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plitahmus, the three headed Boa Constrictor, the serpent, went through a metamorphosis. It was a scary one, but I was tired of being frightened. I had two unborn children to protect at all costs, and I couldn’t protect them if I was in fear of a mind-boggling evil Beast of gargantuan proportions.

One by one each face, all three, twisted immaculately into that of a blood-curdling demon, and swung It’s heads at me, one by one, all three, coming at me so fast I did the first thing that popped in my head.

I viciously slapped my palms together, rocking the land all around me and as far beyond the ocean as well.

Sonic booms shhh-popped from my palms, stretching one hundred feet, splitting from each other. They spiraled towards the three-headed Beast, secret governments, named Splitahmus.

Project Splitahmus.

The Head of the Beast of the Right Hemisphere was cut from the throat by the grace of my powerful sonic boom, and the Head of the Left Hemisphere was cut as well.

Both monstrous Heads, and the glittering Kingdoms atop them, fell towards the sea; the Heads turned into a spray of ash, and the empires and kingdoms within were swallowed by the waters of the sea while dust clouds of ash snowballs Armona’s physical body.


So be it.

They were no more, and they have come to pass.

And no one will miss them.

The remaining Beast, the Head in the Middle of the three, or what used to be three, Balance, the one that asked what do I seek, hissed at me.

In a fit of rage, he snapped at my feet like a bird pecking seeds from the ground. I jumped above it, and soared towards Splitahmus’s left eye...

Eight hundred feet in the air...

One hundred more feet...

It clapped its eye and I plummeted towards the ocean below.

The Beast whipped its neck like a twirling lasso in slow motion, and rose from under me, as I fell towards the ocean and I kicked off the Beast’s top lip before he could bite my legs off.

He still opened his wide mouth and closed me inside it and tried to dip into the ocean, and disappear forever.

His stinky, monstrous teeth tried to chew me and my unborn children and I refused to die. It was so dark in Splitahmus’s mouth that I was about to pass out, but I refused to.

I prayed to Christ again, and I gained strength.

I began to run, light from my eyes exploding around me and I saw everything, and only had one second to react before I was confined to the dark of the mouth once more, and one final time, before being eaten and sent to the Boa Constrictor’s stomach.

I ran so fast that I extended my arms and my sixteen inch nails pierced it’s tonsil, and the back of its neck.

It roared from pain...

I felt myself swooping up, and down...

I heard a loud crash, the tremendous sound of water, and explosions all about. And ripples and vibrations.

I began eating his flesh, the flesh of his throat, and chunks of his tongue I devoured because I was famished.

I cut so deep into his tongue he became paralyzed, and couldn’t move, but his torso sent grave waves all over the world.

I was eating snake as if I was Australian...

What a tasty treat!

The DNA of Splitahmus’s flesh educated me and gave me the upper hand on the Wolves, and how they thought, and how to approach them, and what to say, but their Leader wasn’t revealed.

I found that rather odd, but that certainly wasn’t going to stop my mission at hand.

It still had to come to pass.

And still had to be done.

Even Splitahmus’s dealing with the Wolves was revealed to me, and stored in my brain, electrifying my memory cells. Where Splitahmus came from also filled me with knowledge and the location of the Lion Tribe was revealed in bits an pieces as well. Splitahmus came from The Underwater Kingdom. It was comprised of controlled Beasts and the King of Beasts…

An underwater paradise worth 450 billion dollars. It was well-constructed, secretly erected and secretly run, and has been around for thousands of years.

But first thing’s first.

The Wolves, I had to get them to see things through my eyes, and teach them about Christ as well. I knew it was going to be impossible, but through Christ anything was possible, even stopping a war amongst the animals that never should be, because I didn’t break the treaty, and I wasn’t pregnant with lion, wolf, vampire and human children.

They art misconstruing everything, with the Devil and Doneshius thrown in the mix to turn us all against each other.

And I was going to be the one to stop it.

No matter what.

But what if the Wolf Tribe attacked me the instant they laid eyes on me.

What then?

Was this a suicide mission, one I would not prevail from?

Why did I doubt my ability, and the ability of the God I serve?

What if the Wolves told me to leave with my fairy tales?

What if they rejected the idea of Christ, the principle He set forth through His legendary ministry, and killed me and my babies?

If I believed that was going to happen, then it would. Maybe I should think positive and do it anyway, do what I was supposed to do.

What if the Wolves art atheists and the Lions?

I couldn’t necessarily judge them because I used to be an atheist as well.

What if the Wolves thought they were gods themselves?

And then I heard His voice...

Take a token from Splitahmus, The Guardian, and when the Wolves see it, and the Lions as well, they will believe…

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