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Chapter 33: THY LEADER

With everything in me I was prepared to protect my children! When the Wolves were one thousand feet before me I snatched the Wolf Head from my face and my image came into view, dazzling like specks of diamonds and gold under the sunlight.

I was more human than vampire so I didn’t worry about bursting into flames.

My hair was luxurious, wild, big and curly. It beautifully framed my face, but an edge of death colored my piercing eyes.

“She holds the Wolf’s Head!” one of the Wolves said.

All of the Wolves came to a complete stop, dust rising and floating towards me.

Once the dust cleared I dropped the Wolf’s Head on the ground and put my foot on the side of it.

They all began to wail mournfully.

I take it they know who the wolf head belonged to.

I couldn’t afford to waste time.

Where is thy leader?” I asked with contempt. I had a vendetta against them if they were still trying to kill me and/or my children if they ignored what I had to say.

The war with the Lions must not take place, under any circumstance, even though a member of the Lion Tribe shoved the Wolf Head down Oiliester’s throat for safe keeping, to preserve it until I met up with him again, this time with an agenda.

As I figured they all ignored me, their eyes cast on the ground beneath them, refusing to meet eyes of plea bargains and compromise.

I’m sure word got back to them that I killed a wolf and a few lions when Kleopha’s Soul tried to occupy my body, because I had to. Self-defense goes a long way. And the presence of a Wolf’s head certainly meant something to the Wolves because even the Generals and Lieutenants bowed before me, refusing to meet my eyes.

They looked into the eyes of the Wolf Head.

I had a Plan B, even though I hardly knew what Plan A was. Plan B I just made up, and the more I thought about it I’m sure this will speed things along faster than they were unfolding.

“Where is thy Leader?” I asked again.

The silence was relentless.

Okay, time to play hard ball.

I eyed them all like the Queen I was. “No one wants to talk, okay, slime balls. I will talk for ye! Any wonder why the Lions, cats if ye will, art the King of the Jungle and the King of Beasts, and the Wolves, dogs, puppies, run around like thy very own land is a dog pound?”

They exploded with rage!

Abruptly, all of them attacked me, their clawed feet thunderously pounding against the turf as they approached me, with speed, anger and force.

They snarled, baring their sharp teeth.

From my waistline I pulled out a piece of the diamond from Splitahmus’s crown and held it up in the air, above my head and the way the sunlight redirected its rays towards it took my breath away, and caused the Wolves to bow in surrender the instant a few of them snapped at my legs and feet.

My object sparkled with authority…

A piece of the diamond, broken in two, to increase its effectiveness and unlimited power, from The Guardian’s Crown gave me the source of power I needed to talk to the leader. The diamond, combined with the Wolf’s Head, were my new smoking guns and bargaining tools. I wonder if the Leader of the tribe was hidden amongst the thousands bowing before me, giving me honor and respect. I felt it, their mood changed and I fed from it.

I remembered one of the Lions telling me the leader of the Wolf Tribe was the one I killed in the Grand Forest, when I was being attacked.

At least now I know he was lying to distract me…

I should have known.

The enemy never tells ye the truth; they shade the truth inside brief misconceptions with enough gun power to last for only a moment. They lie without a conscious, they only tell ye misleading information to get the real facts from thy submissiveness, once ye surrender.

Never surrender to the enemy by believing their lies.

Time to start the process of elimination, until the Leader of the Tribe reveals himself. I hadn’t time for games; I had no idea the point in time I was going to go into labor, or be baptized inside my new faith, a faith I have to practice from the heart day in and day out, studying and applying the Word and living a righteous life. I wasn’t a num mi yo ho rain gey keyone type of woman, I wasn’t a Buddhist.

Could I do that after my shady past, worship Christ?

Yes I could. Once I become human the vampiric past will be a thing of blackness, out of sight, out of mind and will never remember again!

Total redemption and freedom. For me and my children! Now I have to find the Leader. I wished he stopped being a coward and stand up for thy Tribe! Stand up for thy society, and thy people, and thy system of things, and the Wolf government that keeps them all obedient and in line.

I smiled at them offhandedly.

They looked into my eyes and not a muscle on their faces contracted or moved. I found that rather odd.

I needed a different strategy. I have to shake them up a bit.

I lowered both pieces of the glittering diamond of the Splitahmus Crown and the laser of sunlight pouring from their depths vanished with a clap of sound that temporarily deafened me and everything around me, and roundabout.

