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Doneshius, the R a y n e d r a k I n, whoever the hell he was, was silent for a moment, assessing everything, going over it all, raking over the matters of his heart and unspoken dilemmas with a fine tooth comb instead of a rake. I mean, who rakes leaves with a fine tooth comb anyway, certainly not I. And as much as Doneshius has hurt me, becoming the Raynedrakin and making me believe in his phony image, like he did when imitating the Messiah when we made love in the rainbow, bound by the limited color, and the policies there within, I knew that in order to carry out the will bestowed on me by the one that died for the sins of man, of all men, I had to forgive Doneshius.

But does that mean I had to love him as I love my neighbor?

When I never loved a neighbor a day in my life?

Doneshius suddenly goes off the deep end.

“The rainbow coalition of the rainbow will pale without me! Why did ye do this to me?” he barked at the Deepened Voice, a dark voice that sent chills up my spine.

The Deepened Voice was unlike the Angelic Voice that urged me to walk through the gates of the Wolf Tribe, when I vaporized to a skeletal form to fit through the grooves and the split of the sterling silver bars.

He continued, and I stood on the sidelines, quiet as a church mouse, and had no idea what a damn church mouse looked like. “Did ye hear me? Why did ye do this to me? After everything I did for ye! The Highest One of Earth! The One that Looms behind the Darkest of Darkness of the Darkest Hour, the Darkest minute, and the Darkest Second! I only wanted to experience love making with the Queen Mother Kleopha!”

He hid that fact that he fathers the two unborn children I carry. One belonging to Armona because it’s her body I used as a guise for 4,000 plus years, and the other child belongs to me because he also made love to my soul, Kleopha’s Soul, and plagued her with dreams, making her think she was having nightmares.

Carrying a dormant child around for centuries appalled me! How could I not know I was pregnant? Easy. He turned off the seven senses. And to find out after Doneshius got Armona’s body pregnant after enchanting the soul within it, me, with the colors of the rainbow, didn’t hurt as much as it had, because the more human I became, the more I found myself starting to let things go.

The Deepened Voice continued, more demonic than it has ever been. I knew I never heard the voice before because nothing registered, and yet I thought the same exact thing with Doneshius, when he formed from a cloudy mist as I was approaching the door to the Wolf Tribe.

And the whimsical sound of melody that filled my ears was of Doneshius’s creation, tricking me, confusing me with that bland spell. I can’t believe after all the years I’ve been a vagabond I still fell for spells of an elementary level, but then I understood why. He attacked me (without physical force) spur-of-the-moment, and without warning. The best way to get a host is by the element of surprise.

I couldn’t believe how naïve and foolish I was towards a man, a bastard, and a coward that obviously cared more about his own well-being and his own agenda and his actions and intentions, than he cared about me and his unborn children, and that spoke to me in volumes. Why was he siphoning his family?

Any man that didn’t care about the welfare of his children certainly didn’t deserve my leniency. In fact the bastard didn’t deserve to live or to die. He deserved to be assassinated, or annihilated.

“Her body is of the Queen Mother,” said the Deepened Voice, still sounding of Angels and Demons blended together in one uniform code of Omerta. “But her soul is a fraud, ye incompetent fool! Open thy eyes! Look past thy hidden agendas and thy erection ye Arrogant Fool!”

My mouth fell open in shock! How did he know such a thing? I never told him anything about me, let alone told him anything about who I was, and what my soul was doing in the Queen Mother’s body.

I stood nailed to the ground. I seriously could not move.

I then turned to the waters in anger and confusion. Where did this voice come from? What was the source?

“Show yourself!” I screamed at the waters.

“Remember this day and this setting,” The Deepened Voice said viciously. “And remember this location. Soon and very soon ye will reap what you’ve sown…Kleopha Achieng!”

I challenged the Deepened Voice. It didn’t scare me any longer. I had children to protect, and I couldn’t do that scared.

“Reap what, stupid voice! What exactly have I sown? Describe it! Describe it vividly! Ye haven’t an iota of whom or what I am!”

The Voice was still in the complete darkness. The illusion of water was gone. I had to listen to the cries of a fallen angel of the rainbow, a do-gooder in disguise.

One taste of my flesh supplied enough poison to separate him from his leadership in the colors and policies of the rainbow; and the soil of the earth, of which he was not born of, and was not born from, has answered an unheard of bounty placed on his head, and the soles of his feet.

He was to never leave the realm of the area we have met, the area we now stand, the area before the door of the Wolf Tribe. He was not meant to go on the journey of stopping the war with me, even though he has distracted me from my original plan with his cleverly hidden theatrics.

