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Chapter 24: JACK-KNIFED

I was spinning back into a forgotten era, his words opening deeply inside of me a portal I thought I long ago kept under lock and key. With a great sadness he gazed into my eyes and continued, though he struggled saying the words, “I don’t mean to put it all on thy head at once, but ye left them no choice, and no option so I give ye nay. Ye turned my parents into vampires before I poisoned them! It’s ye that made them what they art and who they art! Ye used my mother’s body as a guise and killed my father, after they made a deal with the devil, and inherited everything with his name on it; excluding me from my inheritance and the soul of my father and mother seek vengeance!”

He jumped up and down once and a huge whirlwind of black smoke snaked from his eyes and he spun and his mother’s face stretched from his chest, and dipped back into his bloodstream, and the shape of his father’s buttocks stretched from the side of his right arm, and dipped back into his bloodstream.

Doneshius began twirling contorted hands with a look of disconnection and his mother spun from his porcelain skin a little rugged around the edges and his father separated from his mother, as if resting inside her until the meeting, and, inevitably…the battle.

I was caught off guard, and I protectively held my belly. I was ready to strike if I had to, and only if I had to.

I would not make the first move. I would not knowingly put my children in danger.

But as their mother I have to fight with every breath of my body for their survival of the fittest, the fittest of the vampiric realm was before my eyes, ready to kill me and my children. It saddened me that Doneshius allowed this to happen. To side with his parents over his own children, what does that exactly tell me? How could he be in love with me if he didn’t even love what we created together?

Do they realize they art about to wage war with me and their own grandchildren?

What kind of man allows the vengeance of his parents to overshadow the love he’s supposed to have for his unborn children, and the woman who was carrying them to term?

Father, mother and son were ready to attack me, ready to kill me for turning them into my fledglings.

At least I let them live. Do I get any credit for that? Not that I was looking for any because I wasn’t and I’d die a hundred deaths before I ever request it.

His mother lowered her forehead and hissed as her eyes looked into mine.

A seductive aura radiated from her limbs, bedazzled in tarnished gold and rust, the way she moved nearly put me in a trance but I was immune against them now, so her plan failed in an instant.

Her husband, his father, my fledgling, held his ears and his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his piercing scream came at me in twenty ripples of motion, snarling and snapping jaws at my pregnant belly.

I disintegrated into particles and floated around their generation of heat, and by the time the ripples crashed into the ocean nine hundred feet away I formed into who I used to be and that’s when he attacked.

He kicked me in the side and, sprinting as fast as speed could travel, his wife jumped in the air, her legs jack-knifed, and she kicked me in the face, grabbing my hair, yanking me into her face and she kissed me, dropping me on the ground.

Her husband put his foot on my belly, and my eyes turned dark black, as black as black could get, and I saw blood. I numbed myself and calmed myself. Now wasn’t the time to act on emotion. I know they think they have the upper hand, but I hated to disappoint them, and disappointed they will be. I wasn’t going to lose an ounce of sleep.

I melted into what I internally felt. I became what I held back, what I suppressed. “Please! I want to be human again, don’t stand in the way of that, and don’t stand in the way of change. Think of my children, please! They art innocent in all of this!”

Doneshius lowered his head and closed his eyes, taking a few steps back towards the clearance behind him.



Ye stand there and do nothing?

I just lost all respect for ye if thy decision is made.

He glanced up into my eyes and I held them, letting all my anger show, letting it display itself anyway it wanted to so it could get its message across that I was never going to be the same if anything happened to my children.

His mother scowled. “We were innocent in all of this before thy children came into existence, so that angle won’t work on us, but the act ye put on was rather lovely if ye ask me, but a bit overrated and overdone. Ye pouted and ye cried, but of thy eyes not a tear formed, and that hardened me against anything ye may have to say.”

I said, “I will be human again, and if I have to singlehandedly kill ye both it will come to pass.”

She tilted her head back and laughed so hard it annoyed the hell outta me.

My children kicked me in the side from inside my womb.

I knew what that meant.

Kick the bitch’s ass.

Patience, babies. They’ll…slip up.

She said, her husband refusing to smile or show the brilliance of his teeth, “I don’t care about thy rambling; we have a vendetta against ye. We did not ask to be vampires! We didn’t request a visitor’s pass into the darkened realm of sunshine and life. We miss that life and ye robbed us of it!”

“Do ye see thy scandal, and thy shame, Kleopha?” her husband asked, and I rolled my eyes because I didn’t neddeth another lecture.

He took his foot from my belly and he knelt into my face and spat in it, the lowest form of disrespect there was.

I was infuriated to the highest degree of masonry. I was going to kill him. I promise ye that I was. No one spits in my face or pisses on me and gets away with…it.

Ugh! Oh my God!

I was waving my hands back and forth, trying to turn over on my stomach, trying to escape the sudden golden shower, but he kept pissing on me, his urine clinging to my garments.

I could tell he didn’t have water in his diet, his urine smelled of anything but.

I was so disgusted I literally could not move. I refused to inhale or exhale or blink.

He was pleased with his unwarranted onslaught. “That’s what I think of ye and thy explanations and things left unsaid. I hate ye, do ye understand what that means. That means I don’t care if ye live or die! I really don’t!

“We all have been through things we didn’t ask for, but it’s how ye get through it, and thy mental state of mind that counts in the end. Many aren’t strong enough to handle the life I’ve lived, and the lives I’ve taken because of an uncontrollable thirst for blood. If ye wouldn’t have bitten me and made me a creature without limits I wouldn’t have murdered anyone.

“That was never in my nature!”

I was quiet for a moment, and then I said, “I am asking ye both right now for thy forgiveness, and that is no act.”

They glared at me as if I was crazy, their eyes unmoving, and unforgiving.

“I will admit I led ye on with the children speech. I was just shocked about thy debut. But I am asking ye both to forgive me, as I must forgive others as well as myself for everything.

I staggered to stand up, refusing to use my vampiric powers right now.

If I was going to be a mortal I might as well start acting like it and get used to those things, like cramps and aches and bruises and paper cuts.

I shook once and every dirt particle separated from my body and fell to the earth.

A puff of wind spat my hair into place.

If I was going to die I might as well look like a queen, and a Queen I am.

I wore an amazing golden gown of duchesse satin, real gold I might add, swirling into a reddish color, and a darker red and a lighter red. It was truly fascinating.

Atop my hair was a gigantic curly white wig, of Queen Elizabeth proportions.

A few curls dangled over my left eye.

Millions of dollars in diamonds I wore. Rare gems and stones glistened from my earlobes and every finger and toe. I stood erectly in glass pumps with dark, sparkling red rubies.

My hatred was evident, with truth and finality, and this put me in conflict with myself.

I could not hate anyone or anything if I was going to make this evangelist thing work.

I was The Queen Mother, active President. Nothing and no one will take me down dressed in rags.

I never wore the same thing twice in my life.

And never will.

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