The earth briefly shook with thunderous sound, piercing on the ears and vibrations attacking the outer limits and boundaries of the eyes.

Narrowing my own I said, “I’m going to say this once more, and one final time, take me to thy Leader!”

Mist formed from the humidity of my breath and turned into tarantulas scurrying in fear of exposure down the length of my body, the bottoms of their furry little feet interlocking with the complexion of my skin, but not the skin itself and scattering round about, disturbing the Wolves. Frightened, they howled, backing away from those furry spiders. Those tarantulas of mine, finicky little bastards, didn’t give the Wolves a second thought…

They scurried on by and off into the horizon behind us all.

I gave them a moment to calm themselves.

My eyes widened passionately, “I am Kleopha Achieng! Give me a moment to speak to thy Leader, and if not thy Leader I want to talk to ye all as a group and ask ye to have an open heart, and put yourself in my place. I am about to be a mother to fraternal twins, I am doing this for the sake of peace, and to give them a future.

“So ye have youngins that roameth amongst ye, of thy own seeds? How would ye feel if ye couldn’t give them a promising, fulfilling future coming towards them as they grow and ye raise them, but the memory of the darkness and the sale and the purchase of the soul for prosperity threaten to annihilate thy children without resolve or remorse!

“Ye will feel helpless, especially when ye fail to protect thy young, and thy families from chaos and destruction, chaos and destruction that would have never come about if only we learn to love one another and work together as a combined global society, animals and humans, accepting everyone for who they art and their beliefs, and at least hearing once in their lives the gospel, the life of Christ…”

They cringed when I mentioned Christ. Filled in their eyes was the love, honor and respect for the Creator, and I was flabbergasted that they had that much passion and feeling for the Creator. That lets me know they art more intelligent than I realized.

The All-seeing eye vanished into a puff of smoke, a great blanket of grayish blackness rose in the air like an intricate, immaculate mist, blending in with the particles of hovering blackened clouds with silhouettes of beauty that caused me to avert my face.

I must not get attached to beautiful things, and considering I was a narcissist for centuries knocked me into the hypocrisy of my own thoughts and beliefs.

Was I truly up to stopping the Imposing War between Lion and Wolf?

The Wolves tried to justify starting the war, and the reasons behind it (my pregnancy; they still thought my offspring was a mixed breed of all of the above, with strains from all four entities, wolf, lion, vampire and human).

They were so off base, if ye asked me.

So I spoke about it, giving it to them laced with truth.

Let’s hope they have an open heart.

I said, eyeing them all, looking into every pair of eyes, thousands of them in the blink of an eye, and held their gazes through a wave of telekinetic vibration. “I am pregnant with the Child of All Nations—a child, my child, my children I should say, that is of no threat to ye, to thy way of living, to thy government or to ye as a collective whole. They art not a danger to the world at large!”

Dismissively, a few of the wolves grunted; and mostly all the other wolves listened to every word that I speaketh, and actually believed what I was saying thus far. We have had a long lasting relationship, the Wolves and I—through the proposition of the treaty of the Animals, to the signing of the Treaty of Animals between all four entities, Lion, Wolf, Vampire the Cheetahs.

The one thing I love about the Cheetahs was simple. They stayed in their lane, and their fortress was invisible to the naked eye. Their realm has never been penetrated or found.

We only heard of their kind through urban legend and myth. Since they have never been seen outside of their realm exposed to the naked eye, we only spot them round about, in all parts of the earth. They can appear in the Wolf Tribe or the Lion Tribe, sprinting through open patches of land, I would later find out, killing animals of all kinds for nourishment, and then vanishing into the forests and the union of various trees and turn into the air they all inhale, and become invisible indefinitely.

With no scent or trace to them to stay or remain in pursuit.

Every Wolf, Lion or Vampire that ever chased a Cheetah for incarceration, or for a kill, or to examine were instantly struck by a bolt of lightning.

They were turned to ash in an instant; a body of ash in perfect form destroyed once blown all over the land roundabout from just a whiff of wind.

Getting the signature from the Leader of the Cheetah Tribe was risqué and mission impossible, but through luck and deception I pulled it off without a hitch.

I traveled the earth with the documents rolled into a tight scroll, and attached to my hair with the other brilliant, dazzling ornaments of distraction, my garments flapping like bats in the middle of the sky until I spotted one.

It took a great deal of time before the appearance, and I was about to give up after flying about the earth like the combination of the atmosphere from every city, every state and every continent on earth, one combined smell of life that we all breathe for survival.

