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The forty foot arched door of the infrastructure of the Wolf Tribe was 200 feet in front of me, beyond the wooden, tree branched face of the Grand Wolf. The door that was the start of my meeting with the leader of the wolves beckoned me with fierce abandon, a meeting I knew in my heart was going to happen, and needed to happen if I was to save mankind. I knew if I was the vagabond, queen of torture I was centuries ago, and for centuries it lasted and ended, I wouldn’t have stopped the imposing war, or gave two thoughts, or a thought, to saving mortals from killing themselves through the backlash and onslaught of the animals, and the animals within their hearts. I would let the rage of animals take its course and let the nuclear fallout begin!

But now Christ was in my heart and I had to stop this war, and then accept Christ into my life before a genuine preacher and request that I’m baptized in a river with breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous trees of all kinds and no witnesses. I wasn’t fond of getting baptized inside a church or synagogue with the congregation watching like surveillance systems, or looking forward for a man of God to dress me in white sheets and dip me into cold bathtub water.

Since this was my first time getting saved and using my own free will to make the decision, without pressure or intimidation, this was special to me, and I’m sure it’ll be special for my unborn kids as well.

They deserved a chance to be who they wanted to be in the grace of Christ, and not live up to plans of the devil, to use them as puppets in the upper ranks of politics, one of them being Commander in chief for two terms.

Even though I haven’t been into him for long I knew I still had a long way to go, and temptations to overcome and handle, without falling off the spiritual bandwagon. Common sense told me I was going to fall and keep falling, probably hunt for blood every now and then. Could I totally control the urge to kill, and for blood to dedicate my life to Christ, and letting him use me to help others, and to love others? Were my children and their safety enough? Was my own salvation in jeopardy if I mess up just once?

I nearly lost my life, and the lives of my unborn children getting to this point.

There was no turning back now!

I slowly walked up to the door, my senses on high alert. I couldn’t afford to entertain any surprises, so I was on guard, willing and able to protect myself and my unborn children.

A cloudy mist began to fall from the sky, and enveloped everything around me, even Armona’s body. My eyes widened and turned into balls of blackness.

Something was there. Someone was watching me. Someone was lurking. Something was studying me.

“Show yourself! Whoever ye art! I can sense ye!”

I heard a whimsical melody off in the distance, and it was growing and getting louder, so loud I had to cover my ears and I was plagued with confusion. The sound put a terrible ringing in my ears and for a brief moment I didn’t remember who I was, or why I was there.

Everything I’ve ever done in 4,000 years explodes in my mind and sent me on a rollercoaster ride of insight and awakening. I felt pain and grief and remorse for everyone I have killed, and for those I feasted on, and those I used and those I took advantage of.

Filled with guilt and regret, I fell to my knees and lowered my head, and whispered, “God, please forgive me for all of my sins! I pray to ye in Jesus name. I understand he is the mediator, and no prayer reaches thy ears unless it’s through thy son, Jesus.”

In vivid color I see things clearly now, and see things from my point of view, and Christ’s point of view, and Doneshius’s point of view, separately juxtaposed next to each other like three hanging photographs of the Mona Lisa at different angles.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell my fingers from my toes right now, the feeling of confusion becoming ten times stronger.

My head was spinning and it felt like I had to puke. I inhaled deeply, and held my breath for a few beats of silence.

I rose to my feet and I didn’t understand why because I didn’t raise myself.

Something or someone grabbed me by the upper arm and yanked me up.

I gasped from being startled. The tall, immaculate man before my eyes was as gorgeous as he wanted to be. Where had I seen his face before?

I know him from somewhere, but the mask of confusion had a mental block on my brain and I couldn’t think to save my life.

I stared into his eyes and he blinked a few times, smiling, staring back into the windows of my soul. He placed his hands in his pockets, his chest bare. His body was chiseled from caramel granite, and his perfect teeth (without a flaw or filling) and immaculately moisturized hands set me on fire. I wanted him and I knew he wanted me. But something in my heart wouldn’t let me lie before him and spread my legs, as I would have done as Alicia Chay.

