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Chapter 35: THE GRAND WOLF

The Art of War tickled me pink, raiding the previous colors of the mental framework of the Art itself as a whole. The diamonds of the Wolf head glittered with promise from the firework display of the golden flames dancing along my twirling arms.

As dark clouds rolled across the sky, flashes of lightning associated with deafening thunder didn’t put fear in my heart. But the fear of God was alive in my heart, and I’ve never felt the feeling before, ever, in my life, and it didn’t depress or stress me, it actually put a smile on my face.

And then an amazing thing happened, an unexpected thing occurred I might add….

Every individual Wolf stood at attention before me, and roundabout, and over yonder. Their bodies began to sway side to side in a rhythmic dance; the movement was so graceful I gasped, covering my mouth with sparkling eyes. What was occurring? Were they about to agree with each other and take me to their Leader?

That had to be it! Maybe I got through to them!

As a matter of fact I know that was the case!

What else could it be?

A loud explosion sounded in the sky, startling me, but never intimidating the Wolves, or disrupting their dance, or were they praising something, or someone.

Whomever it was I knew it wasn’t dedicated to Christ, so it must be for the devil to sustain them in the face of wrath, in the face of the seal of destruction being put into effect!

The explosion unnaturally rocked the earth as the Wolves began to sprint, abruptly, in a full out blitz, covering the space between us in near record time, but I clapped my hands and jumped back one hundred feet, closing my eyes and bringing my legs together, placing my hands in prayer mode.

I never took my eyes off them.

Stay alert, stay alive.

I did a double take when the Wolves, the hundreds of thousands of them, came together into themselves, by the numbers, and formed, gradually, inevitably, a large bodied Wolf, towering twenty…thirty…thirty-five…forty, and stopping at fifty feet—above me.

The Grand Fifty foot Wolf began to kick dirt from its massive back paws, lowering its head before my very face, inches apart and bared its teeth.

The way the Grand Wolf’s muscles contracted and moved were like motion paintings, dethroning poetry in motion by four points.

I stopped twirling my arms and glared deep into those vicious, defiant eyes, those large, probing eyes, those hypnotizing eyes.

The diamonds in the wolf head, those diamond eyes, lost their luster, but the power contained within was safeguarded with immortality and immunity.

“So ye want to battle, am I correct?” I asked.

The Grand Wolf snapped at me and I slapped his huge face, shoving feces up both nostrils, cutting him with my nails across his forehead.

He was temporarily stunned.

As he howled and yelled from excruciating pain, I swung my right fist, an upper cut to the bottom of his chin put him in line, and fast.

Whimpering and screeching, he fell, face first, into a huge pile of crap, and a great light blinded me. I threw my arm over my face, blocking it.

Once my eyes came back into focus the Grand Wolf was separated back into hundreds of thousands of Wolves, lying about as if resting, but were in a state of obedience.

Just then the Great Door of the Gazebo opened, slowly, creaking screws wrought with rust made my bottom lip twitch. The piercing sound made my skin crawl. I found myself covering my ears. The creaking I couldn’t stand!

Once the door was open the sound vanished, and the wolves stood up once again, in a state of calm. They avoided my eyes, and I avoided theirs. I focused on the tall specimen, half specimen he was; his eyes cast a warm flow, very soft and inviting.

Without hesitation, he came outside the Gazebo for me to see him fully, and he had a bewildered expression.

He tried his very best to smile, and for that I was grateful. He came in peace, now that was the way to do business.

So peace and respect I will return, as long as he remains in a nonchalant state there would be no problems.

If indeed he was the Leader of the Wolf Tribe.

He certainly looked like it!


He was immaculately dressed in expensive wool, opened to show his assets, and an elaborate headrest, the face of a wolf with sapphires for eyes, brought out his amazing bone structure.

He had a half wolf, half human face, a very handsome combination of beauty that took my breath away!

He was gorgeous!

Simply gorgeous!

The best eye candy on the market of thought and mental understanding!

He gazed at the diamonds in the sockets of the wolf head and closed his eyes, placing a fist over his heart and lowering his head in mourning for a brief second. And as quickly as his tears washed over his high cheekbones they were gone, as if they were never there.

He mourned the death of the Guardian, Splitahmus, and he also mourned the loss of the wolf the head belonged to.