I was flying, scanning the earth 20,000 feet below me with the precision and finality of an expensive digital camera. My eyes had the capability to zoom in at close range, pan right or left with fluidity, zoom out and lock in an instant on an object like a target over what’s to be destroyed on the spot, get them before they get ye. Ye stay alert, ye stay alive!

I spotted the Leader of the Cheetah tribe sprinting through the streets of Rome, causing people to run away in fear. He growled and scowled. His huge muscular body so beautiful and in shape I felt fat and flabby, and I was a perfectly curvaceous woman that hasn’t had a complaint ever in her life about the voluptuous affair of her taut body!

I pulled the thin strips of lace from my hair and released the scrolls. They fell towards the leader of the Cheetah Tribe just as he jumped over a few tourists and landed inside a huge fountain with a humongous statue of a naked god spitting water in perfect shapes and forms fifty feet into the air, creating arches that poured back into the fountain below.

His eyes locked onto my image instantly.

His eyes clouded over and he roared. “I hear about this treaty through the winds of blasphemy! I will make this quick and brief,” he continued, a bluish force field guardedly forming around him and another separate one around the massive fountain baring the false idol, and another thicker, bolder and bigger domed force field around the parameters of his being and the fountain itself, a perfect circles, three of them, linked together like Olympic rings.

The scrolls penetrated the force field above him and opened themselves up through the thought of interaction and they floated up to him with an ink pen and a nail.

“I will only sign this treaty for one reason, and that reason is to stay in thy realm of existence! We breathe for a separate purpose than any other animal and reptile on earth, why do ye think the Cheetah is the fastest creature running the earth?”

I descended towards him, my hair flapping with the garments of my silk dress and royal crown of diamonds over the bang of my hair, crystal heels formed on my feet before the beauty of my porcelain feet could come in contact with cobble stone streets.

My feet were too pure to touch mortal territory.

“Before we go any further, I am Alicia Chay. I don’t think we formally met…”

“It’s a pleasure to meet ye. I must say the supernatural realms art in cahoots about thy sudden appearances, and the cleaver way ye escape danger and those that try to endanger or trap ye.

“Ye may have escaped us, and every other supernatural being or thing that has tried to capture ye since our lives began, to no avail, yet humans capture thy kind and the Cheetahs for game and sport or for the thrill of the kill, illegally, and I want to seek vengeance for ye, protect ye so ye don’t become extinct.”

“That’s a deal I can agree with. Stay in thy lane, and we will stay in ours. We will never bother ye. Let us hunt and roam the earth privately, leave us to ourselves. We help maintain the steadfast order of the Axis, an Axis earth turns on daily, redirecting sunlight to fit the nooks and crannies of the earth in a whole, the entire earth, as powerful as the sun was, as huge as it was, never illuminates the entire earth at once. Earth exists in the form of light on one side, and on the other side, darkness; both light and darkness, the sunrise, and the sunset one or the other side of the earth could only be. Both sides experienced light and darkness, day and night, night and day, but never night and day at the same time on one side of the earth.

“Night and day art in direct opposition of each other, and have been since the Lord said, ‘let there be light,’ upon the face of a blackened, darkened deep.

Night and day, day and night moves to the pulse of man-made calendars, leap years, time and governed by movement of the earth on its Axis. If we perish in a whole, the entire earth will be thrown off balance.

“I don’t have much time to spend here, I sense the authorities here in Rome and Interpol is on their way to destroy me, probably with their military. If ye look around not even a spectator look at it, everything, every store, every boutique and every shop and the streets running in front of them or by them art empty. Everyone has run for their lives at the sight of me, the King of Balance and Speed, or in lament terms, the King of the Axis.

“I heard of ye and know of thy life and legacy, Kleopha Achieng. I have known of ye since ye were going by the alias Alicia Chay, an alias ye created when ye became a vampire and wished to erase thy past, so ye forget about two people ye loved, Chanteuse and Zulu, that betrayed ye.”

I was quiet when he said that, thrown off guard. I hadn’t seen that coming. How did he know those things about my life, things I seldom spoke on to anybody, things I hardly admitted to myself?

I blinked a few times before I spoke. I had to catch my breath. The force fields pulsated with energy and security. Not even the breath of the earth could penetrate it.

“How do ye know those things about me? We have never met!”

“News travel, Kleopha. Nothing ye ever do stays with ye. People love to talk or make things up about ye when ye art original and different. Envy is more effective than jealousy. Envy has common sense. Many aren’t capable of using common sense, they can be as intelligent as a geek with a doctoral degree, and as dumb as a bag of rocks when it comes to matters of reality and their own hearts.