I, Kleopha Achieng, had self-control, something I never had as a vampire. I acted on impulse and my mood changed systematically.

With longing in his eyes, he reached out to me. Every strand of his black hair was in place and nicely done. I loved a man that took care of himself. Hygiene was everything to me, and he passed my check list with flying colors.

His right hand moved from the back of my neck, after stroking it a few times, calming and relaxing me, and began massaging my scalp with both hands. He knew just how to toucheth me. I bit down on my tongue to stop myself from getting wet. I drew blood and recycled it back into my body with my fleshy, sensual lips, careful not to waste a drop.

After running his delicate, masculine fingers through my rich mound of hair, he leaned in for a kiss and I let him, my lips unmoving and my arms dangling at my sides.

He gazed at me as if he was fascinated and intrigued by my presence, and he was, as was I of him and began to speak, but before a word escaped his mouth he caught himself and decided to remain quiet, for now. My eyes took in every square inch of his gorgeous face and his equally gorgeous god-like body.

He started to trace his fingers along the lines of my lips, and found my cheek and pinched it softly, biting his bottom lip. He stroked my face, lovingly, and I raised my hands and cupped his angelic face like a fine piece of crystal one chip away from permanent breakage, bringing his hand back down to his side.

Who was he? Damn it I know I saw him somewhere before!

He raised his hand again and stroked my face once more. I could tell he was the stubborn type. When he wanted to do something he did it, and didn’t bother to ask permission. He never looked away from my eyes, not even for a second. He hasn’t blinked for the past ten minutes.

He was caressing me as if I was a peasant girl, ragged, begging him for rations. I know once this was over, and we parted ways, nothing was going to be the same again!

Synchronicity was the name of the game, and we breathed the same, of the same air, attracted to each other. How could I be attracted to a complete stranger? Was he placed in my path to prevent me from talking to the Leader Wolf tribe?

Was he here to try to kill me? Did he want to assassinate me?

For some strange reason I didn’t fear him, not even in the slightest.

It wasn’t hard to see the evidence of divine beauty unpeeling from the unknown, and the divine force behind it latching onto my skin, gravitationally pulling me towards him, to want to pick his brain, if only for a little while. He was before me for a reason, and I intended to find out what that was.

No matter how powerful and gorgeous he was, no matter how fine he was, one wrong move on his part, just one mistake, there will be friendly fire before the grand doors of the Entrance of the Wolf Tribe, and I will hang him from one of the towering Redwoods, with his guts cut from his body. I will shove his remains down a random shark’s throat, and ram that stuffed shark down a whale’s throat and close the water spout and breathing mechanism atop its head with the heel of my stiletto, my silk garments talking Swahili to my heart through the flow of Zephyrs and suffocate him without breaking a nail or batting an eyelash, this I can promise ye.

But for now I could accept the image before me, and the man enticing me, and tempting me. I could accept the spiritual awakening within myself to keep him and his advances at bay. The awakening within was slowly changing the way I view the world.

The opposite of up was down, and the opposite of down was up. The transition, up, down, down, up, was a source of energy in itself [we were two like-minded individuals, both beautiful and powerful], and that’s where I come in; in the form of matter. Atoms were splitting between us as surely as I stood there inhaling. The misty clouds started becoming thin, so thin it vanished and was no more.

“Alicia, Kleopha, if ye will. I can read thy mind, and understand what ye art going through. I find it intriguing that ye art trying to turn thy back on the darkness, and everything it gave ye, for a life as an evangelist, and of a mortal. I commend ye for breaking the rules and trying to wipe the slate of thy past clean so ye can start over fresh. But ye will not be safe when ye do.”

His voice I heard before, but where? Now I know I knew him, but what was his name? Where had we met before?