The lower part of his body was that of a thoroughbred wolf, healthy, lean, tall, powerful and strong, and from the navel, up…he was human, with an incredible chest.

I nearly forgot he wore expensive wool, even though he left little to the imagination.

He began to speak, after his assessment of me had ended. I allowed him time to sum me up, I was there for a reason, and he’d soon know the reason himself.

His eyes hardened. “Our Leader never speaks to outsiders. Our Leader says thy business has already been rendered with the signing of the Treaty of Animals, after that signing ye were to never make contact with our Tribe unless there was a clear and present danger threatening our lives, or if the terms of the Treaty had any upgrades or sudden omissions, or if the terms of the Treaty of Animals were violated.

“From what we hear, those terms have been violated. It appears to us that ye art pregnant with an abomination, and a potential threat to us, and the rest of the Tribes signed and bound to a Treaty that is no more.

“Even with those terms of service violations on the table, Our Leader—and, please, remove yourself from the equation. When I say ‘Our,’ I am speaking for myself, and the rest of the Wolf Tribe. Ye aren’t a member of this Tribe, nor art ye part of Our Family. I speak to ye on Our Leader’s behalf. Whatever it is ye have to say tell me, and I will relay the message to Our Great Leader. I promise to tell him what it is that ye want him to know.”

I knew he wasn’t the Leader! Ha!

He’s the Gofer Boy!

Ha, ha, ha!

I’ll go easy on him, this time…

I eyed the pansy and responded. “So ye art a mediator of sorts, the Middle Man…”

My words fell into the pit of silence.

He grinned. “Yes! That’s exactly what I am,” he said, as if the idea and the very thought of bearing the title suddenly befell him, putting an end to his ignorance. “I am the Messenger!”

“But I thought ye were a mediator of sorts? A Mediator and a messenger art two different things; they art very distinct, and bitterly different. A Mediator maintains order; a Messenger has a problem keeping his mouth shut!”

He was insulted, and a brief flash of anger contaminated the beauty of his face, in fact his immaculate-turned-infamous face will never be quite as beautiful as it was, because the presence of evil along his cheekbones, lips and forehead has changed how I initially viewed him.

“I’m going to pretend ye art unaware of thy burgeoning insolence. As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted by a bloody parasite, I speak for Our Leader, and I don’t particularly enjoy talking to a vampire that is pregnant with a mixed breed child, an abomination. I don’t care to smell blood in the air while you’re here. It’s an awful smell, and leaves a lingering stench.”

Love thy neighbor! Pray for thy enemies! Love thy neighbor! Pray for thy enemies…enemies…enemies…!

Now it was I that was insulted. Did I take that lying down? No! Hell no! I wouldn’t even take that kind of verbal abuse over the phone!

“There may be the aura of blood in the air, but at least I don’t smell like a dog when I get wet!”

The mouths of every Wolf fell open, and the Specimen took a few steps back, his muscles moving like ripples when his impeccable Wolf legs were mobilized.

He waved his hands, totally ignoring what I said, even though his Wolf buddies and the General of them all, and the Lieutenant of them all, were still insulted by my remark.

But the Specimen drew first blood, no pun intended. He insulted me first! Calling me a bloody parasite! The horror, punk!

I knew now that the Specimen was of a higher rank than the Elite present amongst the other Wolves.

They were also sent to battle, when they were attacking me, and the Specimen obviously doesn’t have to participate in any wars.

He cleared his throat.

I couldn’t resist. “Choking on a hairball?” I asked, and the Wolves began to laugh uproariously. I was stunned by their burst of comedy. It took a minute to realize they were laughing at my inside joke! They were rolling over and holding their chests with their paws and choking, with tears falling down their eyes. I managed to laugh, ha, ha, ha. I covered my mouth with an open palm, my nerves running on idle.

The Specimen didn’t find it at all funny. The more they laughed, the angrier he became.


They kept laughing. I didn’t think what I said was so funny, but who was I to judge someone else’s entertainment?

Closing his eyes, he slapped both palms together, and a great horn blared in their ears, and they were covering them with their paws, their eyes tightly shut.

He said one thing. “The same bitch that made ye laugh now makes ye cry from my brief punishment! We art on the brink of war with the Lion Tribe, and ye take this time as a joke? Ye laugh with the enemy?”