A few helicopters shot around thick clouds, descending a few thousand feet towards us, of fin the distance. I could hear the bleating of blades, my skin was so sensitive I could actually feel the wind from the blades, even from 12,000 feet in the air, and 13,000 feet away.

The Leader of the Cheetah Tribe growled again, a few tanks slowly turning the curve of cobble stone streets, headed in our direction.

A few unmarked black SUV’s thunderously sped past the tanks, and were headed towards us with shiny tinted windows, bulletproofed.

He wasn’t intimidated, and didn’t seem to be in a rush, despite danger approaching us.

I wasn’t worried myself. By the time they get here I will be 20,000 feet in the air, heading East.

He said, “Envy shows hope, if ye choose to use it wisely, and only to better yourself. When ye use the seeds of knowledge those that inspired ye has given without ill intentions, that form of envy is positive and good.

“But to envy someone that has the world to the point of jealousy, that little green monster of destruction cares for nothing and no one.

“Jealousy is conclusive, soulless. It knows no relief or compromise. It is the result of uneducated guesses, distorted thinking sending ye into relapse of the brain. In a fit of jealousy one destroys himself for personal gain or to momentarily have power over those they hurt. They take what they can get, they don’t know how to control their bouts of me, me, me.

Four helicopters hovered above us, thirty feet, the power of the blades blowing my hair and garments into a frenzy, the rush of wind relaxing me more than I realized.

He yawned. I smiled brightly! I loved that he didn’t fear the T4 cells of Rome: the authorities.

And in that I cringed, and my body jerked.

The authorities weren’t the only things after the Leader of the Cheetah Tribe.

He said, a huge crown of diamonds and rubies, in masculine form, formed from dust atop his head. “Ye art a beautiful creature, thy kind. We will never bother ye or thy realms, we only appear to hunt and for food, the way ye roam and travel the earth to satisfy the pulse of thy thirst for human blood.

“We don’t know who ye art, but we wish to detain ye for observation! We ask that ye remain calm and submissive and allow us to take ye into custody!” sounded from the PA system the authorities set up, trapping us in front of boutique stores, in the huge opening of space that was the cobble stone street, and a huge patch of well-kept grassy terrain loaded with trees, well-trimmed and immaculate.

We ignored them. If I didn’t get his signature the Treaty of Animals won’t come into law, or come into effect.

I have a time limit, and a dead line. Why I wanted to create a Treaty with animals still confused me, but I’d rather justify killing humans by avenging the illegal slaughter or sale of animals, of any kind, whether that be a cat or dog, than to kill them without a reason, or in vain.

I said, “I don’t wish to know thy purpose, but thy participation in maintaining order and allowing me to be its security from those that illegally kill for sacrificial purposes, or for game, profit and sport, or for the hell of it, or because they art bored and fantasize about destroying life, all of the above art cruel agendas animals doesn’t deserve. They deserve to live and survive just like humans. It wasn’t the animal that ate of the forbidden fruit.”

“We will say this one final time!” came the voice over the PA system. “Surrender to us! We promise to treat ye with care and respect. If ye allow us to study thy brain and thy bodies, to see how thy intelligence and supernatural power can benefit mankind, and strengthen our government, we will give ye amnesty and immunity against our laws, if only ye cooperate…”

Again, we ignored them. How dumb did mortal government think we were? Proposition us to surrender, and in the end we suffer a grave loss, robbed of our supernatural thoughts and impeccable, supernatural talent. There was a difference between being an extraterrestrial, and being supernatural. To my alarm seven tanks surrounded us, blocking us in, the bluish electricity of the force fields, all three, strengthening, to ensure the survival of the Leader.

“I agree with ye, Kleopha. Let’s get this over with. I will sign the Treaty, the leader of the cheetah Tribe, their President!”

“The rusty nail before thy eyes is there for ye to pierce thy finger after ye sign the Treaty, agreeing to the terms within, terms ye aren’t to know of as of yet, but ye will find out about after ye submit, In half mortal form ye art to use the ink pen filled with blood to sign the treaty, allowing thy transformation into half mortal form to be seen by the government. Once ye sign the treaty of Animals, ye art to pierce thy finger with the rusty nail, and morph back into Cheetah form while thy blood flow tarnish the fur of thy paw. Place it on the back of the Treaty, and I will take care of the rest.”