Was that why the Deepened Voice wanted me to remember this day, and this setting?

A small flame rose out of the darkness, enveloping us, making it difficult to see; I could barely see my hands or the garments covering my body, and, a few seconds later I could see the moon again, and the fallen angel staring at me, momentarily stunned, as he tries to cope with his reality.

I tried to calm myself because I was still trying to come to terms with it all, and forcing myself to move forward with the plan, my plan, of stopping the imposing war between the wolves and the lions.

“Kleopha…my sweet Kleopha Achieng, listen to me. I might as well tell ye all of it, the gist of it,” the fake Raynedrakin, Doneshius, began. I wonder why he was talking to me. I didn’t care to hear anything he had to say. So I turned my back to him and rubbed my arms, fighting back tears. He went for the juggler. “I showed myself, and revealed myself to ye, as the Ruler of the Rainbow to murder ye!”

I closed my eyes, the breath leaving my body. I’ve always known, I suppose. Maybe I was in denial. Maybe I didn’t want to believe it.

It wasn’t like I was giving up my U.S. Citizenship to keep my $39 billion dollars in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Panama off shore accounts to evade paying taxes to the crooked U.S. government, because that’s exactly what I did, years ago...

When I found out Swiss banks made secret deals with the U.S. government to report their offshore clients I pulled my money from Switzerland like they were peasants and invested in other entities I knew I could trust, and knew wouldn’t sell me out to the government.

Smart move on my part…

But for rich Americans, and even wealthy Europeans, tax avoidance and dodging was about to get harder and smarter.

The United States, with help and aid from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France, the U.K., and Japan will place huge penalties on wealthy folk that squirrel their money abroad.

Thirty percent fines will be placed on foreign banks if they fail to report on their U.S. Clients, so the cloud of secrecy is about to be banished to avoid sanctions and penalties placed on their U.S. investments.

I pushed the thought and thoughts of my financial business to my subconscious and said, “So ye were some sort of…assassin?”

“Yes. I was to wait until Kleopha’s Soul and Kleopha’s Ghost returned to thy fraud of a body, Armona’s body, enchant ye with the colors of the rainbow, pretend to be the Messiah, make love to ye, then explode inside of ye, getting ye pregnant with the Devil’s seed, the Child of all nations and Creeds.

“But I betrayed the devil with my own intention. I wanted a child, children, to carry on my name. I didn’t want to follow the Devil’s orders. I wanted to create my own for my own reasons. But I never anticipated falling in…I mean, I care about ye, that much is true.”

He fell silent, and I didn’t know how I felt about it all.

“Deceit was the true color of thy intention. Ye looked me in the face inside the rainbow, with thy 144,000 phony eunuchs, and ye said ye were not of the earth, and ye always did what was right. Ye were lying, and knew ye were lying! If ye care about me how could ye lead me on?”

“I do care about ye, Kleopha!”

“How can ye stand for all that is good when thy foundation is wrought with lies?”

“I didn’t lie! I simply omitted parts of the truth! I didn’t supply ye with all the information. And isn’t thy life, Kleopha, wrought with lies of thy own?”

I was appalled. “I lied for another reason, surely ye wouldn’t understand, will ye?”

Kleopha! A lie is a lie! Whether if it’s a big lie, a little lie, or omitting things from the truth and keeping the truth to yourself—all of that fits in the category of lies.

“Dishonesty and disloyalty art two different things all together, but means the same in my eyes, as the sparkles, they always tinkle with abandon at the very moment I decide to kill. And it’s taking everything in me, right now, not to kill ye on the spot for the disdainful acts ye performed and ordered on my body.

I continued, “But because I found Christ, well still finding him I haven’t totally converted over, I’m in the transition stages, I will have enough love for ye to spare thy life, but not thy feelings. For once in my life I am putting myself first over all else, even over my unborn children. I have to love myself enough and love myself more than I love anybody. If I don’t take care of myself, how can I take care of my children?

“I want to crush thy feelings, mundane creatures they art, like bed bugs, and leave the sting of scorn all over thy heart. It doesn’t deserve to beat the breath of life; as a matter of fact my heart fits in that category as well. I am to blame for my part in all this myself.”

He interrupted, how rude! “When ye tricked the Queen Mother Armona and thy soul inhabited her body, and remained a tenant of her body as well, for 4,000 years, bitch, a shell of Alicia herself, ye broke the laws that govern matter, so please, miss me with the unborn children speech. Save the arrogance for thy next tea party with uptight, moneyed vampires that fed thy ego, but do nothing for thy soul. Replace the egg shells of caviar with thy arrogance, because it stinks. It tarnishes the atmosphere we share together, but on opposing sides.