They wailed and whimpered from misery, until the sound erased itself and they were relieved of pain and torment.

“Bow to me the way ye would bow to Our Leader!”

They didn’t hesitate. They moved as One, hundreds of thousands of Wolves bowing before their imitation leader, and seeing this didn’t make me respect him any more than he deserved. He wasn’t the Leader, so why were they bowing before him, at his command?

I took a closer look at him and then it hit me. From the certainty of his eyes I saw his agenda, and his hidden agenda. He was secretly trying to overthrow the Leader, to take charge of a Tribe from a Leader that was so cowardly he had to send the Messenger out to negotiate with me. What kind of Leader doesn’t stand up for his Tribe in the face of danger?

The Specimen feels he should be the Leader since he does all the dirty work, but where was the Specimen when his Tribe attacked me? Why wasn’t he out on the battle field fighting with their General Wolf, and Lieutenant Wolf?

Was it safe to call the Specimen a coward as well?

But that wasn’t what struck me. What drew me to him at that moment was his actions reminding me of myself, when I overthrew the Queen Mother Armona, and rescinded to the throne. Getting all of her people, and her followers to obey me above any command she gave was the starting point, the point he was at right as we spoke to each other.

He was in the process of overthrowing his Leader and taking over as the King, and he was so passionate about it. I read his mind, but certain parts were blocked. From the snippets I could pick up, all he thought about was becoming King, and overthrowing the Leader.

I got to see my actions, and the backstabbing I did, through the eyes of the Specimen, and I suddenly felt guilty for betraying Armona. She was good to me. She trusted me! We were very close, but I was envious of her power. The society that obeyed her rules jumped to her beck and call. I was so envious of her government I became jealous, and lured her to bed to break down her reinforced steel walls. The instant she let me in her heart I plotted my move, and then put my plan into action.

I didn’t rest until I became the Queen Mother!
And that time has come!

Now he wants to be a King!

But he can do that on his own time; he was still on my stop watch!

“I am going to cut this short. Ye art pregnant with an unwanted and outlawed child! I understand that thy unborn child is half lion (poor, poor child!), half vampire, half human and…” He swallowed the lump in his throat. “…half wolf. Do ye know how absurd that is, Kleopha? What a preposterous thought!”

I’m sure saying those words, admitting to himself of the possibility of me carrying the child of all strains, tasted like their droppings on his tongue. If he wanted to know how crap tasted, he could simply ask the hundreds of thousands of Wolves bowing their heads before his presence. I shoved crap up The Grand Wolf’s nose, so every Wolf knew the smell and the taste of it, asking his counterparts will save him the trouble of asking for something he just might get, if he tries to do any sneak attacks.

He was in pain. The sadness vibrated from his person and settled on us all. My mood was slowly changing to form camps around his! And I couldn’t have that! I hardened myself; let my emotions take a back seat! I didn’t give this bipolar creature the ammunition to destroy me! I was tripolar, standing guard. If he knows emotion weakens me, he may put on an emotional act to throw me off guard, to reel me in, and then he would slit my neck.

I took a few steps back, giving him at least fifty five more feet of space between us, so I could watch his every move from a distance.

Since he had an attitude I let his unease and his misery and the dreadful thought of me carrying any strain of his Tribe torture him, as he waited for me to respond.

Nonetheless, I will protect my children! He only knows I am pregnant with one child, but he doesn’t know that I am pregnant with two children, and one of them was not the child of All Nations and Creeds!

Did I break his heart even more than it has already been broken?

I know it tears him apart that every time the sun rise, it sets on him still being the submissive fake leader he pretended to be, in contrast to the real Leader, whoever he was. When the Treaty of Animals was signed, I met the Leader, and thinking back to the day of the signing, the Leader’s face matched the Specimen’s…

Wait a minute…

“Did ye sign the Treaty of Animals? Did ye commit forgery when ye signed thy Leader’s John Hancock on a scared document?”

He grinned, the light returning to darkened eyes. “And she figures it out! Yes! I was the one that signed the Treaty! So in actuality, it never stood. On the surface it was used as a tool to keep the animals obedient, and they all were, every Leader of any animal realm obeyed what they thought was law, but was never law underneath it all. I never believed in ye, or what ye stood for, whore!”

