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Chapter 31: 3D GLASSES

There was a clause in his Will. If he is murdered all of his property and his fortune must be seized by the courts, and donated to the government. That’s the terms of the deal he made with the devil. Startling me when his body suddenly jerked, he reached into his mouth and stuck his hand and arm down his throat and his feet thumped along the marble floor. I covered my mouth, backing away from the weirdo. What the hell was he doing? I hadn’t realized he was going to do something this brash against himself. Was he crazy?

His eyes rolled to the back of his head and I saw fur, and then a mane of sorts. Not like a lion, but that of a…

Oh my God! Was that a Wolf head he was pulling out of his throat? Once it was free of his throat and his mouth, he weakly held it up towards me, narrowing his eyes.

His eyes were balls of acid, he meant business. “Ye must put this over thy head when seeking the entrance to the Wolf Tribe. Since ye art already inside the realm of the Wolf Tribe, they won’t be revealed to ye unless ye wear the Wolf’s head. It makes ye invisible, and the scenery around ye invisible and what it truly is, what ye see through the eyes of the Wolf will dazzle into thy eyes with fierce abandon and much spectacle. It truly will take thy breath away.”

Death greeting him exceedingly, Oiliester’s eyes fluttered closed, balls of white before his lids closed permanently. His murder will throw a monkey wrench in a plot to resurrect the Alhaji Dynasty with his undocumented wealth. His handlers will lose everything they have, and what they worked for within his organization when his death hit the airwaves.

Painstakingly, when Oiliester drew his last breath, his living quarters began to rumble and shake, as if a huge monster shook a bottle of flavored water, and the bubbles broke apart when it reached the top of it, just under the cap.

Again, my heart pounds with fear. I looked around wildly as busts from all over the world fell and broke to pieces, tarnishing the marble floor. The walls caved in, and large amounts of water, like a river was cut free of boundaries and shores, rushed me, sharks jumping and dancing with their famished eyes set on me! I began to sprint and duck falling chunks of earth, spread out on the marble floor when impacted.

The waters were about to swallow me whole.

I held my womb and ran towards another set of stairs that rose from the marble and chiseled its way through the earth, separating turf into platforms, space and air; it was amazing to see the earth part for me to exit! But since I could be crushed at any given moment, or possibly drown, I ran towards the stairs, my porcelain feet click clacking against the marble like high heels up an empty hallway, with the stir of echoes to assist my feet in their deception.

I jumped through a few flames, covering my face, and landed on the second Grand Stair, twenty feet in diameter, three feet in height, spiraling towards the top of the soil of the earth, with lace and silk blowing on a gentle breeze.

Behind me everything caved in, the rush of water trapped below, and I had to fly as chunks of earth nearly wiped me out. Over my face was the excavated Wolf Head, and his eyes remained.

They fit over my eyes like 3D glasses.

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