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Alicia Chay was a powerful, arrogant sonofabitch. She was always boasting about this and that, yet after one glance inside of Doneshius's eyes amongst the rainbow, when she thought he was the Messiah, she was putty in his hands. She was helplessly hooked through white magic and his foolish trickery. He was a deep, dark hole that sucked her into promiscuity, only for a moment. §he was hypnotized with the soul of Medusa, trapped inside her own beauty, within a deceitful realm of vampiric bliss.

Does that explain the icicles of her heart?

From his lips, from the words of inner truth (and her self-talk, and even her body language) Doneshius and Ķleőpĥǻ, the woman who has reincarnated herself over and over through the Queen Mother’s body, occupied by Kleopha’s soul, were obsessed with each other and both of them were in denial about it.

There were two types of people in the world—those that were into Mysticism, and those who snub it. Both type of folk believed in one or the other. There was no in between. There were those that knew of religious teachings and stories and used to apply them to their daily lives, limiting their growth and potential, according to Doneshius, and remained selfless and naive to the deceit that lies within.

But many of those “religious folk” knew the truth behind it all, and what lies beneath not adding up to the sum of it all, and still chose to mislead congregation members into living a life dependent on a higher power, instead of depending on themselves.

Pastors and popes these days were secret atheists, dressing as pastors, popes and elders for sport, because of the amount of money involved, and the reputations they’ve built. Their achievements stemmed from the lies they told, and the lies they lived.

Then there were those that broke through the hoax of it all, saw religion for what it was (a subject, not a belief) and realized that no one looked out for them, and no one but themselves will care for their own livelihood (look at the homeless folk, no matter their race or color).

Some of those homeless folk were praying for something or some mystic being to help them, and to save them, something that wasn’t there.

They patiently wait for a higher power to come change their reality, yet when the sun rise they art still homeless, or bums, because they refused to change their thoughts; they refused to move forward and look out for themselves, and take care of themselves.

Too many people these days wanted to live off the sweat of someone else’s brow, instead of getting out there and getting things on their own, and of their own merit.

Doneshius knew of religious doctrine. He once believed in a higher power, and then he grew up in a seedy environment. His family, his reincarnated family, lost it all and wound up in a housing project in the inner city, and they believed in a higher power.

However, once he .

became a vampire and saw the world for what it was, and the hoaxes that plague the world like the chicken pox, he became angry and bitter inside, yet still chose to deceive Kleopha, aiding her curious mind, her mind bending towards the life of Christ.

And then there was Kleopha. She once believed in Aten, the Sun God. Knowing he’s there, yet ye couldn’t see him through the glare of the sulfuric sun.

After becoming a vampire, and seeing the world for what it was through her own eyes, murdering and killing and living in human bodies and inhabiting them as well, she has become a believer in Christ, even though it was too late.

But Kleopha didn’t believe so. She even believed in what He stood for, and Doneshius wanted to slit her throat, and maybe he should. From an atheist to a believer she has become. She has turned on the idea that her life was truly the untold experiment of life, and everyone else on earth as well.

She snubbed personal gain and desires for a crack at being human again, so that she could live her life doing the will of God, whatever that was.

The left and right hemisphere of her brain has been redirected, sadly, to that of a deeper understanding of Christ, and what it meant to view her body as a temple, and not the church building itself, a haven for religion, and a symbol for social gathering, plagued with hypocrisy and secret sexual foreplay amongst baptized members.

Not every church participated in those incredulous things, but the majority of them were tarnished forever with the dance of the night prancing through them, and those whispered about back rooms.

The whorish antics of lustful pastors overshadowed scripture. Many pastors were atheists. It was funny watching atheists get up on stage in the most expensive of garments and preach to a lost congregation blind to their hidden agendas: money.

Why has she suddenly taken a mystic path?

What did she expect to happen?

Did she expect to run through the Grand Forest and see Christ walking on the Rivers of the Village of Opus, or bump into a burning bush and hope something or someone spoke to her that claimeth to be the Lord?

Whatever her plan was, she definitely has divorced her Spiritual Vow, the marriage between her biological body and her spirit, when she realized that she was alone in the world. She had to fend for self. She selfishly did that by keeping herself first, and understanding that everything happened in her life because of her thoughts.

Her life wasn’t some predestined affair. The breath of the Father wasn’t in her lungs. But now she has come into the knowledge of Genesis, and believes that God breathed life into Adam, and removed one of his ribs and called her Woman.

That was the interruption of everything. And knowing she might be giving birth soon, to three fraternal children, having once believed she was only carrying fraternal twins, coupled with her sudden belief in Christ, has tipped the scales of what the Universe allows and the dark of wickedness has targeted her, and wants her descendants destroyed.

Was she going to start sacrificing her goals and dreams, instead of build them from the ground, up?

Did she expect her past to be erased without incident? Was she trading in her Batman cape for the bifocals of Clark Kent?

Has she traded her forthright and compassionate nature for a chance to try to control people and force her beliefs on them if they do anything ungodly, forgetting one minor thing, that even if ye were saved ye were still a sinner, no one was good, and that maketh ye ungodly in the midst of religious psychobabble?