My mouth fell open and great anger surged in me and I ran at him and grabbed him by the throat, and rammed his head into the wood of the Gazebo.

He was so dazed he saw stars, and heard them zipping around his cranium, slightly cross eyed.

I leaned into his face and pointed a finger, fire in my eyes. “Don’t ye ever call me that again! Do ye hear me? How dare ye destroy a treaty that was dear to me, and very dear to my heart!

“I don’t care about thy motives or thy principles, ye art thy own person, and ye have that right! But what gets to me, and has gotten under the first and second layers of my skin, was thy phoniness!

“Thy reluctance to keep it real with me on all accounts, as I have kept it real with ye behooves me, and not in a good way, sir!”

I slapped him, blood staining his lips. He licked at his bruised flesh, eyeing me mockingly. His guard was up, and he wasn’t going to make it easy for me. He had a look of death and terror in his eyes, and revenge and anger ate those entities alive, and took over at the forefront of thought.

He wanted my head!

I’d give him some before he took my head from the restraints of my slender neck.

I said, “Ye could have told me ye were the Messenger during the signing of the Treaty, and I would have heard ye out, and probably would have allowed ye to sign the Treaty as yourself, keeping thy own identity, keeping yourself separate from a place in power ye only dream of owning. I would have respected ye more! And right now I don’t!

“Ye art a carbon copy of power, a Xerox document without shape, form or design! Ye art the mortal saying grace over a plate of swine and souse, the dirtiest animal of them all, and I even killed to protect them, but to no avail because of thy distorted thinking.

“How do ye gain respect when ye weren’t even man enough to face me? Tell me who ye art! State thy case. Stand up to my ruling and earn my respect through honest means, even though ye art a creature of the night, just like I used to be. I am half that woman; half of her darkness has come to the light. I don’t just give respect, ye have to earn mine.

“What matters to me was that the truth and honesty I used to build the foundation for the writing of the Treaty of Animals has been tarnished by thy smoke and mirrors agenda. I should have remembered thy face! I never forgot a face in my entire life, until I met ye, for the second time!

“Maybe I am, indeed, turning human more and more!”

I smiled at the thought, feeling the change deep within me. My children moved a bit, and then lay still.

I stood up, my hands on my hips. Averting my face, I looked at the bowing wolves with great sadness and embarrassment on my face. They whimpered. They mourned with me. I think we were all fooled!

I could tell from the tone of their mourning voices that they took the treaty to heart, and truly tried to live up to its principles and requirements.

The Specimen could care less about their feelings; his neddeth to become King was the only thing he cared about. I was starting to wonder did the Leader truly send him out to talk to me, or has he already dethroned the King, and was active King, and wasn’t revealing it to me until the time was right.

They did bow at his feet.

Oh my! What if he was the King of the Wolf Tribe? If I haven’t met the real Leader of the Wolf Tribe, how would I know I was truly speaking to the true King?

The Specimen was a smart one!

So my senses rose higher than they were, full defense mode.

He’s been playing me with a poker face.

That pushed me even deeper into the depression that was slowly plaguing me.

I found myself saying, “I don’t care if ye art the leader or not. I came here to stop the war with the lions. That war must not happen! I want to kill ye right this instant! But because of my new found faith in Christ I will not! I’ve slain a few of thy Wolves for endangering my unborn children! I don’t think ye get it! If I treated the animals with respect, shouldn’t the animals show the same treatment to my children?

“Is that asking too much of ye? Will ye please have mercy on my children?”

He was stunned. “Children? There is more than one?”

I ignored him. “Specimen, I protected thy young, and killed in their memory as well. Have ye forgotten? I’m sure thy wolf pack hasn’t forgotten!

“I’m dealing with enough in my life right now, there art major decisions I have to make, and every decision will benefit my children, and their survival, and their right to life and fair treatment.

“Do ye know the time I’ve spent crusading for animal rights, treating the animals the way I wanted to be treated by them and them only?

“I’ve prolonged their days of life on earth a little longer by taking out the very forces destroying them! I contributed to them mating and expanding so they don’t become extinct, and yet they killed themselves. My treaty has failed on two levels.

“I was an emotional wreck! When ye take a life ye art taking the lives of others, and I did that, whether they were innocent or guilty, they killed an animal or a bird, I killed them. I was one woman trying to change the world, and came up painfully short.

