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Chapter 32: THE WOLF TRIBE

When I flew out of the hole of the earth, I floated above an immaculate piece of land. My mouth fell open. I was above the grass of the Wolf Tribe, in their main assembly area. I looked around as I floated towards the earth, the ground closing with a great rumbling, a thunderous sound. For a minute there was not a sound.

Nothing stirred.

Nothing moved.

Ah! Gigantic heads of legendary wolves were carved from stone, and implanted along the wainscoting of an enormous gazebo.

A five mile patch of emptiness was before it, not a blade of grass out of place in the sunshine.

When my feet touched the earth an earthquake boomed from nothingness, and the same infrastructure that rose from the earth when I first arrived beyond the gates of the Entrance of the Wolf Tribe greeted me yet again!

I gasped! I was right back where I started when I first walked through the gates of the Entrance of the Wolf Tribe! The dust clouds were enormous, of course, looking like monsters of gargantuan proportions rising from the smoke of the core of the earth.

Two enlarged concrete structures with mysterious etchings and hieroglyphics slammed together, with the all-seeing eye atop it, occasionally blinking.

This time wolves of all shapes and sizes, with beautiful bodies and impeccable muscles and bone structures, sprinted from the opening of the infrastructure, a thousand feet behind the gazebo.

They couldn’t see me, but they sniffed violently, trying to find where the intruder lurked.

Were they looking for me?

I was flattered by the attention!

Some of the well-bred Wolves ran along branches of trees and others ran along the bark of trees towards the branches, for an aerial view through the eyes of their well-blueprinted security.

But security meant nothing when ye couldn’t locate the target.

The leaders of the Wolf Tribe, well, Generals I should say, led the army of wolves along the miles long and miles wide terrain of beautiful grass.

“Where art ye?” the bawdiest Wolf, with a star branded on the middle of its forehead, growled, his voice filled with thunder and the rumbling of it.

I stood in one spot, in the middle of the field.

When they nearly found me, I ran to another patch of land and they cleverly redirected their routes. They looked more like dogs chasing their own tails, or better yet they shifted like five hundred birds ducking a gust of wind during flight; tiredly falling from the sky during winter in the North; broken wings they nurse until replenished; but many wither from frostbite and perish.

I laughed; it was a humble laugh that filled their ears, and discombobulated them even more.

“Where art ye?” the Wolf roared, scowling.

I raised my hands to the Wolf Head, gripping its mane on either side, and saw them through the wolf’s eyes.

I smiled. I could see everything, things I won’t be able to see when I remove the eyes from my very own, and take the Wolf Head from my face.

I studied everything, all the secret passageways going into the earth with breathtaking design and buildings, corroded, and adding to the spice of their heavily guarded and protected realm of power.

I love what they did with their realm!

Twelve thousand wolves and the Lieutenants and the Generals leading the pack, were fourteen thousand feet before me, heading directly towards me…and then they were thirteen thousand feet away, and twelve thousand feet, and eleven thousand feet before me.

I smiled again, releasing the mane of hair of the Wolf Head. I put my hands on my hips, the mask half off my face.

My form appeared as a silhouette in the sunlight, the opposite way it’d look if I stood in the glow of the moon in the midst of darkness.

They were nine thousand feet away.

Eight thousand feet away, I estimated.

They were getting faster and faster.

They had an odor I couldn’t tolerate and the closer they were to me the stronger the nasty smell, ugh!

I actually put the mask back on to block the smell of fur balls.

Fortunately the Wolf Head smelled of Oiliester. I could tolerate that kind of smell.

The Wolves traveled at incredible speeds, covering a great amount of distance.

Poetically they moved, with me set on their radars, only they didn’t know it was me, the vampire pregnant with the Child of All Nations and his brother.

When they did find out all hell was going to break loose.

I didn’t have a plan; I didn’t even know what I was going to do. Failing to plan is planning to fail, when was I going to remember that fact, after I showed up to talk to the Wolves, if they were in the mood to talk to a vampire they wanted destroyed for supposedly breaking the treaty, when animals deceived me from the beginning of the treaty, and even up to the signing of it.

They killed each other as well.

Why hadn’t I known that?

As smart as I say that I am.

I cracked my knuckles because I was prepared to fight.

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