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It was all in my mind; this evangelist thing. Or was it? Was Doneshius lying? I was here mainly to stop the imposing war between the lions, and the wolves, now that the treaty has disintegrated. I was still somewhat appalled that he tried to convince me that he didn’t have a leader, or someone, or some rigorous demon he took orders from, and was expected to carry out.

That he merely…existed, as if he created himself...

Was that possible?

Was it possible to create yourself?

No, it wasn’t possible. He told me to turn against a higher power for the power of self, and I didn’t know how I felt about that at first. He said a lot of things that were compulsive lies, and I still had to confront him about it. Then maybe I could let it go, and forget that he existed.

The power of self was a disguise for the opportunity to evilly influence my free will through imagery and things of beauty; that influence came through his form of the rainbow, and the limitations of color, and the policies there with in.

Was I a complete fool?

Or a damn fool?

What was the difference?

Oh, there was a big difference! I was a complete fool because I actually thought I had found my purpose, only to become curious about Christ and was knocked into another purpose, one I wanted to do using my Free Will.

Before this startling moment I spent thousands of years being who I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I was integrated movements breathing inside an evil body, Armona’s body. I slept with rich and wealthy men of power, killing them to inherit their fortune to add with the wealth I already acquired through deceptive means.

I had a leader named Armona, the most feared creature in the entire realm of things, from as far as my eyes could see. She was the very definition of evil, selfish and cunning. The mere mention of her name in any realm struck fear in millions of vampiric hearts.

She got what she wanted.

Even sleeping with me as an appetizer was her fantasy, and in the midst of orgasm I switched bodies with her and entrapped her inside my flesh and dethroned her and took my rightful place on her throne, and renamed it, claiming it as my own.

Alicia Chay.

Pushing those retrospective thoughts aside, I was standing before the Entrance of the Wolf Tribe. It was a smoldering moment. Now was my chance to make a difference, and change the course of a lot of lives, including my own, and the lives of my unborn children, and the life of my oldest child, the one Kleopha’s Ghost gave birth to, the one lurking a big, dark earth blood thirsty.

I have to deal with the repercussions of having the mark from the Beast and I was pregnant from the Beast.

The Mark of the Beast glowed on the back of my left wrist.

You don't have the mark of the Beast, my child, said the Holy voice. You were branded b supernatural means. That isn't your reality anymore. But, if you do accept the microchip (the Mark of the Beast) in your right hand or your forehead, there is no redemption. You will burn in brimstone and sulfur before the Holy angels...

I shuddered, rubbing my belly. I took into account what the Voice was saying to me.

My children were growing fast, even while inside my womb!

I had a natural maternal instinct to protect my unborn children, since Kleopha’s Ghost was chasing me for thousands of years, trying to find its biological home.

I hoped Kleopha's Ghost got the interpersonal memo, and actually read the words. This wasn’t Kleopha’s body, I, her soul, inhabit the Queen Mother Armona’s body, and I was so comfortable inside it that I wasn’t sure if I could vacate it any time soon.

My soul and the Queen Mother Armona’s body lived and thrived on integrated movements, so powerful that they lived in cycles. Twenty-four hours in a day, eight hour intervals they survived, individually.

My soul inhabited the Queen Armona’s body for eight hours, and while her body rested I actually wake up after sleeping within her body, when the rise of the moon erased the memory of the sun set and I stepped outside of her body, and became flesh, and go hunting...

Once I run rampant around the world, after my hideous murders, leaving confusion and a trail of unsolved mysteries for those rookie authority figures, the Feds included, I routinely return to my quarters, The Bedroom of the Queen Mother, and stood over the Queen Mother Armona’s body.

I would stroke her breasts. I would lean over and kiss her lips, drawing myself backward into the wall at times, admiring her beauty. I possessed her birthday suit, to wear at my leisure, and the weakness of her flesh was my life gauge.

I powered up my soul when inhabiting her body, like a charger plugged in an electrical socket after being depleted. I recharged myself for eight hours and during the process my life still went on, and a woman still has to feed, and eat.

When I was out and about, scaring people with a sensual birthday suit covering the garments of goodies as well, I took great pleasure in knowing that I overthrew her! And I built incredible wealth without her rules as well.

To take the throne and have thy minions and other vampires automatically obey ye, because ye art the president of it all, and of them all, and over them all, was invigorating! It took me only Nine hundred years to observe her, and it was a slow process. I thought nine hundred years would never pass.

I lived opposite of humans and mortals. Mortals looked forward to another day; I wasn’t too fond of tomorrow night. It took another five hundred years to overthrow her.

After Kleopha’s Ghost reminded me of who I was, I remembered, vividly…

But I chose to put it out of my mind. Never focus on what ye didn’t have. Ye'd continue going without.

Darkness slowly swallowed light into a faded affair, the cycle of the earth spinning moderately on its axis. Light didn’t move, neither did darkness.

The sun sat in one spot in space, yet the progressive presence of light during a sun rise contradicted the description. The earth spins and the rays of light or the moon’s glow fell into the shapes and dimensions of an ailing planet that was once a black, lifeless ball in space.

Now earth was alive with vibrant color and beautiful scenery and landscapes and edifices, like that of the Entrance to the Wolf Tribe.

Guardedly, I approached it, floating over breathtaking rivers, of enormous sizes, circling the split between the land of the Grand Forest, and the Entrance.

The ravenous waters of the rivers spilled into the ocean five miles below the river, an enormous rock structure was dressed with trees of all classes, and of all kinds.

And a one hundred foot metal medallion, in a circle shape, glowed from a distance. It looked like the entrance was taking a gulp of the river and that the waters of the river fell down the throat of the ocean. Even as a vampire I had the power to use Free Will to do what I wanted to do…

But how do I be myself when my soul resides in another woman’s body?

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