Why couldn’t I remember? This has never happened to me before. I could place a face with a voice, any voice I’ve ever heard, like a sixth sense. But today that sixth sense failed me and I wasn’t too thrilled about it.

He began pacing back and forth before me, never taking his hands from his pockets, never taking his eyes off me.

I gave him a piercing glare. “Who art ye?”

He was nonchalant. “That is not important right now,” he answered, pissing me off, but I kept a poker face. He was behind me, kissing my neck, and when I tried to push him off me he rose from the dust of the ground and was directly in my face, so close his lips were half an inch from mine, and he inhaled my scent while I refused to inhale his, his eyes pleasant and nonchalant.

He kissed me and I jumped ten feet back, landing perfectly on my feet, standing in defense mode.

He laughed; his smoky voice easy on the ears.

“Alicia, Kleopha, which ever name ye prefer me to call ye, I personally love Kleopha…Everything has an opposite, even an opposite of everything itself. And the forward and backward motion of polarization, Kleopha, is another opposite unknown to mankind in general. There wasn’t enough mortals thinking outside of the box for it to come into existence, but polarization always burns heavily in my mind.”

I found myself asking, “God’s Promise, the rainbow, the presence of one after rainfall, when the sun is high in the sky, what does it mean? What is it exactly?”

“It’s God’s Word that he will not destroy the world, the earth, by water ever again, Kleopha.”

The historical importance of all of this, and religion itself, and the difference between spirituality and religion ties into the spiritual awakening I was subjected to after accepting Christ from the words of my voice, giving me the equipment to take this all in, unbiased. And that gave way to an open mind and heart. I will gather the darkness inside boxes and move them out to make room for the truth of the light, and the Word associated with it and I will be enlightened and my breakthrough will be the epiphany I’ve been searching for all my life.

“Ye speak of The Great Flood, and Noah’s Ark, and the reason God wanted it built.”

“Yes. God experienced grief when he drowned his disobedient and wicked children,” he said eloquently. “He was angry with a dangerous and perverse race of people, of all cultures and ethnicities on earth. Those that worshiped false idols were killed, those that built shrines for mortals such as themselves were annihilated, those that gave their bodies, and glory of love and acceptance to their lovers, when it all should have gone to the Father, were also demolished, Kleopha.

“Even God’s anger had an opposite affect once the earth was destroyed, with rains for forty days and forty nights filling the earth like lukewarm water in a peasant’s dismal tub.

He cracked his knuckles. I have never seen a thing of beauty display such a terrible glitch in his demeanor.

He said, “When most of society takes a bath, some of them never clean their tubs. I said some people, but most don’t. That’s how I see prayer: some do, but most don’t. Some pray with unclean hearts and weak flesh leading them astray and others pray with the best of intentions, but even a percentage of that religious group fall off the bandwagon and bone the pastor in his private chambers for a little help with meeting a mortgage payment.

“Once they shower in a dirty tub they have a false sense of cleanliness and they think they art refreshed, but their bodies were filled with germs from the grime in the tub, the grime they look at every time they shower, but never grabbed the Comet cleaner and scrubbed the tub free of dirt from their past because they art in denial that it ever happened in the first place. Displacement.

“How can ye pray when the mind has ye prisoner inside a broken heart?

“And the funny thing is, most people continue to bathe in the same filthy tubs for years to come. Unclean flesh in a dirty tub, scrubbing their skin with soap filled with fragrances, and once they art done a fresh batch of dirt forms on the filthy black ring of dirt circling the tub and building another type of foundation on the floor of the tub itself, made of grime.

“That was how the earth was before.

“God experienced the opposite of his wrath when he mourned the death of his children, when the dust settled from the great flood. And because of this he made a promise, and symbolized it with the rainbow. Every time ye see a rainbow ye should be reminded of that promise, and know he is a God that keeps his word, and stuck to his beliefs and principles.”

