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Had I made a wrong turn? Was there a secret path along the 70 mile path? There had to be! Maybe those pesky wolves weren’t as ignorant as I thought, and my guard suddenly went up without alarm or warning.

I stood in a fighting stance, ready to attack anything that moved.

Something was there!

But what, damn it?

I decided to survey the land while floating in the air, about thirty three feet. So I could see a bird’s eye view of everything, and the land roundabout behind me. I didn’t use speed this time. I took my time, like a scientist studied a new organism.

I wasn’t in a rush, but the clock was winding down for the imposing war. I was sure both tribes were planning their course of attack against each other. Being sixty-five percent human, now of course, I was bewildered. Maybe Doneshius hadn’t conned me after all. Maybe I was wrong to place all of this on him. He only did what I allowed him to do. If I wouldn’t have let him control my mind and hypnotize me maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess. Maybe I wouldn’t be an evangelist. Maybe I would only still be curious about Christ and curious only. Or maybe Doneshius did trick me during the meeting in the rainbow and it all backfired on him, and blew up in his caramel-complexioned face. He was a gorgeous man, but he was an even darker killer, murderer, deflowerer. Maybe, just maybe, the more I talked and thought about Christ and accepted his will, to stop the war between the animals, saving mankind, then I would be one hundred percent human.

But I knew that came after baptism, that much was self-explanatory and evident. Sigh. Dang it! But did that mean that in order to remain human I had to continue doing the will of Christ and Jehovah?

Suffice it to say, I still wanted to have closure when it came to Doneshius. I wasn’t really concerned with Zulu and Chanteuse. They were dead. And a forgotten memory. Doneshius has hurt me too much, and too deeply. And yes I wanted to rip his head off! But thoughts of his love making and how he touched me and how he looked at me and the beautiful look of pleasure on his face when he came inside of me crippled me, and I thought that I might love him or be in love with him.


That definitely wasn’t it!

It couldn’t be!

So I put it out of my mind, but my heart held onto the idea with finality. Let it go! Came the voice. He compromises everything the more ye think of him!

Can I really let it go?

It was human nature to hold onto things, especially when it hurt too much, but it was also human nature to let it go as well. Why give someone, or people power over ye by holding onto misery? It surely loved any kind and type of company, no matter the walk of life they or he or she comes from… To let go was easier said than done, sadly. If that was what ye believe it would always be easier said than done. So let’s try something new, something different since I have some time on my hands.

It was easier done than said. There, I did it. Let’s try that angle and see what comes about. Let it go! Give it to Christ!! Let him take thy pain away. All ye have to do is ask, and ye shall receive. Yes! That’s what I have to do. I was, after all, an evangelist. I embraced it now, everything that is was, and everything required of me I embraced with a steel heart.

I was determined to find the Wolf Tribe so I could speak with their leader. If Moses ccould talk to God through a burning bush to find instruction, and his purpose surely I could find the leader of the Wolf tribe and talk through the burning bush of compromise, and come to a suitable agreement.

Even if it meant implementing another treaty, that’s what I was prepared to do. Would the leader of the Wolf Tribe believe that was not one hundred percent vampire carrying the child of All nations and his brother?

Would they believe I was sixty five percent human, and that my children art as well? Would they believe and embrace the idea that me or my children were not abominations, and that we didn’t break the terms of the treaty, even though they made one with me under misleading circumstances.

Animals destroyed themselves just as wickedly as humans using torture chambers, gas chambers, flamethrowers, slavery and other systems of forcible control to kill innocent people, and to make surviving humans their fledglings.

I hadn’t known animals kill themselves when I agreed to the terms of the treaty and formed alliance with every mammal, and every reptile, and every fowl and every animal on earth. I merely wanted to protect them from being illegally killed by mortals, or used for unnecessary blood sacrifices. PETA should give me the Legend Award for the number of animals I saved, and avenged.

The wolves must understand that my children were not part anything, just a part of me. That part lion, wolf, human and vampire crap was just what it was: hogwash! So there’s no neddeth for war!

Maybe I’ll start by telling the leader, and then the entire tribe, if he allows me to turn his grounds into an assembly and symposium, and allows me to address the very wolves he protects and governs and chastises, about Christ and who He was, and what He stood for, and his theme about love, and how I come to believe in Him.

Surely they will stand at attention, with both surprise and shock.

The Wolves and I have a very long lasting relationship, one built on understanding, loyalty and trust. Well, that ended with the demise of the treaty.

Maybe this will be a way to rebuild that trust. I will tell them that Christ hated no one, and he didn’t bash gays, not even in the slightest.

His message of love, true love, they can apply to their lives and learn to forgive me and understand I am trying to protect my children the way the leader protects the tribe, the way the mother and father wolves protect their young, and then I’ll recite the Sermon on the Mount, and what it entailed, from my understanding, and what it meant.

Maybe then they won’t be at odds with me, or at each other, or at the Lion Tribe, a more vicious group of Beasts, the King of Beasts, and the King of the Jungle.

And I will finally tell them of Judas, and of Doneshius.

I will tell them the story of Judas, and how he betrayed Christ with a kiss, in exchange for the payment of pieces of silver, things of beauty, material possessions.

I will tell them of Christ’s crucifixion and the brutal way he was punished, beaten so badly he had to carry the burden of a cross, and die for the sins of man.

Maybe then they will find it in their hearts to call off the imposing war with the Lions, and try a different course of action, staying to themselves.

Leave the Lions to their corner of the world, and leave the wolves to theirs as well. Let bygones be bygones. Saving the earth from unnecessary ruin was had to be the reason I was here.

I mean, I was going to come here on my own merit, and of my own merit as well, when I found out Kleopha’s Soul and Kleopha’s Ghost were pregnant with the seed (seeds) of the Devil. But that wasn’t quite accurate. Because Doneshius and the eunuchs of the Village of Opus that defileth me, weren’t “Devils,” or the “Devil himself.”

True enough, they were demonic in their own right: Doneshius, and the Defilers of the Village of Deflowers. The voice that filled my ears revealed that much to me. Whether the voice was of Christ or a demon trying to trick me remained to be seen. But my heart gravitated towards Christ.

One question, as I continued to float around and survey the empty, grassy terrain.

Why would Doneshius, a vampire, make an alliance with all the men of the Village of Opus to love me, then deflower and defile me, occasionally pleasuring me, in the process? What wasn’t I seeing?

I continued to float and float and levitate about, making up my mind to leave this empty place, filled with spectacle and sensationalism, like a news broadcast, yet emptier than a drained tub reading from the teleprompter of a shower nozzle.

Nothing was making sense.

Something wasn’t adding up!

Damn it what was it!

Lord, give me strength to continue this journey!

I am about to give up and leave and never return.

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