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Chapter 34: SPECIMEN

This was going to be harder than I thought. I should have known they wouldn’t exactly take my hand and guide me, or even give me directions to find their Leader myself. That’s like a terrorist asking the CIA to take him to the President. Over their dead bodies! would be their expressions with narrowed eyes of defense, killer instincts overflows from mental capability and physical probability, mixed with rage and emotion, both rage and emotion tumbles together in a forbidden dance of supremacy, and only then does it become a reality when the CIA tear him to shreds before they take him anywhere. Never negotiate with a terrorist! Rule number one!

So why am I expecting them to negotiate or compromise with me?

No matter how equipped the terrorist was with the most expensive of artillery. He would be torn to shreds.

I asked myself that question because I felt like a terrorist on Wolf Tribe land, piles of feces strewn throughout the land around them, a few of them crapping right before my eyes as if I wasn’t there.

Before those chosen few could finish the job I ran so fast towards the first Wolf that crapped in front of me and slit his neck, kicked him so hard he crashed into the other wolf twenty feet away, crapping, ripples of Kleopha circled the other four, running so fast my hair blew like wild birds, and my feet never touched the ground.

With one final sprint, and jumping thirty feet in the air, I extended my sword from that unknown place on my garments and cut one of the female wolves in half, just as she began to take a crap.

With one stroke of the wrist her husband was eradicated when he leapt at me, and the other wolves were paralyzed.

The wolf heads of the deceased filled the wolf head at my side with an unknown power, white mist funneling into the diamonds, the infinitely staring eyes of the dead wolf heads illuminated my initial threat to this republic with a weak government.

I wasn’t playing games any longer. Relieve yourself on thy own time, and not on mine.

I was, after all, the acting Queen Mother!

Respect was due at all times, even if I offer nothing but disrespect in the end.

But that was my old way of thinking.

The hundreds of thousands of wolves howled into the air, becoming stale with maliciousness. I felt a shock-wave come over me, and I spun in four circles to brush it from my body.

Goosebumps broke out all over my arms, and I shuddered with hatred.

I fought myself to shake the feeling, because of my new belief system, belief window and what I truly believed in, and what I was willing to live for, even above myself and my unborn children, because I realize now that unborn children art a gift, they didn’t ask to be created through the procreation process between two individuals, for whatever reason, that had no part in the decision, or if it was a decision between two individuals at all.

Artificial insemination roameth the earth in abundance, test tube babies I’ve seen with my own eyes, but never paid attention to, because they were carbon copies of Adam and Eve’s failure to obey Law, eat of any tree in the Garden of Eden, but not of the Tree of good and evil.

In fact, in face of danger, and in light of my onslaught, it’s hard to forget the Wolves and I shared the same Treaty, the Treaty of Animals, and, outside of the breaking of its terms and terms of service, I couldn’t let an emotional attachment render my decision making, or its undue process.

Love thy neighbor!

Pray for thy enemies!

Love thy enemies!

I must live by those terms now, terms inapplicable to the defunct Treaty of Animals, as much as it disheartened me to acknowledge, let alone accept.

Could I truly cope with the failure of the Treaty, and of the Treaty as a whole?

Yes, I could. I had to start learning to be of the earth, but not love the things of the earth, nor the material possessions in place to keep ye distracted from the Lord.

And I was ready to get started, now was a good enough time to do so.

I prayed to Christ for forgiveness, for slaying a few disrespectful Wolves, crapping before my chaotic eyes as a form of disrespect, like Africans spitting at the ground at the mere sight of ye, missing thy feet by mere centimeters.

Short-sighted I became, already fighting bouts of near-sidedness, with a terrible blindside that rendered me speechless.

Who doesn’t know by now that objects appeared closer than normal in the mirrors of my retinas, but then again maybe they don’t know, so I’m here to inform them, and remind them again if they grant me the access to their Leader. I wasn’t there to assassinate him; I was there to compromise with him, if he was open to it.

And I had to use my children as a bargaining tool, since it’s their lives and their future at stake, and as their mother with a deafening maternal instinct, I had to examine every option there was, and choose the best option that guarantees survival, and not choose one by the wayside, a place my body will end up devoid of life, and rid of my babies.

And I’ll die before I let that happen!

However, pushing that aside, and all that came with it, and the baggage associated with it as well, and my perception of it, and the perception of the Wolves as a Tribe, and the perception of each individual Wolf, respectively, if I choose to give respect or not, I couldn’t be fooled by what lay before me, the Wolves, the props or the land as a whole, or the infrastructure looming amidst their presence, and the Gazebo as well.

I had the Wolf Head. I had the answer key to the test of survival, but I didn’t have all of the questions, and the source wasn’t listed. Knowing was half the battle, and I didn’t know all there was to know.

Their reluctance, their allegiance to their Tribe bewildered me more than I realized.

After all loyalty was everything to me, unless ye have something that I want, something that I neddeth to help complete the woman I was. The woman I became after years of torture, murder and torment I wasn’t comfortable with. After centuries of being the puppet for the darkness I needed a change.

Letting it yield it’s alluring winds throughout my circulatory system until it redirected my breathing pattern and decoded my central nervous system, changing the way I inhale and the texture of my bone marrow; taking for granted the neddeth to exhale as my heart continued its transition, from vampire to human, to a human that believes in redemption, to one that believes in an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, dentures neddeth not apply.

In order to complete the cycle of life, recycle the same air until ye perish, remember central air comes with a hefty price tag, and a light bill associated with it.

I held my breath a lot while I was in their presence, because the air reeked of their droppings and the smell of urine did nothing for my senses.

Grossed out, I had to force my lips to part, to stop the smell from entering my mouth, but I had no choice if I was going to attempt to stop the war and save my children, and myself and my principles.

Ugh! My tongue tasted like the air I inhaled.

I shook my head, on the cusp of unsealing the abyss of doom on a massive tribe, “I say once more,” I began, for the absolute last time, no more compromises. I had to stop the imposing War, “Take me to thy Leader or I will destroy thy tribe and thy land without further ado!

“If ye art not on the side of Christ ye art automatically on the side of the Devil, whether ye believe or not! It doesn’t matter if ye art Baptist or a Christian or a Judaist or worship Allah! It’s either/or. Outside of the Son of God there was no pathway to Heaven, only tunnels to the pits of sulfur and flames, and smelled worse than the droppings and urine flavored atmosphere of the Wolf Tribe.

“So what will it be?” I asked, changing my stance, placing the right foot behind the left, spread apart by three feet and as the wind began to blow, tossing my hair like wild bats from the Ukraine, I twirled my delicate hands, moving my porcelain hips seductively, defensively narrowing my eyes, never taking them off the hundreds of thousands in a whole.

Ground Zero was about to make its traumatic debut!

I loved to battle, truth be told.

I never backed down from one, whether if I’m outnumbered or not.

I fight alone!

I didn’t neddeth security!

I was powerful!

I had the type of power the Wolves didn’t have…

I had the mustard seed of faith to guide and inspire me!

In this life the mustard seed of faith was all ye needed to keep thy interest and thy obedience to the Heavenly Father, a Heavenly Father that promised everlasting, eternal life in Heaven if ye believe in Him, and be baptized by in the waters of rebirth.

Christ was the only way to Heaven! I was energized thinking about it, now that I believe in Him maybe I should voice it in fellowship, hoping those crummy Wolves avoided death and just complied to my request, and investigated my thoughts of Christ and His promise for themselves, and the true blessing comes in the form of their free will choice to praise Christ, and not condemn Him by the power of the darkness.

If only I could talk to their Leader, no harm would be done.

And everybody lives!

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