I barely listened to a word he said. He lost me when he talked about dirty tubs. I have never taken a shower in one, I am a Queen, I wouldn’t know what that was like, so how could I relate to the tail end of his dialogue?

I managed to say, “Duly noted.” I changed the subject. “I have a question to ask, and it’s a little off topic.”

“What is it?” he asked, sitting Indian style on the ground, looking up into my eyes and his own eyes sparkled.

He ran his hands though his sparkling hair. “How do ye feel about emotion? And what should I call ye, since we haven’t formally introduced ourselves, which is rather rude if ye ask me.”

“I’m the Raynedrakin.”

I was even more discombobulated. “The Raynedrakin…” Nothing registered in my brain. “I can’t recall thy name, or the sound of thy voice, or the syllables of thy name in my memory, both subconsciously and collectively.”

He smiled boyishly. “Kleopha. No other supernatural, or spiritual being has ever met my acquaintance. Ye only see me now, and art granted the honor and privilege of speaking with me because the threat of thy imposing death—”

My imposing death?

What is he talking about?

Was he plagued with mad cow disease?

I had a look of mockery on my face. “—Imposing death? Ahahahaha! Spare me, stranger! Art ye mad, Raynedrakin?”

“Please,” he began, rising to his feet, rubbing his muscular arms. “Call me Doneshius.”

His name triggered a spark inside me, but it fizzled. I still couldn’t place his face or his name, and I saw his face before and heard the name before, but where?

I was getting even more upset because I couldn’t remember!

“Cathy! Doneshius.”

I turned my back to him, wondering what was the significance of this meeting, and why he decided to interrupt my plans when I was about to enter the Wolf Tribe through the enormous, pricey door.

If no other spiritual being, or supernatural creature, or vampire came in contact the Raynedrakin, Doneshius, if ye will, then what made me so special?

Why was I the prime candidate? What does he know about me that I don’t know about myself?

I’ve wined and dined with Kings, Queens, Emperors, czars, and presidents. And surely they have ruled over the land their dynasties were located, and the people making up the controlled societies they owned, or have owned and nothing compared to this man, the one I speak with.

I wished I knew his intentions, but I didn’t. And I wasn’t sure that I wanted to know. We were different, yet like-minded. Like the Republican party of 1875, and the present Republican party of the 21st century. The republican party of 1875 doesn’t share the same ideals of the republican party of today. In fact the republican party of 1875 or even 1890 will disagree with a lot of the tactics passed off as necessities of today’s brutal recession, by today’s corrupt government, and I use this to surmise the Raynedrakin, well, Doneshius. The loss of faith in medieval churchmen began the European Renaissance, but today, at this moment none of that mattered because we were two different supernatural forces, and too steadfast in whom we art.

“I can read thy mind,” he said, breaking my train of thought, gently taking me into his arms. And it was then I realized something that stunned me, and turned me to ice in his grasp, from his touch, and the temperature of his skin, and the way he looked at me. A mysterious coincidence, whatever that was, led us here. It was meant for us to meet, and for this meeting, no matter the outcome, to come to pass. We were supposed to cross paths, I’m sure. We didn’t meet by accident.

The bulge between his legs told the story. I looked down, sliding my fingertips into his trousers, and pulled the elastic of his trousers towards me a bit, my breathing coming in quick, misguided form.

I was both turned on and startled by the length of his penis, so ashamed I was that I averted my face, and my eyes as well and released the fabric of his trousers and his garment snapped back to the skin of his hips, a ripple of muscle scattered about his abdomen, showing the shape of twelve pack abs.

A dizzying glow descended the moon, and I hadn’t realized night fell, and the sun was gone. The glow illuminated every strand of hair on his head, and I saw every strand, individually, and together as a massive unit.

As he inhaled, the colors of the rainbow sent a shock-wave of ripples through his body and circulated inside his startlingly gorgeous eyes in the form of a soft, hardly there mist, some sort of spiritual unfolding continuing to take place.