The entire thing was laughable, and unbelievable, in his eyes, yet his mind never left thoughts of her. Doneshius was honest inside his realm of lies and deceit, and Kleopha must certainly hate herself enough to turn on a life of wealth, status and prestige to frolic with peasants on an inner city level as an evangelist.

Finally, and most importantly, when was she going to realize that she wasn’t human again, and she wasn’t an evangelist?

The idea of such atrocity was done for one reason: so he could slide between her legs and experience her gushy insides, and then inevitably impregnate her.

And that is all.

Kleopha was the master manipulator, having sold him the notion that her life was going to change if she agreed to his proposition, and for an instant he forgot his agenda, he forgot that he broke his orders, and he forgot who the hell he was, basking in her beauty.

He never planned on falling in love with Kleopha, and wanting her to be with him, his opposite. A woman he wanted to now protect, and protect the life of his unborn children, even though he knew it could never be, and it would never work.

She was stubborn, and he was easily influenced. He found it hard to rest knowing Kleopha, believing in Christ, is going to give birth to the Child of All Nations and Creeds.

A child that will grow and become a barbaric tyrant, and will kill millions around the world through threats and dogma and black mail and taking control of earth’s natural resources; and seating demons at the head of global empires to make sure a society, of all nations and creeds, fall to their knees in surrender, for a society of all nations and creeds to beg and plead for their lives, for a society of all nations and creeds to worship him, the anti-Christ, and act as slaves to his dictatorship, and for a society of all nations and creeds to realize that they were only created to be governed and ruled by those who think of themselves as gods, not humans.

He will control nuclear weapons and will use them to reduce the earth’s population, i.e. the poor and middle class. According to the rich the poor and middle class peasants were draining the earth of her resources, and there would be more resources available, and on standby, and on reserve by the rich, and for the rich, if peasants are eradicated...

St. Theresa of Avila stopped all religious writing and reading after following her principles for about 13 or 14 years.

Did Kleopha expect to write books about Christ the way St. Theresa had, writings that made her famous and a constant religious study even till this day?

Did she expect for her past to be erased, fully, wipe the slate clean, and leave it all behind as if she was leaving garbage in the trash bin for collectors next Monday morning?

How does someone who has broken through the hoax of religion suddenly, after 4,000 years, found her way back to what she turned from when she was transformed into a creature of the night?

His heart nearly pounded through his chest just thinking about it, and it angered him even more. Rumor has it that the Pope is an atheist, and he knew the truth of it all.

Kleopha’s religious transition was truly fascinating, yet upsetting as well, an oxymoron of feelings, feelings and emotions being the fuel burning her passion for life, and correcting her past errors.

When was she going to realize that she may be beyond repentance, and that couldn’t change a past that has come to pass? He had to make it sound good per someone’s instructions.

If he didn’t carry out the terms lined and aligned in the pact he made with the Devil, he was going to suffer a traumatic and tragic death, a double whammy of the Grim Reaper’s execution of the soul, the Destroyer.

A Powerful Voice ruled him, to have lied about not having a leader angered his Leader. It was an unapologetic denouncement of power, but this, this defunct Leader, having never become one, remained mum, until the time was right.

Doneshius was under strict instruction, an agreement he made with the Devil when he handed his soul over for a life of prestige, wealth, and darkened pleasures, to annihilate Kleopha.

He was given direct orders to wait until Kleopha’s soul, and her ghost (that would became The Holy Ghost now that she believed in Christ--and that angered the Devil to the third degree), entered her biological body, making her a one hundred percent complete woman, before enchanting her with his illusions of the rainbow, sponsored by his master.

Doneshius was to impregnate her with the Wicked Seed of Every man of the Village of Opus, and her unborn would be the start of a new Era of terror, and social control once he came to term, once he grew up into the mighty fine, intelligent being he was destined to be, to pick up where Hitler left off, but as the ruler of the world, One World, One Government.

But Doneshius quietly reneged, regretting his decision to sell his soul. He tried to re-write a course of history already written by the Devil. He was taken aback by Kleopha's beauty that he impregnated her body, soul and spirit, three different entities that has blown up in their faces. There was only supposed to be one Child of All Nations.

Now there were three...

Doneshius kept his deception to himself, forgetting about the All Seeing Eye, that knows all, and sees all, or so it thought.

He set his own rules, broke the Order, the Direct order, and the Strict Instruction, and the weakness of his flesh made him obedient to himself, and ignorant to the Devil’s plans to continue turning mankind against God.

Doneshius set off a chain of events when he deliberately impregnated Kleopha’s ghost, and her soul, and once he did her soul returned back to her body so they could reunite; yet the pregnant ghost was in a fit of rage because Kleopha’s body was a fraud. The body belonged to the fallen Queen Mother, and Kleopha’s real body was buried in a secret place, housing The Queen Mother Armona's Soul.

Doneshius had no knowledge of it.

Yet the Devil did...

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