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I could tell ye what I now believed, but I wasn’t sure if I made the right choice, the choice being my belief in Christ and choosing to do his will, if only periodically or momentarily. No matter what happened I was very happy I chose to follow him, and to study him, and to read the Bible, and apply the scriptures and the Law to my daily life. With that dilemma plaguing my brain, I knew one thing was evident: We art experiencing spiritual warfare, and I was in the midst and the middle of it. The War of Souls goes on. Who will be the victor? I wonder…The Contestants…Two G(g)ods. One spelled with a capital ‘G’, the other spelled with a lower case ‘g.’ The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords wore the sun rays through the light of the Word. And the other god, the prince of darkness, wore the glow of the moon; cast his spell of untruths through every form of entertainment, keeping a people distracted while public ruin remained in place.

Demons ran the earth like savage Beasts; the slow death of earth has begun. People art losing faith!

Haven’t I?

Haven’t I lost faith in the loyalty I gave the Darkness, never giving the consequences a second thought?

There were people breaking through religion with different theories of their own, some people believing in themselves. There were believers becoming atheists because they felt no one looked out for them at all, but themselves, and some people didn’t even take care of themselves.

There were people getting saved, rejecting the idea of Christ, accepting the ideals of Christ, and people worshiping two masters. Ye couldn’t have it both ways, like I was trying to do, fighting feelings of depression that my soul and ghost was trying to inhabit The Queen Mother Armona’s body during her eight hour interval of Time, and actually succeeded.

I had to talk with the Leader of the Wolves, to explain to them the concern I had about my unborn child.

I knew they wanted to kill me! I already killed several Wolves and Lions when Kleopha’s Ghost was trying to enter Armona’s body in the Grand Forest, a few feet from the very blood stained spot in the turf I dug my hands deep in the earth, and I mistakenly thought she was attacking me.

It was definitely a different feeling.

I remembered how my soul slammed into Armona’s granite body, but it couldn’t gain entry.

Was it because I was a powerful woman? Even though I was pregnant? Miserably so.

I became Queen over the official one, doing what I wanted to the Villagers of Opus, if I chose to think of it. It’s been a long time since I gave the Village of Opus any thought, and I felt a great mourning for the…lives, for the way every villager…

I was choked up, pushing the images from my mind, and tried to come up with an ice breaker when I talked to the Leader of the Wolf Tribe.

The treaty with the animals was only something to do, despite how passionate I was about them. Many have tried to overthrow the Queen Mother, but to no avail.

But I certainly have!

Now something wanted to overthrow me?

During eight hour intervals, her body grew tired when I terrorized random people globally, traveling at the speed of dark. Just as quickly as the light could erase the darkness, the darkness could erase the light, if ye pull the plug or the bulb blows.

I hadn’t known that when the Queen Mother’s body was resting at my palace, Kleopha’s Soul and Kleopha’s Ghost ran rampant around the world, killing at will, feeding on blood, and dying of thirst for it quite frequently.

But their time was limited.

She had lived on the betrayal.

The betrayal of Zulu and Chanteuse still burned heavily on her mind, even though she pushed it out of her mind for the past four thousand years.

It came back with a vengeance!

When you’re born…ye have thy body, thy soul, and the Holy Ghost, three different things all in one, One Entity. And, yes, they had an opposite, something opposite themselves, right on down to the principles of its genetic make-up.

Why was I in a tornado of thought?

My mind failing to focus on one thing!

My God!

I thought the rainbow was beautiful!

The Entrance to the Wolf Kingdom was even more radiant! If this was an illusion then why have the urge to hallucinate? Schizophrenics murmur the secrets of the mentally ill. The mentally ill paint pictures of distorted things to understand the caricature of their souls.

My life felt like that, like that of a caricature. How would I speak? Stare at the blotch marks, the oil-stain splashed in the middle of white construction paper, sometimes framed inside fancy parameters covered with glass, used by corporate offices as decorations at times, and even knock off replicas on sale in thy nearest flea market ye can purchase for wall art in thy homes, an off handed hand-me-down.

In some cases its value was wickedly hidden, relatively unknown to the broke woman that purchased it for five dollars, planning to clean it up and sell it on a street corner of a housing project for a little cash.

When it was worth a fortune!

I flew over her, staring at her in an odd way.

The way she moved was seductive, and flattered me.

What lured me to her was something I had to take up with her blood. The manager of her soul was Life, and Time served as its secret service member.

Ye better guard Life with Time, or a split second could peel the ultimate checkmate inside a system that has been designed to keep me at odds with myself.

I have to question everything at this point, if I have totally become a believer of Christ.

I must admit, despite everything that has happened, despite meeting Doneshius and being tricked into becoming an evangelist has me confused.

Why would he go out of his way to trick me the way that he has?

It didn’t matter that he deceived me, what mattered the most was that I spent thousands of years thinking of no one but myself. I must be honest, since so much has happened to me, spur of the moment, and totally out of the blue. How should I advance? I faked like I cared about Chanteuse, when indeed I was in love with her.

Back when we grew up together in Chad, Africa, we were closer than waves tongue kissing sandy shores. Taste differed under the moonlight, and with the presence of light presents the hidden secret ingredient of particular tastes, taste enough of one thing I was sure ye’ll grow tired of it all together, and quit cold turkey convinced ye didn’t want any more of it.

That’s how I felt right this instant. Getting to this point I was even shocked I made it this far. I was going through a total make-over of sorts, becoming someone other than a vagabond, and a vampire.

I had the chance to be a woman again, a real woman!

Oh, wow!

I couldn’t wait to go around and teach people about Christ and also give my testimony, whether they believed it or not wasn’t a problem I was suitably concerned with, so I detached myself from the aftermath just because I could.

Was I ready for the journey?

Yes, I was!

The hell with my so called ghost telling me that she was me, and that my body was hers! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Please! My soul inhabited the Queen Mother Armona’s body, and her soul was buried inside my biological body, deeply buried in the earth, protected by an impenetrable Tomb.


There goes a sun set that marvels the purplish pink oranges splashed across the light blue sky, filled with puffy clouds, of all shapes and sizes. What lay before me was an entrance I always searched for, but never found. The Wolf Tribe hid the way to their location deep in the forest, exactly thirty-three feet behind where the devil fell from heaven.

How strategic!

I rubbed my belly, slowly approaching an amazing array of Redwoods twisting into each other to form the face of the Grand Wolf. The leaves served as its mane, and gigantic sapphires were its eyes.

Truly breathtaking.

I looked down at my babies and knew I had to save them, now that my ghost and soul found the Queen Mother’s body, mistaking it as my own. Because I carried two children, Armona’s Body might as well remain in my care; I’ve had it for four thousand years.

Why get rid of it now?

I paused before the start of a long, twisting bridge, about ten feet wide, and about nine hundred and forty feet east, leading to the mouth of the Tree Faced Wolf.

The mouth was closed at the opposite end of the bridge, holding it in place. And under the bridge, bobbing in the bloody waters below it, were beheaded bodies, recently beheaded bodies, and thousands of skeletal figures.

The smell was incredibly nasty.

But I had to talk to the leader of the Wolf tribe and let him know that I had no knowledge I was pregnant, or that my ghost and soul were pregnant from Doneshius as well. I had to get them to understand that I am not pregnant with the child of all nations, yet one of my children carried every seed from every man of the Village of Opus, and that child I was pregnant with as well.

Did that make me an abomination?

Or maybe I should keep that to myself.

Who said I had to tell them everything. They only know the ghost was pregnant. I couldn’t let them know that Kleopha’s Ghost has already given birth.

It was a secret I was going to keep to myself…

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