“Ye purposely and selfishly interrupted the way it all unfolds!

“Ye single-handedly sent evolution in another direction in a way the Universe doesn’t appreciate! And that’s why I had to meet ye, Kleopha! I was under strict instruction to kill ye.”

I gasped, locking out the rest of his words, though my ears received them automatically, and quite well, considering I was in shock at his revelation.

He was sent to kill me!

I should have known!


Rage boiled deep inside me, but I swallowed the lump in my throat and it distinguished that rage, and sent it flowing into my bloodstream disguised as tiny little particles.

He tried to bring me to, but I was too stunned to respond or listen to him further. As a matter of fact my life might be in danger now, and my unborn children’s lives. What if this was a set-up, a booby trap?

But what if it wasn’t?

He said, “Kleopha!” with authority and sternness, but his aggression failed to strike a reaction out of me.

When he noticed I wasn’t responding to his abrupt gestures he snapped his masculine fingers a few times, snapping me out of a trance.

I was on auto pilot.

He began to speak, and I listened to every word.

“I know I’m out of line for laying this all on ye now, especially when ye consider our present reality and situation. Ye have turned on the darkness, a place ye built thy wealth and power, unabashedly, and the darkness has a contract to own thy soul and the rights retained therein and within.

“Remember ye sold it.”

“No I did not! It was taken from me! I was forced to the boundaries of the vampire, ye sadistic bastard!”

“Kleopha, I may have deceived ye, countless times, but when I came to kill ye I never anticipated ye being as gorgeous as ye art! How could I bring myself to kill a woman that beautiful? When I made love to ye and was given the honor of feeling thy soft insides, soft like clouds but with flesh and bone to take ye there, I changed my mind then! Ye felt so good on my shaft I stuttered from the sensation alone…”

I blushed and quickly tried to wipe the smile from my lips, but to no avail. I hated myself for smiling. I hated myself for being the one to break first. What the hell was wrong with me?

I then frowned, suddenly, just for the hell of it, to keep him on his tippy toes.

“Why were ye ordered to kill me?” I asked. “Who informed ye to carry out the actions of the devious mind?”

He averted his face and refused to look at me. “That’s not important. Not right now at least. In due time, Kleopha, ye will know everything!”

I blinked a few times, uneasy. I hated waiting, and his response confused me. Why was he hiding vital information from me, information I feel I deserve to know. “Why not tell me now? Tomorrow isn’t promised!”

He guffawed. And I didn’t see a damn thing funny.

He waved his hands dismissively. “If ye believe that, surely it won’t be.”

“That may be the case but I do know this: the one sure thing promised to us all is death. Take that to the bank and exchange it for stocks and bonds, Raynedrakin.”

“Don’t I know it,” he said sarcastically, forcing himself not to roll his eyes. And I’m glad he didn’t. I wanted to be the only bitch facing him; I didn’t neddeth him acting like a bitch as well. Grab ’em like he had a pair.

He continued, “And being a slave to it, doing what it requires ye to do ye still have to fulfill? The one behind the darkness gave ye the world and the money attached to it, and ye give it all back because ye came to believe in Christ after ye became a vampire. How could ye spit in his face in such a way? How do ye know thy discovery is the breakthrough ye art obviously lusting after? What will ye do then? Blame everyone but yourself?”

I said, “I won’t entertain 89 percent of thy dialogue, it’s pointless. Ye art so off base ye stumbled on a football field instead. The darkness, I was a slave to it, but I am becoming more and more human the deeper I believe in Christ, and dedicate myself to doing his will!”

“Who cares about all that? Believe what ye want, and what ye must. I came to kill ye, initially, but I wound up making love to ye, along with every man of the Village of Opus, making Kleopha’s Soul, thy soul, thy soul that now lives in Armona’s body, the body I can see right now; the body with sprouting lips I’ve tasted, lips that were still drying on my upper lip. I caused you to come all through the night, and thy toes curled in wonder…Do ye remember?”

Yes, I did!


You were a hit and run operating on an expired insurance policy. You’ve accumulated late fees, sir. But how did I tell him that? “No, I don’t. I don’t remember, and this scene is getting old.” I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction! “I have to go speak to the Wolf tribe and stop the imposing war. Ye art a distraction. I can’t believe I was sidetracked by ye. But no more!”

Playtime was over.

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