He did what I requested without another thought, and once he pierced his finger and placed his bloody paw on the back of the Treaty of Animals, the bloody paw print vanishing into the texture of the document.

Startling me ghouls, witches, demons, zombies, wolves, lions and vampires burst from the darkness, by the thousands, scowling at the Leader of the Cheetah Tribe, trying to, for the umpteenth time, capture him.

They rushed past me in an instant, as if I wasn’t standing there.

The Leader growled with power and stood on its hind legs, touching the top of the force field with a long claw and the entities of bluish electricity flashed a bright light, causing us all to avert our faces.

The masked men in military gear aiming automatic weapons at us from choppers dropped their artillery, covering their eyes, temporarily going blind.

The barrels from the tanks lowered with a screeching sound, aiming at us.

They fired instantly. Before the sixty pound rounds could make impact the Leader of the Cheetah Tribe, twelve feet tall, 1,000 pounds, ran towards the tanks just as they fired again, Boom, and he jumped over the tanks, and the rounds, and the supernatural beings that were trying to capture the Leader of the Cheetah tribe while we were distracted by each other, and distracted by the armies and cops and government officials that run away in fear, vampires, Wolves and Lions tore through their flesh without incident, infuriated that they chased us away, taking away their chance to capture the Leader of the Cheetah, thus rewriting and changing history if the soul of their realm could be penetrated and studied.

The city and the cities surrounding it were on instant shut down with immediate curfews, news stations reporting about threatening earthquakes that rocked parts of Rome, stunning the world.

Fifty mile blocks were set up all about the area we were in, and outside of that, keeping out the news media or any other outlet to the real world and the internet, that will send the world into a screaming panic if images of our supernatural presence debut on the World Wide Web.

Every citizen in every restaurant and boutique that saw of the Leader of the cheetah tribe and Kleopha, myself, were executed by the government. Society mustn’t know about this occurrence.

I rose in the air and flew East, just as I said I’d do.

The signed Treaty was rolled into a perfect scroll and followed closely behind me with feathered wings rivaling the texture of my hair…maybe that’s why the scroll on wings settled into my hair, the dust of power tying it to a lock of my hair on the left side of my head with lace and silk.

Below me was an untold World War 3: the supernatural against the government and the authorities.

There were no survivors…

The Leader got away, yet again!

But I had the DNA of his blood, and his signature.

The incident went unreported, and unknown, forever.

Why I thought of this looking into the eyes of the Wolves beats me, but I felt it and went with it, and the trouble I went through to get the leader of the cheetah tribe to sign the treaty I couldn’t treat like a third wheel.

It took a lot out of me, and all of this before I became pregnant with fraternal twins.

Sucking in the doggish smell of the atmosphere, an atmosphere I appeared a complete stranger, a stranger that has eradicated their Guardian, Splitahmus, I finally said, my eyes enlarging, “My child is not half vampire, half wolf, half lion and half human! My children art half vampire and half human only, I can promise ye that!

“I can prove it with facts, not matters of opinion! Take me to thy Leader! If ye don’t take me to thy Leader, I will bring utter chaos and destruction to thy Wolf Tribe, and, yes, I will be the Leader of the Wolves that survives.”

I smiled bitterly, their eyes narrowing on my image with anger and threatening promises of attack deeply embedded in scowls of all kinds, neither scowl bothered or intimidated me.

If there art any survivors, I say in closing...”

I was very confident about that, mind ye.

“I will destroy ye pregnant with fraternal twins!”

To cement my threat and promise, I selfishly and intentionally slammed both pieces of the rare diamond (the only one of its kind in the entire world) together—wham—into One diamond and the earth rocked thunderously again!

Once the Wolves whimpered and were in fear of their lives, I separated the diamond once more and replaced the eyes in the Wolf head with the sparkling diamonds, the diamond of One becoming the plural form of itself.

I understood what I had to do. I knew what I had to do, and what I must do, and what must happen, and what must come to pass.

By any means of deception necessary…

But what happened to fulfilling my purpose with love, honor and respect for a man I have just come to believe in, my heavenly father…

I couldn’t ignore the human part of myself and focus on the supernatural part of the vampire I still remain.

Grunting, the old eyes of the Wolf Head lie before the Lieutenants and the Generals of the Tribe.

Play time has expired.

After I shook legions of strands of hair from my face, loving like snakes, once again I lowered my forehead, looking up with my eyes…

It was time to change the course of history.

After all, history books were lies anyway.

In my opinion, but was it really an opinion…?

Or a matter of fact?

Ye decide…

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