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Chapter 36: TWO MASTERS

Tilting my head to the left, my eyes enlarged as they focused on the Gazebo behind him, and a few boards keeping the Gazebo intact broke out of formation. They were at my command! I am from every mineral of the earth, so minerals contained within the birth of wood caters to my presence.

Wooden panels bent around his ankles and his wrists like handcuffs, without cracking or chipping.

There was not even a speck of sawdust or a splinter.

Snapping from a part of the wooden railing, a flat piece of wood separated into the texture of thinly shredded 11x16 paper, and worked as a group forming a tightened noose around his neck, keeping the back of his head pressed firmly against the Gazebo, a few feet from the door that opened, the door that showed his image, the door with a threshold of difference of opinion, in opposition of my beliefs he would always be, unless I use more…drastic means of negotiation; even before he made up his mind to play head games with me he knew of this and knew this would be the end result.

Nowhere in the present matter of affairs did I say I was not any longer the Queen Mother! I never renounced my throne; I knew he wasn’t expecting me to dethrone myself, silly wolf.

Playtime has expired.

“This is the last time I am going to say this, Specimen, whatever ye art, and whatever thy name is. Thy name wouldn’t happen to be John Doe, would it? I must point out that I was being sarcastic when I said that, so excuse me. I am stressed, and being pulled in a thousand directions emotionally.

“But this is the deal, Specimen. I will protect my unborn children at all costs; by any means necessary. I will fight with every breath in my body to give them the chance at a normal life, free of the darkness, treaties or any other investments I have in the supernatural realm. The place promised to me and them if we believe in Christ and get baptized in His name after confessing Him as my Lord and Savior I surely will get to. May no weapon formed against me prosper, Specimen?”

I was deep in my feelings, determined to stop this war. I had to pull out all the stops. I’ll talk for hours if I had to, if that lead me to their Leader.

I brushed hair from my face. “It doesn’t matter what ye believe, or what anyone else believe, or what they think of it, or what they have to say. If more people spent time examining themselves they’d be too preoccupied to worry about what goes on behind the walls of their neighbors.

“The bottom line is simple. My children art innocent in this, and innocent from the scheme of things. Even though they weren’t made out of love, and were created out of wedlock, bastards they art not because I am a newlywed in my new found faith.

“My children art here for a reason. Just because they haven’t been born yet don’t mean that they don’t live. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to life! Abortion isn’t an option with me.

“If I made them I must give birth to them and raise them to the best of my ability, and I can’t do that trapped to the rules of engagement that comes with a dark life! The best example I could possible set for my children is to change myself, for myself, and for no one else.

“Hear me out! My unborn children’s hearts beat as rapidly as yours and the rest of thy tribe!

“And I do believe that prayer changes things, maybe ye should try to pray. Try praying for thy enemies, and then praying for thy own salvation and redemption. Get baptized in the faith!

“Maybe prayer will open thy eyes and change thy direction in life, make it more fulfilling, give ye the keen sense to find thy purpose in life. Maybe ye should procreate, even though I don’t think you’ve ever felt the inside of a woman a day in thy life.

“Ye art missing the part of thy masculinity that makes ye a gentleman, a ladies man ye will never be. A man’s man, perhaps, who knows.

“Even though I am having my children without a ring on my finger doesn’t mean I love them any less than I love myself. They art still my children, flesh of my flesh! I love them, and Christ loves me, and He loves my children, and He’ll love ye, if ye give up the demon of thy design! It starts with ye, with a mustard seed of faith ye were born with!”

“I can’t negotiate under these restraints, witch!” he hissed, and I freed him. Blinked once and all was well, no sign of dirt of dust. Not a leaf out of place.

The Wolves of the Tribe did an amazing thing. They stood at attention when I looked back at them. A few of them smiled, and others nodded their approvals.

I was overcome with glee! They understood my purpose! Many of the female wolves were mothers and they were on the same wave length as I! They had the maternal instinct I was growing into, a maternal instinct a real mother didn’t take for granted.

Specimen stormed past me and said, “Don’t let thy emotions take thy focus off of why she’s here! She is trying to stop the imposing war, a war that must come to pass! She is a foreigner, a terrorist! We do not negotiate with them under any circumstance!”

“Bow in the name of Christ, and his message of Love and neighborly love! Don’t bow for me, and don’t give me thanks or praise!

“If ye art tired of inopportune rule from a superior with thoughts of a throne he will never inherit, not a single gene of his body matches a single gene from the King’s biological makeup! He is a pretender! Ye cannot worship two masters!

Wickedness will never know the depths of Heaven! Christ is the only way to heaven, the feeling is deep in me to say, and I verbalize it with jubilancy!”

I swelled with joy! Never before have I been hit with overwhelming feelings of love and adoration from a man I spent years running from, Christ!

I continued to speak, trying to win their hearts, and I wasn’t going to do it by force or persuasion.

Now that I had their attention I should give them my testimony, the life I’ve lead and how I came to believe in Christ, and hope it inspired them to release the demons deep within their souls, even though they have reinvented themselves from mortals, the very mutated bodies buried in the earth of the Grand Forest.

I smiled, walking down the stairs towards them. They lowered their heads as a sign of surrender, and I truly appreciated the kind gesture.

The Specimen was on my tail. “Stop brainwashing the Wolf Tribe!” He stormed past me, and up to them, and past a few hundred of them, until he was in the center of them. “Stick to thy principles! Ye art loyal to wolves and wolves only!”

“Listen to me! Christ is the only way to Heaven! Ye art either for one or the other! Ye cannot, and I repeat, worship two masters! There is only one God, and His name is Jehovah! Ye would have never experienced the beauty of the earth, and the gift of family if He hadn’t said, ‘Let there be light!’ The earth would still be covered with darkness on the face of the deep.”

“Bow in the name of Christ!” I said, and they began to bow, one by one, and then as a group, groups of three and nine and twenty four and several hundred at a time, a ripple of bowed heads presenting the perfect picture of devotion.

The Specimen began to stomp like a spoiled child.

“Do not bow before her! Ye art committing blasphemy against thy families, thy land and thy Leader! Stand up this instance!”

Every Wolf and every Wolf child had their heads bowed, in the sitting position. Towards the glow of the sun. It was the most beautiful image I have ever seen, and the way the various classes of trees framed them in the center of their land I wish I could hang on my wall, to cherish forever.

“Yes! Ye have made a wise choice!”

Specimen slapped his hands together and moved around, contorted, making African sounds from his thick lips, and the demons within the Wolves returned with a vengeance, taking from their minds any thought of Christ, erasing what I had told them.

And I held my temples with my fingers, pressing slightly, and rolled my eyes to the back of my head and a mist entered the earlobes of every Wolf and Wolf child and protected their memory from deletion. I wanted them to always have the memory of bowing for Christ, making up their own minds to do so.

They rolled around on the ground in grave pain, and I brutally punched him in the chest. As he flew backward, he managed to grab a piece of my garments and I flew with him, both of us slamming into the wood of the Gazebo.

A flash of light jolted through my body, followed by a chill, and then a warm glow.

I was becoming more human!

The adrenaline cooks!

I had to do something.

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