I ran my hands through my hair, biting my bottom lip.

I said, “I was trying to conquer the world and build my estate and my wealth in the process, but I was split into a different personality when I kill mortals for killing animals, defenseless beings that hadn’t knowledge of artillery, or how to use them in their defense, because it was virtually impossible.

“The nights I couldn’t sleep art contagious and addicting! Have ye experienced that, Specimen?”

He tried to answer.

I wouldn’t allow it.

“Sure ye have! Every time the sun rise ye continue thy plot against the Leader, but as it sets ye stay awake all night crying thy heart out because thy plot failed to put ye on the chair of the throne so ye could rearrange things, change things, rewrite things, on thy terms, and totally opposite of what the present King has in order.

“Or art ye truly the King, hiding behind the lie of revelation?

“I am not the King…”

His eyes revealed it as truth.

“Well then, on thy quest of throne stealing, remember ye will be tortured with self-facing-self when ye look in the mirror after thy betrayal, ye will fight evil spirits when ye renege on thy word of honor against a man that loved ye and believed in ye enough to put ye in a limited power position, his right hand man to carry out authority in his league of absence, since he doesn’t reveal himself.

“Ye should have been honored! And like I am guilt of, ye wanted more than what the Leader was granted, and blessed with!

“But the difference between ye and I was simple. I successfully overthrew the Queen Mother Armona and took over her government and realms; ye have yet to overthrow something as small as a single pebble in the river. No matter how close ye stand to the river, ye overthrow the pebble every time, hitting land instead of water.

“It will be frustrating, and that kind of pressure can lead to suicide. Believe me, I’ve tried hundreds of times, but never went through with it because I thought wealth meant everything, and everything came from wealth.

“But everything doesn’t come from wealth. True love doesn’t come from wealth, and can’t be bought for consumption.”

I really hoped he was listening, as I deprogrammed him, without his knowing or approval or verification.

I said, reaching up, stroking his cheek. “Just give up, spare yourself the guilt that will eat ye alive once thy agenda successfully fulfills itself.

“Thy reflection, the man that will stare back at ye will be a demon living inside ye, inside the body that doesn’t belong to him, just like this body doesn’t belong to me!”

I wiped tears from my eyes, overcome with emotion, in ways that emotion hasn’t rocked me before! I swelled with rage. “Everything about me was a lie! This isn’t my body, so why do I claim it as my own? And to add insult to irony, the entire treaty has become the bogus statement of the century! Because of thy antics ye have uncovered the deceit in my very creation!

“I was ill-intentioned and self-righteous! I wanted the glory from the animals, and the praise! They bowed at my feet for crying out loud! The fowls of the air danced around me, their faces lighting up when they saw their savior, their false idol!

“That’s what we art, Specimen: false idols and false idols art forbidden from the thoughts and hearts and minds of those that have been baptized and believed in Christ and accepted Him as their Lord and Savior; even though ye don’t believe in Him, and once upon a time I hadn’t either.

“I have some advice for ye…If ye want to one day be the King of thy Tribe, a King with limited power, then don’t quit thy day job. Stay a fledgling wolf. Go fetch a bone. Run after a Frisbee. Dig a hole. Crap on the ground and piss on fire hydrants.

“Ye lack what it takes to run a successful Kingdom. Ye failed the first rule, something a King would never do. Ye never introduced yourself to thy enemy, showing me thy battle lines and where they art drawn, revealing what lines I was not to cross.

“Ye art a failure! And so am I! For centuries I fought for the rights of animals, and sought vengeance for the ones illegally destroyed, and legally destroyed (all animals have a right to life!) by mortals hungry for a quick meal, or a quick buck.

“Like humans, animals were not asked to be here when they were born as a result of horny parents! I am such a fool for thinking something that made us allies would actually work, because a pansy wolf clad in fancy pants has a problem with a woman running and ruling the world, when that authority has only been given to men.”

I raised my hands and the finality of the wind grew invisible hands, gripping him all over his body, picking at the expensive wool, specks of dirt and dust tarnished it forever, those hands with twitching fingers gnawing at him with their vicious nails, and clamping to his skin, picking him up until he was in the standing position.

I liked my men front and center.

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