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After Joseph (Doneshius) eradicated his parents he looked at me as the ground beneath their dead bodies, dead bodies sulked into wrinkled affairs and soaking into the earth, opened up like grand double doors of gold and huge stairs led down into the earth. Darkness loomed, but then I saw the glowing of light, and light equaled promise, the promise that there was one way down into the realm of the unknown, and one way out.

At least there was a way out.

The man that loves me and his children, from the act of killing his parents, to keep them from killing his family, studied the ground that opened up before our eyes.

He didn’t seem bothered or intimidated so in that I calmed down and didn’t sense any potential threats.

He broke the silence, “Ye should go,” Joseph said, turning his back to me. He lowered his head and looked over his shoulder. “As crazy as we both art I couldn’t sit back and watch my parents kill ye. After all you’re carrying our children and that in itself I neddeth to take more responsibility about.”

He sighed.

“I don’t know what’s in the ground, or what foes await me. So shouldn’t ye stay and go along with me? Fight by my side? I’m sure this is necessary for me to be granted permission to talk to the Wolf Tribe. The Entrance to the Lion Tribe was a hoax. I’ll worry about them in due time. I will find what I seek, I truly believe this with my heart and soul.”

“Ye must pick and choose thy battles wisely, and according to thy agenda and thy intentions behind it. Ye art a gorgeous half human, half vampire woman on a quest to find Christ, and to minister the gospel to those that believe in Christ yet struggle with that belief, those on the border of becoming atheists art the ones that checkers thy purpose in life. This is thy time and thy chance to atone for thy mistakes and to accept responsibility for thy actions, even the ones ye art not guilty of. Ye have to repent for thy sins. This is thy only chance to stop our unborn children from being cursed with our error and dysfunction in judgment.”

He floated up to me and took me into his arms, giving me a new perception of him, one I was rather fond of.

He was as beautiful as they come, but a cut above the rest.

“Kleopha…to give our children the life of mortality, and simplicity, and protect them from the horrors of obtaining great wealth shows what kind of heart ye have, and the heart ye always had. Thy anger and thy neddeth for vengeance corrupted that heart and blackened it over 4,000 years. But now through thy own eyes and of thy own free will thy blackened heart has been reversed. I touch ye and can feel how red it’s becoming, filled with love. I look into thy eyes and know that ye have forgiven me, and that means more to me than ye can ever imagine, and more than ye realize.

“Now I can forgive myself. Whenever ye art ready to verbally tell me ye forgave me truly I can have closure on that chapter of my life, and of our lives during The Village of Opus Era.

“In that I respect ye. To be willing to give up thy wealth and supernatural aura to become an evangelist, inside something I set up as trickery, yet led ye on the path ye art to go and travel alone. Thank ye for doing for our unborn children what I couldn’t do, and what I wasn’t man enough to do: protect them. Give them a normal life outside of my own selfish neddeth for fame, fortune and prestige. To dine with wealthy folk and play golf with them and make love to them at my urging and my choosing and at my very own convenience I wasn’t ready to turn away from. I’ve tasted gold from the wells of the elite for so long I’ve become it.

“Unfortunately, this is a battle I don’t choose. I choose to turn and return to my life. I have too many investments I can’t turn away from. I have obtained too much wealth, respect and clout amongst my wealthy peers, and those wealthier than me that call the shots in certain areas of the supernatural realms, combined, in a whole. Each realm has its own restrictions and laws created by the Original Queen Mother and of ye, one that lives in Armona’s body. A clever woman ye art. I made love to two women at the same time with one erection of power. No wonder my orgasm deeply inside Armona’s warmth penetrated the fleshy folds of thy soul living in her flesh.”

“Don’t ye understand? Our paths crossed for a reason! Ye art made to go with me! Ye eradicated the secret guardians of the Ornament! The One that lives beyond the stairs is my answer to the Wolf Tribe, I know it is! I can feel it! I can go to the Wolf Leader and convince him that my unborn art half human and vampire only, and becoming more and more human the more I believe in Christ and live by his principles and fulfilling my purpose, making it all what I’m about, and all I care to do.

“Ye protected me and thy children when we needed ye the most. I could not kill thy parents since they art my fledglings, or were my fledglings, I should point out. I know it was hard to do, kill thy biological parents. But ye made a wise choice. They were pure evil. I am losing the evil edge to deceive, I am willing to give it all up and in my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit I detached myself from my wealth.

“So splitting it amongst plausible charities and keeping it to me and never boasting about it is what is necessary for my growth. Wealth isn’t for me to keep alone, and to me. It was granted to ye through thy talent to share with an ailing world.

“Feed the poor and cure them of diseases. Help the homeless and create avenues for them to prosper as well. Give the poor incredible jobs so they can be enabled to rise from the inner city and into the world of the middle class, send their kids to good, seedy schools and give them the opportunities forwarded to the rich and the elite.

“But the earth wasn’t designed for everyone to be successful. Without the homeless and the poor the rich have nothing to compare themselves to, and loses their power altogether. If everyone was rich how do the successful truly know they trumped the competition?

