Party and the setup of banks were means of deception. Racism still existed,. We art The world, and We art the Children, Splitamus?

“Ye art powerful, though your powers are painfully limited. It appears ye art winning more souls than Jehovah, but ye won’t win! When those in peril and pain unfairly die they return to the Father to live in Heaven forever! Ye made it easy for them!

'They don’t have to suffer anymore or pay off debts or go to work and slave for a corporation that hardly wants to give ye thy vacation time, after making them multi-trillions of dollars through the slavish hard work of humans, and those miserable mortals lived from paycheck to paycheck; paychecks that were mere peanuts disguised as walnuts. Working mortals art bound to those slave ships via corporations every day of their lives just to collect retirement or Social Security.

“As hard as humans work for businesses and corporations, where was their due? For the survivors of slavery and their descendants, where were their forty acres and a mule? Ye spit in the faces of those that were lynched, hung, buried alive and suppressed by giving the Native Americans free land, tax free crap, their own casino and county in Florida and ye still think the world is comprised of just countries and genuine government?

“The Big Wigs reap the profits and give General Managers the bonuses, yet the very hardworking staff ye delegate doesn’t even receive a pat on the back, or a thank ye, or a bonus themselves. They build the bottom line with enough profit so they can steal and go on extended vacations.

“The general managers art traveling the world—first class, with $20,000, $30,000 bonuses; attending bogus conferences for the corporations they represent. They leave the assistant general managers in charge to clean up their mess. Those scapegoats cover up their employers’ deceit by shredding documents that left a paper trail to their corruption, and alienating their best employees with unfair treatment, and patting troublesome employees on the back for calling out and barely contributing to the growth of the business.

“What about those that owned their homes for decades, and because of rising taxes they lose it all, or their homes go into foreclosure, or men that can no longer support their families kill their wives and children so they don’t ever see a ghetto... What about that? Ye have a lot of blood on thy hands, Devil! Yet ye question the lives I’ve taken and calling thy black kettle blue?"

He tried to answer; I didn’t care to hear his rhetoric.

I cut him off. “But, ah, ye still suffer, Devil! And ye call me a whore? I know I was, but what art ye, still, currently, presently and forever? I’ll tell ye what ye art, demon! Ye art the most successful whore in earth’s history and in the planet’s existence as well!

“Ye art a creepy, sick bitch of a whore! And ye call ruling defenseless mortals, with thy limited god-like immortality, power? Ye think I want to join the ranks of the biggest slut and whore in earth’s existence: Ye, Devil. You think I want to do the tango with a has-been?"

I continued, building myself up into a crescendo of emotion, “Ye think I want to fall to my knees and pray to a god that was losing the war? Go away, Satan! I rebuke ye!”

He ignored me, but I could tell my words weakened him beyond reproach. No one has ever challenged him in this fashion, certainly not a vampire that was becoming human right before his eyes.

I must admit, it felt good to wear the Armor of God. I was a woman that turned on the dark side of religion and the social control of church, some of which were taught by atheists dressed in a Pastor’s suit, for thy money, and thy money being their only focus, period.

There was a time when people were slaughtered and killed if they simply said they believed in Christ.


You’re dead.

Those evil murderers didn’t hurt those mortals by their evil acts of sin, they helped them, sending those dead mortals to Christ, to live forever in perfect harmony while they continue to pay taxes and experience the hidden hell on earth, unleashed on a people every day through wicked systems of government, and their limitations of what we can and can’t do on an earth they don’t own, yet savagely took from deserving men that would have run the world in a Godly way.

Splitahmus said, “As I said before, Kleopha, what is the code? You said all of that for what? A bunch of well put together words and phrases shows thy naivety. I refuse to entertain it. But on a more serious note." He got back to business. “If ye can tell me the code I will grant ye access to the Wolf Tribe. If ye get it wrong, even on thy first try, I will wipe ye and thy mixed breed eunuchs ye call unborn children from the face of the earth, after I snatch them from thy womb.

"I should cook a linguini dinner with them and make ye watch me eat them, and then I should kill ye after ye suffer!”

He leaned back into my face.

For the last time.

This was it.

All or nothing.

“Ye art an amazing creature, but ye art going to die, and thy children. Doneshius will also meet his maker, and his undue fate for betraying me. He thinks I hadn’t a clue, but I know all. I may not know everything when the time calls for it, but eventually it gets to me and I act accordingly.

“Kleopha, what is the code? Do ye know it?”

I smiled at him and said, “Yes. I know the secret code. It is…” I smiled dazzlingly. “‘Christ!’”


All hell broke loose…

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