“Science has been used to explain the history of earth, Kleopha.”

“I understand now,” I said, sinking my fangs into his neck, I couldn’t resist it. And the taste of blood revitalized me and gave me full power but I was still in a confused state.

Was he the way to unlocking the secrets of the earth, and the truth about religion? Or was he going to show and reveal to me the invisible spirit forces governing the earth from behind the scenes.

Was I now filled with existential insecurity?

“I don’t think ye do. I don’t think ye realize what ye art about to do, if ye talk to the Wolf Tribe. I am not here to aid thy spiritual journey; in fact I could care less what ye do with thy time, and thy life. I will tell ye why I am here. I am here to apologize to ye for everything I have done to ye, things ye can’t remember right now. I am in love with ye, and have been for centuries.”

I was shaking my head. I remained silent.

“I’ve always wanted to make love to the Queen Mother.”

A feeling of euphoria captivates me, and he kisses me, passionately and I responded. It was like something took over me and guided me the way it wanted me to go. He slowly undressed me, my breasts exposed to the glow of the moon, and he lay me on the grass.

He didn’t hesitate tasting me, causing my body to arch and I didn’t want him to stop.

Before I could orgasm he slid his hardness and his depth deep inside my wet walls, my mouth ajar and my eyes narrowed from the sudden pleasure. I didn’t know why I didn’t want him to stop. As his tongue roamed inside my mouth, as we moved and grooved together, evolution took our individual genes and combined them together, as One, as the ground beneath our dancing, lust-filled bodies thunderously shook.

Huge boulders began to roll down various high peaking cliffs or surrounding mountains and the air itself seemed to be inhaling our aura. Gigantic waves formed on the ocean round about the land, moving in a diverse environment of dynamic energy. I lay, intuit, we move together like billiard balls.

His penis and the skill of his love making aided something that momentarily stunned me.

He then bit into my neck and a loud explosion filled my ears. Where it came from and why it happened I could care less about. As my once Newtonian view was uprooted by the discovery of Albert Einstein’s logic, unsettling through orgasm, and shaking against Doneshius’s aggressiveness, Newton believed that humans inhabited a clockwork universe, that without physical cause there would be no action of the universe, that matter and its composed atoms were solid material governed by natural laws.

And then Einstein said matter was compressed and shaped energy.

Maybe Doneshius and I contradicted his theory.

The deafening boom from the explosion sent vibrations all about our bodies, and all about the land, and all about the earth. An underwater volcano had erupted, I sensed through his knowledge, and from his mind and all the things that he knew. The hot, thickened lava forcibly cooled into land as it pushed through H2O to reach the surface.

He and I were two separate energy systems, dynamic fields of power and the struggle for supremacy was surely his angle.

Maybe he was sent here to kill me after all.

He lies on top of me, continuing to taste my blood, and I take his hand and bit it and taste his blood, a recycling power taking us both by surprise. Neither vampire, we both were, though I am half human, was willing to submit.

He pushed my legs back, my feet even with my ears, my bushy terrain in his face, and he entered me again, shaking and crying, saying, “I always wanted to feel the inside of the forbidden fruit of the Queen Mother.”

And in that instant I had another orgasm, my spent body shuddering. My lips were glued to his! I had to bite into his neck once more, my fangs a half inch in his thick vein.

The underwater volcano exploded once more when he clammed up, his toes curling, when he was about to climax, finally.

Was he motivated to deceive me by my confusion and insecurity, as if I’m Norman O. Brown or Carl Jung, notable contributors to psychology?

“Oh, glorious one!” he called out. The start of orgasm crawled from the base of his scrotum. He trembled pleasurably. “I will build a shrine for ye if only ye be mine, and forget about thy quest to find Christ. I can give ye what he never could, if only ye believe it. It has to be thy choice. The shrine will be in honor of ye, and everything you’ve achieved when ye were a vampire without mortal instinct. For I’ve, for the first time, committed a sin, and how good it feels, moving inside of ye..”