“How can ye tell you’re successful when everything around ye dresses the same as ye and makes the kind of money that ye make?


“Everyone has money, cars, fame and clout. Now you’re a part of statistics, tests and surveys and categories. Many will still be wealthier than ye, and if the poor were rich as well and lived amongst ye or down the street from ye or behind ye or next door to ye it will become a familiar picture and the flaws will be masked and camouflaged.

“If I don’t stop the Imposing war between the Lions and the Wolves, if I don’t become fully human by the time I give birth, my children will be born into a bloody system of rules, laws they must follow.

“They will go through many horrid affairs, things in place to turn their hearts as black as they could get. And they will become world leaders, with one of our children becoming President of the United States.

“And in that the world will die, and the rich will watch the poor disintegrate without incident, and all that will remain art rich folks, with nobody to compare themselves to. Back to square one, that will present a bigger problem…

“The population of the earth may have been reduced, per say, but jealousy and envy and the attraction to beautiful things and the world’s stamp on beauty will begin to corrupt even the dome protecting the Rich, and they will begin to fall off like a handicapped mortal sipping bourbon and dropping orange peelings on his dead father’s grave under a summer sun, a father that brought him up with hatred as a focal point; a father that died with hatred still shackled in his heart.

“Everyone that remains after the global genocide will be amongst wealthy folk only. Those with money will only know those with money. The world will become utterly boring. On the news and TV will only be reruns of mortal talk shows and TV shows and reality shows that will grow old and tired because the poor and middle class will have been killed off the face of the earth forever.

“The same music will suffer. The rich singing about the rich without inferior people to support it will die at the knees and turn to ash, and most of them will wind up dirt poor and die broke.

“And fallen rappers and entertainment figures and clothing designers and car makers will began to procreate broke seeds of pain inside fallen women of wealth, and a new wave of the poor and the rise of some of them to the middle class will restart recessions and unemployment percentages.

“Yes! That’s what I see through the eyes of my children right this instant!”

He placed his hand on my belly and rubbed it. He took my breath away when he sunk to his knees, raised my garments and kissed the skin of my belly. Tears fell from my eyes and into his hair. “I love them already!”

This was the first time he ever touched my womb or acknowledged that we shared our children together and made them together.

I continued with my prophesy, as seen through the eyes of our unborn kids, “When the rich and world elite kill off the poor and the middle class, they will celebrate and enjoy the rewards for only a spasm of breath, and it will be a matter of time before the golden thread that kept them bound together when the poor and middle class roamed the earth with their hard earned money invested in their products and companies and LLC’s unravels.

“And ruin will come about. When ye eliminate all of God’s worshippers and his obedient children, some that lived amongst the poor and the rich, some that were poor and middle class, he unleashes his anger.

“And his Wrath will be felt throughout the cold hearts of the rich and the wealthy.”

He stood up, still rubbing my belly. My children responded to his touch and were touched I was touched about it.

They felt everything that I felt, every flutter, every tear, every pout of disappointment, every murder and kill, every time I feasted and drained mortals of their Life, blood, they felt as I felt and ate as I ate.

I can go on and on about the things they have felt since I carried them—and trying to carry them to term, I hope to defy the destructive systems and vampires and demons that want my children dead, at one point in the tale that included Joseph, a man reincarnated into Airick Burgoos, and then Doneshius and the Raynedrakin—but I had more important things to do, and time has become of the essence. I can’t afford to waste it on things out of my control.

“I was in thy life for a season, Kleopha. I am to be nothing more but thy past, and the past must come to pass and by thy decision only. If ye walk down those stairs we art no more forever, our ties will be broken but we will remain connected. I will always be able to find ye. Our children might be human one hundred percent with ye if thy talks with both tribes art successful.

“But if ye chose to stay with me our kids will be born to rule and govern. And assassins will be after them tenfold, even when they rise in power. The Child of all Nations must’nt be born, according to supernatural law.

“And I’m sure thy Council members will be after ye when it all hits the fan. They won’t rest until you’re dead. And the Aggressive One and the Submissive One, two kids that were killed by their fathers art amongst thy Council now, and have become full adults in such a short time. They aren’t as angelic as they once seemed.

“Ye aren’t the only one the Devil has cut a deal with. The entire world is in debt to him, and that is the distraction from mortals getting on their knees and praying to the one and true living God, Jehovah. Just because I speculate and don’t believe, but believe some of it, but not all of it in a while, doesn’t mean ye have to agree with me. Read the Word and find thy own understanding. Just know King James wrote the Bible as well, well a version of it, the King James version, and he also wrote a book on Demonology in the same breath.

“It’s imperative ye find thy own understanding while on thy quest for truth. I applaud ye, and I love ye, Kleopha.”

I kissed his lips, and my own lips quivered. I held him as tightly to my sensual body as I could, rest the right side of my face on his amazing chest.

He showered my forehead and my hair with gentle kisses.

I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer, hoping Christ heard me. I prayed for the safety of myself, and my unborn children second. I said, “Amen.

I opened my eyes and Joseph was gone…

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