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When the head of the Boa Constrictor, Splitahmus, fell backward, for miles his body stretched, covering the gap between the rocky cliff, and the Land of the Wolves, and the Entrance, it slammed two miles just before the sandy shores of the Wolf Tribe’s Entrance.

It sparkled like diamonds.

The land itself was surrounded and framed by monstrous, breathtaking-and never-seen-by-mortal-eyes mountains.

The mile long and wide domed Kingdom, and the monstrous crown atop the head of the serpent, that once solidified him as king, and the expensive rubies and sapphires and diamonds that held the crystal ball dome in place, and the wealthy inhabitants as well, and their wicked families and cursed children that drank blood of the slaves for nourishment, and their material possessions and twisted government and the politicians residing there in, sunk to the depths of the ocean, for miles and miles, until they vanished into the dark of the deep, and the evils there within…

I could see, through the darkened walls of the closed mouth of the serpent, hundreds of thousands of wealthy folk crying, sobbing and pleading for their lives at the glass of the dome and their castles crumpled from hills and false cathedrals exploding into fire…

I floated up to Splitahmus’s closed mouth. It began to open as he took his last breath and stopped breathing.

I was alive. Thank you, Christ for delivering me and my unborn kids from evil. lovingly, I rubbed my womb, so were my kids. Thank ye Jesus!

Ye art an evangelist, but ye art still a sinner, and must prove yourself, said the voice. Do what is right. It is thy free will to do so. Stop the imposing war, said the voice, of the lions and wolves. Serve as an ambassador for those that art slowly losing their faith in Christ. It is thy duty to teach them of the life of Christ, and that He is going to return to rule over the entire earth, and cast the evil ruler from the seat he placed himself, and called a “throne.”

If ye fail to stop the imposing war of the animals, the War itself will send the world into a panic, of all nations and creeds, on every continent and man will try to destroy them, never realizing that animals live within part of the human race as well, through their evil acts of terrorism, and the earth will be destroyed. At the hands of powerful men, and they will be destroyed as well. And no hidden caves of the earth will save them, or their families or their children.

I said, “I accept…”

I grant you a precious gift for thy allegiance to me and for acknowledging that my only Begotten Son died for the sins of man and bore all of their iniquity.

Do what is right,
said the Voice.

But I can’t let the sunlight toucheth my skin. I will surely die, I thought with haste, I thought to myself. How am I going to attempt to stop the imposing war?

I am all knowing, answered the Voice. I perform and have performed great wonders. Didn’t I make the oceans and the trees and the very life you live? Ask, and ye shall receive. Never doubt what you ask for.

I asked.

I already granted you that gift, the very one you asked for.

Enjoy, my Child.

With a new sense of purpose, I floated out of the mouth of a lifeless boa constrictor, Splitahmus. The crushed system of wealth and human trafficking and slavery was gone forever. I was nearly cut by one of the boa constrictor’s fangs, even though he had humongous human teeth as well.

I glittered all over when the sunlight touched my skin, and I was of gold and specks of diamonds. A sea of turtle doves and ravens and hawks and blue jays and other fowls of the earth and of the air flew all over, and landed on every tree branch available, looking at me with love in their eyes.

And it melted my heart.

I quickly grabbed a bunch of Splitahmus’s eye lashes, and did a somersault one thousand feet above the Beast, and over it, gliding down to my feet behind him, just before the Entrance to the Wolf Tribe.

Golden light raised the monstrous Beast towards the Heavens, and I looked over my shoulder at the Beast suddenly shrieking as a demonic soul was contained within its flesh, a demonic soul that still lived despite Splitahmus’s demise, and thunder of the purest form chopped it up into chunks of meat, falling into the ocean below.

I slowly came to, catching my breath, bedazzled, as I always said; but in this instance I truly was, in a way I have never been bedazzled before.

Panting, and extremely exhausted, I looked over The Entrance to the Wolf Tribe! Those blood thirsty hounds wouldn’t be ready for my arrival, because they had no idea I was coming. They had no prior warning, and I never thought to seek permission, though the Wolf Tribe was part of the Treaty of Animals.

A Treaty that was no more.

According to Doneshius, it was a Treaty that never was, period. It was never active.

I was now sixty percent human, and so were my unborn children. I was also forty percent vampire, and so were my little ones.

A thick thunderbolt came towards me and my unborn from the blackened, monstrous clouds, forming a demonic face, truly fascinating.

But the rays of heaven kept it at bay.

A great wind came from nowhere, blowing my garments and my hair, a cold breeze that caused me to shiver just a bit, but not much. The wind diverted the thunderbolt, just as quickly as it was coming at me and my unborn, and sent the thunderbolt into the ocean water.

Once the electricity came in contact with salt water, blue-like electricity scattered in all directions.

I floated a few feet in the air like a ghost, and stood erectly on sure grounding, stable ground. I didn’t stand as a vampire, I didn’t stand as a soul in the Queen Mother’s body, but as an ambassador for Christ.

And as an evangelist.

The towering gate of the Wolf Tribe was twenty-four feet before me.

But how did I get inside?

I hoped I didn’t neddeth another code, or come in contact with a villain protecting it. Not that I was worried. I just defeated a five hundred foot tall Beast.

Just walk through the gates, the voice said. And I obeyed…

I slowly approached the sterling silver gates. So polished was the metal I could see how radiant I was, despite surviving a war with an oversized snake.

When the gleaming metal came in contact with my skin, I vaporized into a skeletal figure and walked right through the grooves of it. And I became whole again when I was on the other side of it.

A seventy mile path awaited me. Was anything simple these days? The path twisted and turned into an awaiting forest filled with exotic trees and exotic fruit.

I began to sprint like I was trying to win the gold medal for Cuba, and realized I had a better chance in the swimming events.

Four hundred and sixty miles per hour I ran, my bare feet pounding effortlessly against the rocky and gravel turf.

I then began to fly.

I was sure all the running and the pounding of my feet on the turf made my babies uncomfortable, and I didn’t want that. We’ve already been through enough…

I landed outside of a huge meadow, a gorgeous meadow of various flowers. A six hundred acre patch of land, well cut, but plain, was there before my eyes.

Not at all what I thought I was going to see.

There was nothing but grass.

Not a tree for hundreds of miles.


Where were the wolves?

Where was their tribe, and their leader?

Maybe I was missing something.

Maybe not, who knows, but I certainly care.

If I killed the Beast for no reason I would be completely mad, dismayed, disenchanted and discouraged.

I inhaled the air itself. The humidity was at a tolerable level, with a few Zephyrs grazing my skin periodically.

I took a deeper breath, trying to catch a whiff of anything other than air and grass.

I didn’t smell those hideous dogs anywhere...

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