During this sexual battle, was he trying to manipulate me, validating himself by controlling my spine with everything he was, and the power of his erection? He will never control my thoughts. One thing was for certain. I was buoyant with him inside me.

Again he sinks his teeth into my neck, as One, and of One Heart and Mind.

He gave one last thrust as the beginnings of his orgasm tickles his toes and heats up his entire body. I opened my very own eyes and took into account that he was now a regular mortal without power. They have been stripped.

I panicked as he exploded inside me, the Raynedrakin, the Rainbow god (where have I met him before, it was slowly coming to me, but not quite), demoted, has now been banned from the rainbow, and banished from his elite realm.

Making love to me forced from him energy he used to survive in the realm of the rainbow, and not only did his spirits decrease, there was an energy boost within myself.

And then it happened. All of the knowledge incarcerated inside me through the confusion spell he cast on me through melody and song came back with a vengeance and I saw him, the Raynedrakin, a name he made up to con me.

“No!” I screamed, grabbing my hair as I flipped upwards in the air, and came down on him hard. “Ye tricked me once again! But ye art demoted and have been stripped, Doneshius! How could ye do this to me yet again? How could he ask for forgiveness, then in the same breath confuse and lie to me again?”

Angrily, he kicked me in the face and I fell back on my hind part. He struggled to stand up. “What happened to me?” he asked, wide-eyed, his face shaking. “Where art my powers?”

He glared at me. “Something about thy blood taste different than it had before, bitch! Ye art…oh no!” His eyes narrowed to evil slits of terror. He smacked his lips. “Ye and thy unborn children, my unborn, art eighty-one percent human! No! How could this be? No wonder I was stripped! My body can’t mate or make love to a vampire if it’s more than fifty one percent human, I am slowly becoming someone I don’t care to be! And my powers art being vindicated! NO! NO! NO!”

I didn’t know how to take his news, but vengeance was mine, despite my belief in Christ. I know he didn’t expect me to let him get away with what he has done. Used the gift and power of music and melody to confuse me with this Raynedrakin fiasco, and to fall for her velvet lies again!

Let it go!

No! He must pay!

Catching the bum off guard, I attacked him as if my life depended on it, as if I needed to murder him for my kids to survive, abruptly sinking my claws and fangs into his inviting neck.

I didn’t know if I wanted to follow Christ anymore, but that was a cop out I must admit. Ye didn’t play around with Christ, and ye didn’t take him for granted. That’s not what I wanted to do, or had a desire to do, and it wasn’t my intention. Following him seemed to come with many rules and many things required of me, much will be required and demanded and asked of me, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do his will, stop a war between the animals, or allow the devil to use my children, in the future, while I’m dead, as political pawns to condition and scare society into obedience, and torment them if they don’t reject Christ and any other religious figure to serve the government.

I truly want to follow his ways and do his will, but how can I do that as a creature of the night, twenty percent creature.

The goodness that overcame me mellowed me and I felt my swelling, the swelling of anger, began to demise. But I still fed my children his precious blood via my fangs, lips, tongue, esophagus and two umbilical cords stretching from my womb, and to their navels. What I felt (stress, hurt, disloyalty and betrayal) they also felt.

Before I could kill him, he slowly rose in the air and I backed away from him, blood everywhere, blood all over me, blood coating my lips like lip gloss. The way he screamed stunned me. He was being tormented on a grand scale, even worse than before, when he was first transformed into a vampire.

But for my powers to reverse the light that was erasing the vampiric venom of his body, and turn him back into a sadistic Beast, startled me. This has never happened before.

Had I slipped again? I wanted to kill him, but did the opposite. I’d done this so long ago with the one that marveled over me, in the form of a marble statue, after his siblings took over his company and cast and voted him out.

Doneshius’s bones began breaking and rebuilding them, the crunch of bone filled my ears like a hot poker through butter, the smell of fear got me caught up in a rapture of hate, but I kept the hate at bay, suppressed it and found love for him in my heart anyway.

I got on my knees and began to pray again, only I didn’t take my eyes off Doneshius.

I prayed for Christ to forgive him, he knows not what he does. And neither do I.

His fangs became apparent as he dropped to his feet, larger, more defined and refined, sexier and even more gorgeous and powerful than ever before.

Nooo! It was too late! I could have killed the vampire of the rainbow when he was, for a split second, a half human! And then my venom kicked in from feasting on his blood.

I extracted the wrong executive order, so excited I was to taste him again and feel him again and have the opportunity to avenge the hatred I thought I had towards him, that I…slipped up and changed him instead of eradicate him.

No one told me that being pregnant came with mood swings. No one told me that the NSA has the origin, destination and duration of every phone call I have ever made and will make, but they don’t know the scope of my conversations, thank God. Our democratic rights are being slaughtered by Rethuglicans in private and in secret.

I wanted to punish the Raynedrakin with death for confusing me, using the same musical melody he used tonight, and back then, centuries ago, to get the men of the village of Opus to explode inside of me, all of One seed, to impregnate my ghost with the Child of All Nations…

And Doneshius, in an evil act of selfishness, muted Kleopha’s Ghost’s seven senses so she didn’t know she was pregnant, and have her murder and kill for centuries leading up to this moment indirectly feeding her unborn children with their growth spurt halted until the right time, lying dormant inside of her.

When he got me pregnant in the colors of the rainbow, when he posed as the phony messiah, everything came together for him. He unmuted the seven senses of Kleopha’s Ghost, and Armona’s body became pregnant with his third child, and when Kleopha’s Soul, pregnant as well, reunited with Armona’s body, thinking it was Kleopha’s biological body, when the Queen Mother’s body was actually pregnant from Doneshius, Kleopha’s Ghost gave birth and I became pregnant with fraternal twins, the child of the soul and the child of Armona’s body, together inside the same womb and the same flesh of Armona, with my soul controlling the body, ruling the body, and now I was faced with birthing two kids, one that belongs to me.

And one that doesn’t…

Despite everything, and no matter how much I wanted to kill him, Doneshius and I have a strong connection. Through the divine energy within us we art bound, maybe that granted us permission to build a connection with the Divine One, the energy of the Devine as well.

He stood before me, on ivory colored marble feet. Precious toes pink under clear toe nails, impeccably clipped.

And even though he was extremely powerful, he wasn’t the same as he was before. He was a lesser version of his past self, and of his past hierarchy self.

After a few moments of silence, the door to the Wolf Tribe still glittering behind him, but the furthest thing from my mind, I began to speak. I just had to.

“I thought ye were steadfast inside thy will to do what’s right in the world? Ye love with beautiful imagery and objects. I don’t. Beautiful imagery and objects I care nothing for or about.”

He snapped at me, and I kicked his hand back to his side.

“Ye cursed me ye confused demon!” he accused, and I stifled a yawn, and resisted the desire to flick dirt from my nails.

“Yes! I’m cursed! But you’re stripped and cursed at the same time, thy powers a step down from the affairs they used to be, and what little roguish showoffs they used to be. Thy preternatural realm ye no longer rule, and the colors of the rainbow ye will never be a part of again! Thy lies have caught up with ye, sir!”

“I don’t understand,” he said, and I wasn’t trying to understand his point of view. “Woe is me!” he barked, glaring at the light shining from the heavens above us both. Knowing he will never be a part of that realm of color ever again.

“I am not of this world!” he continued. “Why have ye banished me to the rules of it?”

A building voice rose from the still waters, the underwater volcano no longer exploded, and the hot lava cooled and remained obsolete.

“He was banished to an eternal life in the hell of earth. Now he’s a part of the world!” said the voice enchantingly.

And then the voice was gone…

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